The Dennis “How To DJ” Magbook: DJWORX in the printed world – 6 copies for free!

How to DJ Press Release Dennis Publishing

I love physical things – objects you can pick up and fondle. I love magazines and I love books, but the tangible realness of such things is lost in the virtual world in which DJWORX operates. So doing a Matrix-style Agent Smith crossing the bridge into the real world thingie, we teamed up with huge UK publisher Dennis Publishing to help them to bring you the “How To DJ” Magbook – yes that’s a magazine and book blended together. And We’ve got 6 copies to give away.

As ever, there’s some short but sweet official words:

Could you be the next Deadmau5?

New How to DJ MagBook will show you how

How to DJ Press Release Dennis Publishing

Dennis Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of its How To DJ MagBook. The first MagBook of its kind, the How To DJ MagBook is a comprehensive guide on how to get started as a DJ, how to improve your skills and eventually become a world-class DJ.

This step-by-step guide contains everything you need to know about becoming a DJ, including beginner’s guides on getting started, as well as guides on getting gigs and improving your skills. How To DJ also provides in-depth buying guides for equipment, with reviews written in conjunction with, the premier DJ news and reviews website.

It also features DJ Ed Real’s tips on getting yourself noticed and The Credence DJs’ advice on getting and using those unique samples and loops, as well as exclusive interviews with leading DJs such as DJ Spoony, Jordan Suckley and Amit. Each interview sheds light on a specific DJing area.

How To DJ is the perfect companion for the beginner and experienced DJ.

If you’re interested in becoming the next David Guetta, Deadmau5 or Tiesto, get How To DJ from WH Smiths or now. It’s priced at £7.99.

How to DJ Press Release Dennis Publishing

It was pretty cool to be asked to contribute to this. It’s not a huge amount by any means, but if we can spread some knowledge to real beginners then it’s all good. We all started somewhere, and picking up a copy if you’re in the UK is as easy popping into your local WH Smiths. For those further afield, the Magbooks website is happy to despatch you a discounted copy in exchange for your credit card details.

But before you do that, I have 6 copies of this lovely tome to offload as a sort day 8.5 of the 12 Days. I’ll ship to anywhere in the world – just leave a registered comment below.

Will there be more? Possibly, but I’d like to get some sort of reaction as to DJWORX doing gear tutorials. It’s not something we’ve really covered with any conviction, but holding your hand through the expanding minefield that is DJ gear could be a good thing for us to do. Not teaching you how to DJ you understand, but teaching you about hardware and software from the ground up, and how it all works. Should we do it?

  • Learning how to do a remix looks interesting!

  • Pierre Bosznay

    nice. why not 🙂

  • I’m a beginner, and one of these would be awesome to read!

  • I think some tips and tricks on top of gear reviews is a nice touch. Maybe some shortcuts or step-by-step how to’s on some of the more intricate features for each controller or whatever would be cool.

  • Wow – That really looks like an interesting read!

  • looks good

  • I like to read.

  • Sounds awesome to me… shoukd never stop learning – ways to improve are always welcome 🙂

  • is this available in digital format?

  • always something more can be learned

  • never owned any printed DJ magazine before… this may be the first time

  • I’d definitely like to have a copy of this. C’mon, DJWORX make my Christmas merry.

  • Nice!

  • I love more chances to win things!

  • LoopCat

    Sounds Like a good idea to me. Love having something to refer to in print. Easy to move around and great for the plane

  • Only DJ magazine i had was an issue of DJ Mag,can’t remember the date.This one will be a lot more useful than a DJ Mag issue.And yeah,tips and tricks,or just a brief video overview would be a nice touch to a review.

  • This is a really good idea. Editing and printing physical magazines is not easy, and is not expected from you, but “special” editions may be an excellent idea. Tutorials too: you’re already really great at reviews, and you have the experience not to fall into “clichés” and offer good material.

    Every time i read a post here (for a few years now) i am surprised in the good way, you keep being awesome ! Djworx may be one of the best blog ever 🙂

  • Mike_Safari

    I think it’s a great idea Mark. There are evermore young DJs starting up, so somewhere to point them for in-depth info at the beginner level would be great.

  • Congrats Mark that’s awesome 😀

  • White Wulfe

    That’s a pretty awesome idea!

  • Rune Lyall

    Oooo Paper!

  • Keeps getting better and better.

  • Yes! I really love magazines and I don’t want my parents thinking that I look at a screen all the time so count me in!

  • I know someone who would love one of these 😀

  • I miss magazines. This would great.

  • Mook!

  • I’d really benefit from the software reviews. I hope I win!

  • Yes please!

  • Kevin Kowalczyk

    I love reading your website but I love reading magazines even more. This would be so perfect.


  • A great guide for me. Something to read before i sleep.

  • Would love some kit tutorials, being a beginner DJ you the equipment selection is so daunting

  • This would be a perfect gift from santaworx

  • Dennis Sanabria

    DENNIS,..Did someone say DENNIS?


  • I want one!

