EXCLUSIVE: Numark NS7 II unboxing and first look

Numark NS7 II unboxing and first impressions (46)

It’s been talked about for a good while now, but finally the überbeast of a controller that is the Numark NS7 II is upon us. Literally. Yesterday, I nearly did myself a mischief lifting a factory fresh unit into the worxlab that 4 days previously had rolled off a production line in the far east. But I survived manhandling the most unwieldly of megaboxes up the stairs to the first floor on The Clocktower to carry out that now traditional of new shiny events — the unboxing of the Numark NS7 II. And we at DJWORX are proud to have it first.

A heads up — my plate is not just full but is overflowing with pre-BPM Show prep, so what follows is an unboxing with a few observations, and in a couple of days I’ll follow up with a proper preview (not a full review though). This week, I’d love for you to drop specific questions into the comments below so that I can be sure to cover off absolutely everything you need to know.

Obviously, the best place to start is with the manual. Download, read and then ask questions. It’s not my job to give a tutorial on behalf of Numark, but it is our job to give you our opinion about what it does. So RTFM and then ask your questions.

Numark NS7 II unboxing and first impressions (22)

The smell of new shiny

Back to the unboxing. This was a little like having the biggest squarest Russian doll in the world. There was an outer shipping box, an inner plain box, and finally the main event. I was extremely happy to see that Numark had adopted a sensible attitude to the product box, in that the NS7 II doesn’t need shelf appeal, thus a plain white box with simple black print had replaced the previously lavish 4 colour process affair. It certainly saves a few quid, which at this level really matters.

Numark NS7 II unboxing and first impressions (21)

Having got through the onion-like layers of cardboard, I was finally into the actual hardware. Out of the box, the NS7 II becomes easier to move around. To use an expression borrowed from my daughter Hatty, the Numark NS7 II is HENCH. This is without a doubt the single heaviest piece of DJ hardware I’ve ever had to move around. And this hench feel extends to everything — the build is amazing. Nothing is flimsy, lightweight or otherwise leaving me with a “meh” feeling. Clearly the price does reflect the quality. Oh — if you’re planning to buy an NS7 II, get something with wheels to move it around. It’s absolutely positively going in the cargo hold, and you’re not carrying it with just a flimsy bag with a handle.

Numark NS7 II unboxing and first impressions (15)

After a moment of assembling the platters and vinyl, it was a simple matter of installing drivers, grabbing Serato DJ 1.3 and I was off. As an NS7 lover, I found myself very much in familiar territory here. It looks and feels like the original, but with more going on. Some very quick observations:

  • The brushed steel of the original has gone, replaced by a smoother finish.
  • The layout is very logical, open and easy to navigate.
  • The jog wheel performance is the best of any controller I’ve ever used, more or less exactly like vinyl but smaller.
  • The MPC pads feel firm — no squidginess at all. Perhaps a tad firm right now, but I’ll get used to them and they may soften up too.
  • The lights on the pads are vividly coloured and clear. I like the touch of having the function button light up as the same colour as the pads, something that was an issue for me on the DDJ-SX.
  • The pads are essentially dual layered. Take hot cues for example — in regular mode, the pad is red and triggers hot cues as normal, but press the hot cue function button again, it changes to orange and becomes a hot cue auto loop. All of the pad functions have a similar dual layer feature.
  • The filter is similarly layered, where you can enable a loop roll and filter at the same time (really cool), or apply a filter and adjust the parameter of the effect applied to that channel.
  • I am lamenting the loss of the fader start function though. However, I think I’m alone in loving it, and will probably be able to replicate some of the techniques with other features.

Numark NS7 II unboxing and first impressions (48)

So, in the 90 minutes I spent playing this morning, I ended up with the same warm fuzzies that I had for the original NS7. I’m more of a hands-on DJ than long blend mixer type, and find myself really excited by what the Numark NS7 II has yet to show me (like what the capacitive knobs actually do for example). A session with the manual is vital, but even then, it’s a bit like the old analogy of learning to drive a car, and then learning to really drive.

