Free Stuff Friday: 3 x UDG cases!

DJWORX UDG giveaway

Having already established that the 12 Days of Worxmas is a royal pain in the arse to organise and administer, we’re going to be giving stuff away on a more regular basis, but still have the one humungous monumentally insane prize for what will effectively be… well Worxmas. And casting my eye around the Worxlab for goodies, I spy some UDG stuff that I think would be better suited in the care of 3 of you lucky people.

We reviewed the large and small DIGI wallets and small DIGI hardcase recently, and they’ve sat patiently in the corner waiting to get some more usage. So it makes perfect sense to put them into the hands of people who will actually use them. Winning is simple — just add a comment below explaining why you feel you should win. But please, no sob stories — we’re hardened cynical bastards who don’t stand for that sort of thing. So instead, make us and the readers smile. And readers — you are positively encouraged to upvote the ones that you like the best. While our decision is final, your opinions will certainly count.

So no emails or social media bribery  — simply comment (with a logged in username otherwise we can’t contact you) and keep your fingers crossed. You’ve got one week. Go.

  • D.j. Fumo

    Hey Mark, the wallets would be great for everyday use for my club gigs. Fingers crossed. Cheers.


  • Fredrik Yngström

    Yes, please. A wallet to keep the rat nest of cables in check would be really nice.

  • Red Ross

    No bull, I want these more than the rest, thus you need to send them to me!

  • John McGrory

    You probably ought to give them to somebody, preferably me, as soon as possible. Your beautiful coffee table deserves to be shown in all its glory and those cases are just getting in the way.

  • allantalusan

    Viva DJWORX, VIVA UDG! Hook a mile high brother up!

  • Achilleas Pappas

    Thats grade guys!!! Keep up!!

  • André Sá

    Hooray, I want this!

  • dj SoniQ

    Look man! I am almost certain you have never had a winner from Lagos,
    Nigeria. I’m playing the discrimination card, I ABSOLUTELY MUST win or i’m gonna sue.

  • Patrick Weir

    New z2 would feel at home in one , and keep it safe for travel.
    Good luck ladies & Gents.

    • Hate to disappoint, but the Z2isn’t fitting in these.

  • would be nice to give these a much need home

  • Lazyellow

    Who would have thought a case for your usb sticks!? Amazing I want!

  • Bulge

    Gimme gimme gimme?

  • Dancin’ Mark

    While I would be happy having any of these nicely made organizational cases to keep me better organized on my way to gigs I don’t have a story to tell. I would just love to have any of the three cases you show 🙂

  • Mygaff

    Aside from being a long standing music peddler, I’m also a long standing Arsenal fan and would really like to win something this year… Smiley face!!! Gogglebox is strange tv…

  • Michael Provatas

    I had my eye on those digiwallets for some time now. So….please!!! 🙂
    Cables are such a hassle when packing to a gig!

  • Wayne Smith

    Austin powers wouldn’t deny those being his bags baby

  • Aaron

    These cases would be a great help to chuck my gear in when I sit down to DJ with sick kids at the Ronald McDonald House.

  • Alex Kies

    maybe with one of these i wont put my usb sticks through the wash as often as my chapstick!

  • Grills Truceppe

    “If I don’t win, the award show loses credibility.”

  • Shaun Gallacher

    i would love the cd wallet for my ever expanding collection ……..if not can u send a wallet big enough for my two year old son who somehow manages to find my cds lol one big enough to stick him in haha

  • Ross

    I want them. They’ll get used. Pretty cool…

  • Deejay Akrylik

    I want one!!! lucky for all !!!!

  • Taffi Louis

    You have any idea how hard it is to order these items in Canada and not pay at least as much in shipping? Really, though. And the “wallets”, for lack of a better word, would make life so much easier every time I pack, unload, setup, packup, and unload back at home for all the different DJ setups at different venues here, where my gear needs vary from gig to gig.

  • riddimdojo

    Maybe it will be me!

  • DJ Erik Thoresen

    I’d like the small wallet since I’d be using it to hold the music video DVDs I play to the club on the Pioneer DVJ-X1s we still use. There’s discs all over the place and no they,ll be tydi. -Erik (edit, after reading more these cases don’t hold what I thought they did, never mind, just want udg stickers so I can feel cool)

  • Guto Loureiro

    I´m feeling lucky !!

  • My old lady needs somewhere safe to keep my balls before letting me out of the house to dj.. No wait, I mean I need a good case to keep my gear in!

  • Dj Flip D’skript

    Just hand em over I won!

  • Goran

    Sorry guys… my turn this time 🙂

  • Raffe Bergwall

    I don’t my Mac being full of scratches 🙂 Please let me have one.

  • Joe Santiago

    I would like one so I can be as cool as the Brooklyn hipsters.

  • Chuck Noland

    Because you can never have too much protection

    • Chuck Noland

      ps those wallets are so dope, gonna have to buy one if I don’t win haha

  • Thilo Be Cker

    I’d love one so I can finally stop bringing my gear to gigs in tesco plastic bags (not even the good thick ones, no, the cheap thin ones)

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    i can always use more cases for gear.

  • ju_flo

    Fingers crossed …

  • Sykes

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  • Platinius

    Finger crossed!