  • alkivar

    Mark I hope you reviewed the trusty Skratchlounge Ironing Board for this magazine…

  • cool 🙂

  • all i want for christmas is you

  • Nice

  • Djsureshot

    Mark, in the skratchlounge last week, I was posting a reply which included my hopes of having a skratchlounge (DJWORX) magazine. Looks like dreams do come true. Congratulations.

  • Djsureshot

    After one read it would be framed and mounted in the Lab

  • Can I read and Mix with both hands?

  • Monro3

    Oh man. I would love to check this out.

  • K1

    Now this is seriously cool

  • Send it to Brazil, i´m gonna be glad !! Congrats Man !!!

  • would love to own this

  • Very cool 🙂

  • As someone who is just starting out, this would be of great help!!

  • Miro Pärtty

    Looks interesting.

  • I love having hard copies of anything to read, gives me something to do on the bus. Send one my way please? 😀

  • I’m not trying to be anyone, but myself as a DJ… The whole “how to be” cannot be learned by reading or watching. Try it and if its not you then move on to the next, plain and simple. When I first touched a turntable and mixer back in 2000, I was like “yeah I can dig it”. Didn’t have dreams of playing for billions of people or making money. I had found away to manipulate what I love most (MUSIC). Today I am not a big name DJ, and not trying to be. Yeah I play out beyond the walls of my bedroom and spin around 12 different styles of music. I have also done the wedding and karaoke gigs, not really my kinda thing, but hey got to try it all to really understand the world of DJing as a whole. I don’t play top 40s and I don’t have a steady resident anywhere. I’m the DJ that get up there and throws down in his own way. In no way am I saying don’t read about DJing or watch videos, but before you do it go and spend some physical time with the equipment and music.

  • Would love to beef up the knowledge bank with this

  • I enjoy a good music tech read.

  • I have always wished that the DJ blogs out here would look beyond the controller and/or the mixer. There was a time during Skratchworx days you promised you would do an article about the audio chain, proper gain staging, distortion, clipping etc. I hope to see articles explaining how to hook up amps, EQs and the like.
    I wouldn’t mind a copy of this magazine.

  • One for me Please!

  • interested in this magazine

  • Could be interesting.

  • +1

  • Curious to see how it’ll compete against the other similar mags.

  • Cool

  • Victor

    Just starting out, I could use some literature 🙂

    • just play, everything else comes with time. also nobody became a dj without practice and trying different things.

      • Victor

        Haha I know, but it’s always fun to read stuff. And not just online 🙂

  • Interesting. I havent seen this magazine before.

  • would love one!

  • Sam Walsh

    Would love this!

  • xisix

    Always willing to learn new things 🙂

  • I´m in

  • Alexandre Super


  • Due to the small price I was saying to myself I’d not enter this one and would help by ordering it. But here is Magbooks and its “discounted copy” for Belgium : that’s some serious “saving” :/ so if you’d be so kind to count me in for the contest…Our PriceUsual PriceSaving (%)Free GiftPrice Per IssueDuration of SubscriptionIssuesPayment Method £16.50£16.50

    1Debit/Credit Card


  • Rockson

    Its free, so yeah i want it!

  • How To DJ?

    • thats was the first comment to cross my mind…

  • congrats on the new avenue! if I don’t win I’ll pick a copy up over xmas to read anyways…

  • Kamil Pindolia

    Would be nice to read paper rather than the usual trawling of the web. Would love a copy to expand my knowledge.

  • i wonder if it wil fit in my mailbox?

  • fotinsky


  • Nice

  • Chris Ford

    If I don’t win, I’ll be going down to smiths methinks.

  • Sephyr

    Nice one DJWORX !

  • Alan C


  • mixfiend

    Congrats. Looks promising.

  • Jeffrey Roekens

    Awesome idea. Print is definitely the way to go !

  • Nice…. Promising and interesting to find out the inside and outs of Djing…..

  • yeah!

  • lunchbreak reading!

  • Toufas

    I am interested in this

  • want this so badly

  • Good to see DJ Worx getting the wider acknowledgement they deserve for their excellent reviews

  • Congrats guys.

  • Ohhh this is exciting! Congrats!

  • Looks good! I want a copy!

  • Don Godfrey

    I’ll take one….

  • nice! I would love a copy to add to the library. 🙂

  • I would love one! Looks stunning

  • Nice idea!

  • Looks like a interesting book, would love to cop one…..

  • Being an avid reader I simply can’t resist . . . Merry #Worxmas

  • Magbook sounds interesting !!

  • Good idea

  • I want it 🙂

  • it won’t hurt…i would learn something from it…thanks

  • Can I get the digital version, too?

  • Dj Honest

    I think it’s an awesome idea, I’m always looking for stuff to read on the plane.

  • Yes please yes!

  • I love magazines!

  • n4Sphere

    i am always looking for new stuff to read 🙂

  • Harry Wilde

    I will buy this if I cant get it here but would love to cop a free one!

  • yes will have one please.

  • Yes Please!

  • perfect reading material for my morning dump.

  • Well I need all the help I can get.

  • Odd Duck Out

    This would be a great read full of useful information.

  • I would really like to read that:)

  • Does it cover some controllerism technique to?