Numark NS7 II unboxing and first impressions (43)

Summing Up

You will have to forgive me for my time with the Numark NS7 II is limited right now. The BPM Show 2013 approaches, and I have a lot to organise. So a full review simply isn’t possible in the short time I have. In the brief play I’ve had, it’s abundantly clear that to do a complete a review of what I feel is the most complex and complete controller on the market, I’ll have to spend more than a couple of hours with it. In fact, I’d go as far to say that I’d be happier with a couple of weeks solid on it to get to grips with the nooks, crannies, and nuances of this most excellent of controllers. You know how we roll — detail and opinion is everything, especially on such a unit.

Get your questions in

As I said earlier, get your questions in, and I’ll answer them in my slightly more complete first look that I plan to publish before BPM.


Want to get a closer look at the NS7 II? Here’s more than a handful of pictures.

  • Those cracks don’t look good in image 18

    • They’re not cracks. Just mould lines. They come off with your fingers.

  • This is great. Thank you. Bummer about no fader start. Your fader start video on the NS7 was legendary. Every time someone says ‘Fader Start is not needed because you got Cue Points’, I point them to your video to show them the creativity with the speed and pitch slider.

    I noticed the new Serato DJ Pioneer mixer offers fader start, is this something Serato will be adding to the software?

    • That video polarised opinion. But I still like the technique. We can only hope that they can add it back in somehow.

  • Adam Majoros

    I would like to know if it beats the Stanton SCS.1 series?

    It looks like Numark get 2 of the SCS.1d and 1 of the SCS.1m and put them
    into one unit, added strip search and reverse button (I always missed that one),
    added a nice idea of touch sensitive knobs, used 8 MPC pads, and a USB

    But they are 5 years behind Stanton (SCS.1 was made in 2008), also
    shrinked the 10″ platter to a 7″ one. Luckily they skipped the FireWire (or
    Thunderbolt) connection.

    But Stanton said their device uses 4000 tick/rotation (don’t know how many is
    used under VDJ, but I guess not all of it) and now (5 years later) Numark
    adverts the NS7 II as “the highest possible – 3600 – tick/rotation in the

    Asking now:
    – Who tells the truth?
    – Does the NS7 II behaves like the SCS.1d under VDJ, so the platter spins with a constant speed, or the motor rotates with a variable speed (just like a TT)?
    – Why Numark was unable to add two motorized fader for such an expensive unit?

    – Can I use the Shift button to make ‘pitch shift’ as I can with DDJ-SX? (so the pitch slider can be moved around -while ‘shift’ is hold- without effecting the music)

    I wish I could have NS7 II with:
    – 10″ platters with the classical ‘dotted’ edge (not the ‘special’ Numark style),
    – 2 motorised faders,
    – dedicated “Load to A,B,C,D” buttons (like DDJ-SX),
    – probably symmetrical layout (on the pitch faders),
    – possibly only two position reverse switch (as CDJ 1000) with a dedicated “bleep” button around it.

    Hands up for Numark, will waiting for NS10

    • Jeremy

      I think you’ll be waiting a very long time then. I’d say there’s no chance of a 10″ version being released. This is a larger version of the original NS7 ( released round about the same time as Stanton’s SCS units by the way), which was already huge. If you really need a platter of that size then the DVS route is the only way to go.

      • Adam Majoros

        The real question for me, which is better (more accurate)?

  • randomfantard

    TRAKTOR SUPPORT???? C’mon, I have seen loads of caps from back when the original NS7 was dropping, saying they had supplied N.I. with the stuff necessary to test and figure it out, I got screencaps of that shizzle.

    “We provided the supporting files to N.I. and they’re working on it.”

    “In other news, Numark showed NS7 at the Plasa 2009 show in
    London and it was working with Native Instruments Traktor Pro.
    A public release is expected in the coming months.”

    And here’s an article by Giz, saying how Native Instruments
    was “excited to be working on compatibility with the NS7 for
    Traktor full versions.” – SO WHAT HAPPENED? Every time
    I bring it up, especially the N.I. forums, all I get is a bunch of
    guff and people saying “why should / would N.I. support the
    hardware of a competitor?” – Uhhh, maybe because they
    -THEMSELVES- said they were actively pursuing synergy?