  • Dax Conley

    please enter me to win. i try to be so careful with my equipment and feel these totes can be essential. Plus being small and back, I can hide from my destructive 3 ys old son.


  • Nicholas Chiang

    Choose me! Never won anything in my life! I’m trying to change my luck!

  • aeon


  • Ezmyrelda

    You know… I wish I could say I need it.. But I don’t… Keeping my eyes open for a ten inch mixer hardcase or a snazzy pair of headphones though.. Good luck to those who want the gear.

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    No sob story here, just Son Of Bitch story… Yeah you the guy I trusted, yeah the one who said he put both my needles back in my bag. You didn’t did you!?!? One of these sucka could defo mean I can check quicker in future and the bigger one looks good for clobbering lying fools!

  • DJ Darth

    Liking the UDG Creator laptop stand a lot !

  • Jeffrey Roekens

    Just want to retire my mik crate bruv. hmu ye, safe !

  • Mavis Concave

    My home studio looks like the ocean scene from LEGO MOVIE… except the water is made of loose usb + rca cables and random small electronics…. I am terrible at swimming while recording mixes….. Please donate a digit wallet and save a life today!

  • Matan Siegel

    I’m an addicted user of the UGD product at all the things. the best gear ever!!!!!

  • Gavin Varitech

    Love UDG but everything I have was for the vinyl and then CD days. These would be perfect for now!

  • Chuck

    Hi, feel free to send me a UDG DIGI wallet or DIGI hardcase, as my digital devices collection grew, this would be perfect for… Hmm…So… Well…Then…I forgot. Sorry!!! My memory isn’t as reliable as Serato Scratch Live running on Windows Vista! I might look for a girlfriend as a back up memory, she’d finish my sentences, finish my tracks, finish my mixes. She should be finnish!!!! It would be X-mas, Worxmas on the daily!!!!
    If only… She would do all that for me… For me? Hey there, i got it!!! I remember now!!! It would be perfect for me!!! Yeah, i would carry it for gigs to store my flash drives, sd and cf cards, cables and so much more!
    So please, send me a UDG case first, i got time for the girl (no i’m not macho)!!!!
    Finland isn’t so far, to be honest.
    Don’t forget me!! Thank you!!!

  • Christiaan Gombert

    Nowadays i’m carieing my cables around in a toolbox. It’s sturdy but way to heavy. This case would be so nice.

  • DJ Zuz

    Love quality UDG Gear! This would be a great addition 🙂

  • Peter French

    Oh I think I need these, recently getting back into this scene and the wonderful web of cables and other various bits need to be kept away. This would do the job nicely

  • Need to PROTECT my gear, so its why i want it….#ThankYou

  • Brett Levine

    Sounds like something awesome! Yes please!

  • Vincent Cools

    So, since they asked to make the readers smile, I give you a story a friend (also a dj) once told me.

    There was a family who had a dog. The dog was rather cute & playful, but sometimes he showed his rough side. He regularly brought a dead rabbit or a bird home, to “please” his owners. Now, the neighbors had a rabbit, so the family who had the dog feared for the rabbit of neighbors every time the dog brought a present. One day, he brought a white dirty rabbit (dead) home. They found out that it was indeed the rabbit of the neighbors. They panicked but had a plan. They cleaned the rabbit, brushed its hair and put it cautious back into his cage in the neighbors backyard (without them noticing).

    Several days passed and the mother of the dog-family met one of the neighbors. The neighbor said that he experienced something strange last week. Obviously, the mother started to panic (she thought that the neighbors found out about the rabbit). The friendly neighbor said the following: “Last week our rabbit died. So we gave it a suitable goodbye and buried it in the backyard. Now, a couple of days later, the rabbit sat back in his cage, and it was clean!” The mother was relieved and pretended she didn’t know anything about it and put a fake surprise on 😀

    I hope you liked the story! So, why I want a DIGI case? I started dj’ing several years ago on a controller, added dvs and changed the controller with a real mixer. While I respect a vinyl purist a LOT (currently starting my own collection), digital dj’ing gives me the “cheapness” and the portability a college-student really can use effectively!


  • YS

    Love my UDG Creator bag, these would be pretty dope to go along with it!

  • Jay

    Why not me? Why not now?:)

  • Joshua L

    Who says you can’t use UDG to house Game of Thrones season 1-4 and playboy mags….

  • loomad

    ooooh peoples….I just preordered a midifighter twister….if you could provide me a protection for that beautiful easteregg, I must say it would fit just nicely… 😉
    and look sooooooooo cooooooool black orange black.. .thats your colours, right !!! Just give it a try 😉

    Thanks for your care,

  • Jerome Rix

    Let me be a WINNER 😉

  • Mike Yue

    Free cases yay please

  • jkuss

    Hi I want.

  • Charlie Bell

    allo allo me sa luv d’s protection i want thank you please

  • rex

    _ _
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | |_ _| |
    | __
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | |__ | |
    / ____|
    | | __
    | | |_ |
    | ___| |
    (made you look!)

  • I’m sure many people are suffering the same problem…I’m a gear junkie. Really I should stop buying every new DJ thing I “need,” but lets be honest, its in us all! So I have a bunch of different equipment, but no ways to transport them safely.

  • Chuck Noland

    Did someone win this in the end? 🙂

  • norma

    i want

  • Scott Rogan