  • Could definitely be useful, hope I can get one copy !

  • dirtyrotten

    sure… why not??

  • Love tips on being a better DJ.

  • Yes

  • na_non


  • Sign me up!

  • Thilo Becker

    Wouldn’t mind a copy tbh…

  • Carlos Guerra

    Very interesting, if I don’t win them it I’ll start looking them on the web

  • Why not!

  • Goran

    very interesting!

  • Congratulations

  • I’ve already made space in my bedside table

  • Shwag!!!

  • I’m up for you guys writing how it all works.

  • YS


  • awesome, I’m from Vietnam 🙂

  • yes please, I hope I’m not too late!

  • Deejay_Mike_One

    I want one! Thanks!

  • Gear guides could be a great addition to an already very informative site….lets be honest, who didnt do a bit of head scratching with the splitter cables and asio drivers when trying out dvs systems for the first time? We dont all have budgets for SSL or Tracktor and there are cheaper (legit) and free trial options out there but it can get complicated. And while its easy for me to say go for it I would put my money where my mouth is and actually contribute.

  • I like the idea…I’ve learned a ton from you guys already. I’ll frame the mag, should I win. 🙂

  • Haha just remembered another great publication from Dennis publishing…… Did anyone else have a good old laugh at VIZ comic? Still have fond memories of my dad finding a copy, trying to be mad with a 14 year old me but totally unable to keep a straight face when looking at it…he then got the the annual the following christmas, Good times….

  • TheQuakerOatsGuy

    Would be awesome as a reference for my friends who are kinda interested, but not willing to put down all the money for equipment just yet. Hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I would Love to Read A copy of “How to DJ” here in the USA.I hope I am one of the 6 lucky ones.

  • big ups

  • scalawag

    Nice! I’ve read almost all your gear review until today. They are very informative. Keep it that way!

  • I’ll have one

  • KD1011

    Make a beginner series for some skills like beatmatching and phrasing!

  • I’d read it, we all can always find something to improve on…

  • Looks good…

  • Would enjoy reading this, like all of the posts here on DJWORX

  • Must have! I want it!

  • reqz


  • Nice idea.

  • Zang


  • Alex M

    this is best bathroom material ever!!!

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  • Smashing idea this, I hope it gets you more readers on your fantastic site 😀

  • Looks cool

  • Reference manual

  • nice i would love to have a read

  • Daniel Lawson

    The more exposure you get the better, well done for getting involved, I’ll keep an eye out!

  • Deejay Bishop

    Would love to read this.

  • looks very interesting I want one

  • I’ll take it!

  • herro prease

  • Russell Jolley


  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Yes please…

  • billylinos

    I would really like to read this mag-book!

  • Dylan Mack

    Nice to see you getting out there more. I love this site. Been a long time follower since the old scratchworx days. Was my go to for any dj gear I considered on buying. It has come far!

  • Dylan Mack

    Nice to see you getting out there more. I love this site. Been a long time follower since the old scratchworx days. Was my go to for any dj gear I considered on buying. It has come far!

  • This is great, cant even begin to tell how importent
    these reviews been for me

  • would love a copy

  • should be helpful…

  • Nice, Giz you’re in print!

  • Looks interesting!

  • Nice

  • need to learn

  • Awesome!

  • its a ncie read indeed

  • skywalka

    Trying to get started as a DJ after 20 years of thinking about it. Doh!

  • Seams like a good read. Congrats to your obviously valued opinion and contribution to the entire DJ community Mark

  • Would love to read this!

  • would like to win a copy of this!

  • not bad

  • Daw-z

    i want it all…I want it all….I want it all….and I want it now!!

  • SoHTyTe

    These would be a great read!

  • This would be super helpful

  • Guest

    Cheers for the support Mark – read this cover to cover when it first came out – big 2 page feature from us on using Ableton in our live sets alongside Serato – well worth purchasing for DJs who want to learn something new 🙂

  • Cheers for the support Mark – read this cover to cover when it first came out – big 2 page feature from us on using Ableton in our live sets alongside Serato – well worth purchasing for DJs who want to learn something new 🙂

  • Brandon Love

    Me Gusta

  • FattyKutz

    Question of the Century (And my entry for the literature): What
    would Gandhi’s touchdown celebration look like and, what would he call
    it? One can learn a lot from watching and doing but, the knowledge I’ve gained from the printed word has proven invaluable.

  • Pepitoz

    Learn how to beatmix: First of all, get acquainted with your hands, and it’s fingers in particular. Place one of said fingers on sync-button. Voila! You have now learnt to master the technique of beatmixing. Next lesson: How to produce crappy tunes and earn a spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s list.

  • Will you be signing the copies before you send them out?


  • I need this for my bathroom reading!

  • Ken Brandenburg

    Very cool! Great bathroom reading I’m sure!

  • reading glasses please… ; )

  • Chelsea

    covering gear tutorials would be great! starting out is really hard if you don’t know someone who DJs because everything that you see online sounds correct and overwhelming. i think i’ve gotten to the point where im a passable DJ, but i’d love to learn so much more from your mag!

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