    And here’s another response on one of the demo videos.
    “It will be standard midi, so apart from the motorized
    platters, all will work with Traktor, and the platters
    is up to N.I.” — soooo, is this happening or not?

    And people keep saying “it can’t be done.” – I call B.S.
    Look up DJ Quartz’ videos on the Project NS7 facebook
    page. He had it working craaaazy close. He had a beta
    he was testing for Traktor that had support for the midi
    time stamp (something about x400 speed of data being
    sent and using HID for the hi rez of the platters), but it
    seems once N.I. went past that beta, that function was
    abandoned… and he gave up on pursuing synergy
    between the two cuz N.I. stopped supporting him.

    • Numark has heard you. Enough with the endless carpet bombing. Just wait for an official response.

    • Simon Bangs


      Taking the company hat off.

      In my personal experience, unfortunately Traktor cannot handle the amount of incoming data without crashing.

      Native Instruments would need to implement a different kind of time code to their database in order to take commands from the high resolution data stream that comes from the NS7.

      They have indicated this does not align with their development plans at this time. There was some work started but this seemed to stop.

      I would personally recommend that you register your interest with them for this feature.

      We cannot adjust other companies code bases so this really lies in their court at the moment.

      Sorry I can understand that might not be the answer you where hoping for.

      I feel that Serato is providing a premier offering here.

      However Virtual DJ and Mixvibes currently also plan to support this unit if you are looking for a choice of different options.

      • Thanks Simon. I think gives a definitive response.

        • SLFC

          Giz, are you still going to talk with Chris Roman about this as well? I believe you said you emailed ‘pre-interview’ about the topic. Has he said anything back and would you relay the correspondence? Yes yes, I know, “but it’s what you already know” – I’m a bit of a masochist and really I just want confirmation of my suspicions.

          He could either say something vague to dodge the question, or he could perhaps reveal some more in depth info as to why N.I. withdrew. I’m hoping for the latter. If you could and you’re allowed to do so, please post your findings…

      • SLFC

        Thanks for “taking off the company hat” and making a clear statement. Even if it’s the same as before: “the ball is in N.I.’s court,” so basically, they -were- interested, but then they decided to pull a Nintendo on you guys (see Sony + Nintendo’s original Play Station, which they hyped in magazines) and scrapped the positive results they already had (oh Quartz, if only you had saved that beta where it was working). N.I. put the S4 on the market and withdrew from the collaboration to help get NS7 functional with Traktor because they felt it would be too big a threat.

        They -could- come out with their own motorized deck and put the coding necessary to read it (I believe Quartz said it was ‘midi learn’ that allowed the platters to be read properly), but then re-implementing that feature would also open them up to any -other- hardware that made use of it, like an NS7 or any other imitation. This is all quite frustrating. It really seems as though N.I. has lost touch and ceased listening to ideas for improvement or requests for hardware support. As for “take it up with N.I.” -many- people have. There was a 66 page thread started by Quartz with many comments begging N.I. for official support like they -had- been working on. But they ignored this and even direct phone calls from Quartz and Hedgehog (Ali). Every time I see the video of the beta and Quartz’ TSI files in action, it reminds me of what could have been, had N.I. not withdrawn their support.

        • SLFC

          “I feel that Serato is providing a premier offering here”

          Yes, however, Serato is at present, incompatible with the AMD chipset, which is what I have. I feel like someone who’s being “drawn and quartered,” if you understand the phrasing.

          Traktor works reliably on AMD, but their interface is still the same as it was in 2004; side by side waveform views and no indication of a desire to evolve from N.I. despite lots of requests. (Stacked waveform is another topic which I’ve been told by Karlos [the mod] has been “brought up a million times.”) Serato has the stacked waveforms, they’ve also added many of the same ‘FX’ as Traktor to satisfy those migrating over, but has poor AMD support.

          I’d rather not have to switch CPU platforms or learn a new OS such as Mac, which I’m sorry to say, I navigate as well as a lobotomized lab rat navigates a maze. But since that seems like what all the ‘cool people’ in music use, I will simply have to buckle down, save even -more- money than I initially planned for the NS7 II’s release, and adjust. Or wait for stable AMD support from Serato which from what I gather, they are as much interested in doing as N.I. is interested in supporting the NS7.

