Foliage meets turntables — Ferntablism?

Just when you think that every possible off-the-wall use for a turntable has been thought of, along comes someone else with a fresh take on things. Along comes Diego Stocco, some garden clippings, and a portable turntable, and what comes out the other end is… well music.

He simply records the rubbing of assorted foliage against the platter, and after a little post-production work the result is “Duet for Leaves and Turntable”. Obviously such things aren’t new for turntablists — all manner of things have been applied to tonearms and platters before now, and it’s fair to say that more than a fair share of other types of “greenery” has been used with turntables before now. But if I don’t see an assortment of shrubbery being used at DMC this year, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

Anyway, just off down the garden centre for some banging tunes. And thanks to Nick MarWax for posting this on Facebook.