IKEA NORNÄS — the solid wood EXPEDIT alternative for DJs

Ikea nornäs expedit kallas vinyl storageJust as people are getting over the demise of the iconic Ikea EXPEDIT storage range (still available if you’re quick), and coming to terms with an ever so slightly different replacement called KALLAX, this little beauty popped up in my Facebook timeline. It’s another new piece called NORNÄS, and seems to be aimed at those who prefer a natural wood finish, so that’s people like me then.

Size wise, it’s comparable to the Expedit and Kallax, but does come with the legs that take to 88cm tall. And with that addition of say a LINNMON table top, you’ve got a DMC regulation height workstation that you can stain up or leave entirely natural.

I do prefer NORNÄS to the previous ones. I like that from a style perspective, it’s quite anonymous, and rather than being made from easily chipped particle board and laminate, it’s solid wood. There is a price to pay, as the IKEA NORNÄS comes in at £130 for the above unit, twice the price of the equivalent EXPEDIT. I’d still pay it though. It also comes in a vertical orientation for vinyl collectors.

Thanks to David Kenney for posting this on Facebook.

UPDATE: NORNÄS in the wild

Spotted in the wild at IKEA Leeds.