          Another suggestion someone here made (Ezmeralda) was that if Numark could create a ‘stripped down’ version of the NS7. No internal sound card, keep the motorized platters, but take it down from that ‘400x the speed of normal midi’ so that Traktor is capable of reading it while still having decent enough implementation of the active platters to still feel like the program and the platter are in sync. I don’t know if Numark would even be interested in doing something like that, as it would basically be -just- a controller that has motorized platters and the effects knobs and no extra bells and whistles.

          • SLFC

            “In my personal experience, unfortunately Traktor cannot handle the amount of incoming data without crashing…”

            Quartz -did- have it working without much issue, as seen here:

            And also here:

            However, this was because he was testing betas for N.I. So obviously they -were- actively working on implementing whatever it was that was needed by the NS7 to function properly, it’s just that once they moved on from that beta, they ceased to include the feature that was allowing the NS7 to work.

          • Simon Bangs

            To be honest its more that AMD chip-sets often doesn’t fully support multimedia and audio applications it wasn’t designed for that it was designed for gaming and documents.

            You might find other software also requires you to optimize your computer settings also 🙂

            The AMD statement is more of a warning than a solid rule to my understanding.

            Have you checked out our handy guide to optimizing computers for audio use?

            • SLFC

              “The AMD statement is more of a warning
              than a solid rule to my understanding.”

              So I could -theoretically- still run it???

              These are my specs:

              AMD FX 6100 Six Core – 3.30 ghz
              (Phenom II, Black Edition)

              Cooler Master Gemini II Heatsink
              w/ 110 CFM 120mm Cooljag Everflow fan
              covering my Heatsink and the same fan as
              rear exhaust. (My rig usually never exceeds
              temps of 90 F, even at full use).

              Asus M5A97 motherboard.
              16gb, DDR3, XMS3 Corsair ram.
              ATI Radeon HD 6870, 1gb GDDR5.
              1tb Samsung Spinpoint hard drive, 7200 rpm.
              Soundblaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Titanium w/ Asio.

              800w Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold PSU.
              Coolermaster CM690 II case.
              Windows 7 64bit.

              I’d really hate to have to switch to Mac.

              • Simon Bangs

                Take your computer to a dealer and ask to try it most will oblige.

      • SLFC

        “However Virtual DJ and Mixvibes currently also plan to support this unit if you are looking for a choice of different options.”

        I’ve seen VDJ and I do like its interface, buuuuut, are they planning to follow through on those plans to support NS7? And how much ‘support’ is that, as in the platters actually working as intended, kick back and everything? Or working as just a static platter???

        Btw, did you ever see any of DJ Quartz’ videos of him using NS7 on a beta version of Traktor that made use of HID???


        • Simon Bangs

          Virtual DJ has fully supported NS7 V1 for a number of years now 🙂

          • SLFC

            Sorry to keep bugging you, but have you read my other comments? About Quartz and the Traktor beta with HID, about my being on an AMD platform, etc etc… really this whole thing just makes me rather depressed, because I saw all these capped statements and N.I. already had so much progress then they just treated you guys like Nintendo did Sony. “Yeah, you know that super cool SNES-CD console we’ve been hyping in Nintendo Power mags? Never happening.” I guess it’s deserved that Serato is pretty much doing to Traktor what Playstation did.

    • If the controller is midi mappable…you can map it yourself to Traktor…ijs

      • SLFC

        Midi Mapping is one thing, but getting it to read the special “time stamp” or whatever is another… as DJ Quartz has said previously when he was doing work on this.

        “What is needed is for Traktor to support the extra
        timestamp the jog uses. The jog sends data at 400 x faster than normal midi to give the real precise feel. It uses a time stamp to show where the motor is at any given time. This is the information I was given today, so it’s the extra information that Traktor needs to understand. It’s sad to think that there is maybe a whole 2 – 4 assignments that is holding you guys back from being able to do this. And it’s all midi to add insult to injury at that.”

        So it isn’t gunna be as simple as “hook it up with Traktor and map your stuff.” — http://www.skratchlounge.com/index.php?/topic/11554-ns7-ns7-ii-traktor/http://www.native-instruments.com/forum/showthread.php?200101-N-I-PLEASE-pursue-NS7-NS7II-support

  • Chris Roman

    Point of clarity. The NS7II is 2 lbs lighter than the original, even though the features have significantly increased since NS7, and the unit is smaller than the NS7FX due to the FX now being built in.

    • randomfantard

      Oh, Chris Roman…. you’re the guy Gizmo said he was gunna go talk to.


      Care to chip in some info????
      I wanna buy the NS7 II when it drops…
      but I don’t wanna use Serato. I’m on AMD,
      Serato -hates- AMD….

      I wanna use -Traktor- and y’all had said way
      way back that Traktor was gunna be supported.

      • randomfantard

        Quartz: “The true performance comes in when the HID support is added. No one is saying anything, except Numark claims Q1 support for the NS7 in Traktor. That’s all I know for right now. One of the biggest reasons I started this project was to show how much power the NS7 standalone can have with Traktor over Itch. All the myths that were floating around about Itch being the only app to be able to provide low latency and tight platter control needed to be smashed. So, to re-iterate what I did, the beta I’m demonstrating (in the FB video) has HID controls available in it. So I’m still using 98% midi for everything, I would say even 99%. However, the 1% – 2% of HID control was used for platter control and a few minor mixer controls, due to direct mapping.”

    • randomfantard

      Quartz got -major league- close….

      Then apparently N.I. stopped supporting his efforts.

    • randomfantard

      Hmmmm… didja duck out? Sorry man, I ain’t tryna freak you out. I just want some answers…. http://www.native-instruments.com/forum/showthread.php?200101-N-I-PLEASE-pursue-NS7-NS7II-support/page2

    • And I’m 3 years older. I must be getting weak in my old age. Need more spinach… 😉

  • I asked this in another post but I wanted Numark and Serato to also see it.

    Will the NS7ii be able to activate a saved loop without jumping to it? Don’t tell me we are going to have the VCI-380 disaster all over again (take a full year to add 1 feature).

    On the NS7ii, how do you expand/contract a crate? Usually, this is done with the back button. I read the manual and its not in there. Also, how do you beat jump forward and reverse since its not a static platter.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Any word on a corresponding V7 II?

    • I’ve heard nothing, and no company really comments on unannounced products.

      • Ezmyrelda

        Is that your polite way of saying it’s a shit question? 🙂

        • SLFC

          I believe I already read elsewhere that the V7 didn’t perform well on the market. Besides, I’d rather see them keep improving the “all-in-one” approach. I hope Numark’s “active platter” starts being to DJ controllers what the analog stick started being to video game systems. S4 and the rest of those clinging to “dead jogs” are like trying to cling to digital Dpads. You can’t play a 3D game -well- with a Dpad, and you can’t emulate vinyl -well- with a jog that has no perpetual motion. I’d like to see an NS7 III come out with a little mini Korg type pad for sweep effects.

          • Ezmyrelda

            I’m not sure where you are going with that.. You are pleased with them continuing the all in one approach but you would like other manufacturers to address the lack of active platters on the market? I think that progress in this area would be furthered by Numark continuing to design and create single deck versions of this line.

            I personally would really love it if they came out with a non itch branded single deck active platter controller that did not have an audio card.. I don’t need one with my mixer and I think that the market is continuing to go in the direction of having multiple USB ports on mixers with integrated soundcards.

            All I want from Numark is their high torque motor.. Those guys are so close too.. CDX.. HDX.. They have the technology..

            • Ezmyrelda

              Also, it’s just personal opinion but I think the itch branding and lack of Traktor support may have had something to do with the bad sales..

            • SLFC

              “You are pleased with them continuing the all in one approach” – It’s because I feel that lugging around multiple pieces of kit is cumbersome. I’d much rather have a single piece that is easily transported. And I agree with you about the skipping the soundcard and stuff. It could certainly reduce the internal weight, and really the only thing I need is A: to have the midi to set for knobs and everything and B: those active platters. If they could strip that down and make it work with Traktor that would be great. But I almost don’t think they’d do it because then they couldn’t sell it for nearly as much.

              • Ezmyrelda

                Ahh.. I see.. Yeah.. there are pros to both.. My requirements don’t include needing to bring decks along..

                Numark I believe could come out with an option.. but likely won’t for all the reasons you stated..

            • SLFC

              All I want from Numark is their high torque motor.. Those guys are so close too.. CDX.. HDX.. They have the technology..

              I think I remember seeing something like this aaaaages ago in a Guitar Center, uses a little laser reader or something like that to know the location of the disc, right?

              Says it was discontinued.

        • Haha… not intentionally. 😉 It’s just one of those questions to which you really already know the answer. When was the last time any technology company laid out their roadmap? Well intentionally anyway?

          • Ezmyrelda

            Indeed.. I was just hoping against hope that there were some glimmerings of a single deck version.. Though.. I suppose if this piece of kit is any indication, it is in the works or already completed.. I’m still waiting to be convinced by one of the manufacturers that make motorized midi platter controllers.. I’ll probably go with whoever doesn’t put an audio card in one.. I guess I could.. you know.. just not hook it up..

            • name

              2 single deck versions, with a rane 62 would be ideal

  • White Wulfe

    Okay, that is significantly sexier than I was expecting!! That’s quite the potent controller to say the least o_O I wonder what Native Instruments has up their sleeves to oppose this ^_^

    • SLFC

      “I wonder what N.I. has up their sleeves to oppose this.” — Probably -nothing- since N.I. (or at least the denizens of their forum who apparently speak for them) don’t think that motorized platters (or NS7 support) is something anybody wants. Despite a 66 page thread of comments begging for it.


      Too bad Quartz didn’t save that beta…


      Giz said he’d ask Chris Roman what the deal is with Traktor support, but has little hope at all of getting a straightforward answer. Guess N.I. treated them just like Sony during the “SNES-CD” collabo, and they’re as annoyed by it as I am (and everyone else who hoped to use NS7 with Traktor) and they just don’t wanna think about it or talk about it.


      Btw, you seem like an interesting person.
      You got YM or anything? (GelpGelpTexuss)

      • Ezmyrelda

        It’s common with most communities involving a DJ software and the hardware that might be able to support it.. Actually I think it’s common everywhere in the field… Why would you want a motorized platter when it’s digital? Why not just use DVS?

        and the answers to me are, I want a motorized platter because it feels natural for me to throw and align beats with a platter that is moving instead of a static jog wheel that doesn’t reflect the musics nature.. I would rather move away from DVS because despite my love of vinyl I would like an environment that did not include needle skips.

        • SLFC


          (And btw, it took me a second to realize you were quoting, even though you didn’t make use of quotation marks).

          I don’t -want- an S4 or a Mix Quad or anything else that’s still using -DEAD- platters as opposed to -LIVING- platters. I want to be able to look at my platter and see it spinning with the music, to be able to watch the dot on the record moving and not have to keep eyes on screen, and I want to be able to apply slight pressure, hard pressure, and everything in between and have that effecting the music. S4 might be fine for people like DJ KnuX (whom I greatly admire, along with other J-Core artists). But at the same time I also want to scratch, and scratching on a platter that doesn’t move cuts you out from having that nice kick-back effect of the motor -resisting- your pressure. I may as well be using the -mouse- to grab the waveform because that’s pretty much the same. It’s a 1 or a 0, on or off, nothing in between. If N.I. (or at least their forum denizens) don’t think motorized is the future of controllers, then it’s their loss.

          As for me, I -want- that feature, so I’m waiting it out.
          And Ez, please oh -pleeeeeeeease- go comment my links.
          I need to feel that I’m not -alone- in this, ya know????

          • Ezmyrelda

            Totally.. Give me a bit of time.. I need to compose my thoughts more than I’ve done here and refill my coffee.

            • SLFC

              Sure, sure…. take your time and really stick it to ’em. ^_^

              • Ezmyrelda

                Ok.. I believe I addressed all parties in all locations.. I’m actually going to follow up on bothering Numark later because I’ve gotten a chance to play on TTx’s and once I was able to touch an HDX and I would really like to see them put out a “different” product using their current tech…

                Uh.. Nobody died.. I think I just had to make dinner or some such.. I’m actually rather fond of my coffee ritual.. It’s more than just drinking it.. It’s the making of it too that relaxes me.. But Viso does sound interesting for those times when coffee is inconvenient..

                Anyway.. Hit me up on facebook.. or email me sometime.. It sounds like you are on the left coast like me (Seattle) and we might share similar interests as well.. I am very easy to find on the internet.

                • SLFC

                  Portland, OR, as a matter of fact. ^_^
                  And I’m glad to hear no one died, lol.
                  I found you on FB, sentya some stuff.

            • SLFC

              Didja fall asleep? lol… I get the feeling the Great and Powerful Karlos may swoop in and lock down my thread on N.I.’s forums at any moment, sooooo, might wanna get that comment in soon…. >.>

              Also, if at any point I said “Duuuuuuuuude….” in a comment, I didn’t mean any offense, I mostly use that as a generic term of reference and expression, irregardless of the gender of whoever I may be conversing with. I also seemed to have gotten a smidge on White Wulfe’s nerves, lol. I’m kind of a ball of hyper spazziness and I mayhaps might have been a little too enthusiastic over the “omg, there’s another fluffball besides myself on this site” aspect.

              • Ezmyrelda

                Oh, sorry. I think it might have been familial responsibilities rearing their head. I will make it a priority this morning.

                • SLFC

                  Eeep…. sorry about that, I hope nobody’s dead… >.>

              • Ezmyrelda

                Dude, doesn’t bother me.. Bro, Sir, and Man are the ones that make me irate. =)

          • Ezmyrelda

            Yeah, I respond in an odd fashion…

            That is exactly why I went with a Z2.. I like NI’s tight integration and I like Traktor, but I don’t want to be limited by jogs that are stuck to my mixer and I want to be able to upgrade when an option I do like comes along..

      • White Wulfe

        My comment regarding the whole “what’s up their sleeves” is more towards that of what they’ll more than likely be announcing next weekend around BPM’s time frame. Or, in shorter form, I’m referring specifically to all the rumours that have been dancing around regarding mk II versions of the Kontrol S2/S4, as well as the heavily requested Kontrol Z4.

        Or hell, for s&g’s, a Kontrol F1 that has Maschine sized pads (hey, I can dream right? It would make for a nice one shot sample launcher deck instead of loops like the current remix decks offer. Or give me a Maschine deck ^_^ )

        None of the previously mentioned products have been mentioned but there has been plenty of speculation on the internet ever since they lowered the prices on the S2, S4, and Z2, so it will be interested to see what the coming days have for announcements.

        As for NS7 II support in Traktor? If it happens, it happens. I purchase my gear (either replacement products or additional items to add into what I have) based upon the specifications it has at launch (or, if updated since launch, the current specs). Every piece of gear has been this way for me for several years now.

        I’m not going to deny it though: Traktor seems to work best for what I do, but Serato is king out here if I ever want to get into clubs, or even radio (two of the local radio stations out here do live dj stuff at noon and 1700 or 1800 for an hour or so each time, and I’ve already asked those in charge at one station if Traktor is usable, and answer is “no go for Traktor”)

        • SLFC

          Yeah, I can definitely understand what you’re saying. It really seems to me like N.I. is limiting themselves as far as their software and support for other people’s hardware goes. Seems there was a time when that wasn’t the case. The users on N.I.’s forums seem to really enjoy shooting down ideas.

          I shot a thread and a mock up at them about maybe trying to have an option for a stacked waveform arrangement, which I feel is a lot more helpful for visually matching up two tracks or more together (if this wasn’t a truth, then why doesn’t Audition have you lining up tracks seperately in their Multi-Track view? lol) and everyone’s like “Use the phase meter” – and that is all well and fine for music that has -BEATS- in it, but if you wanna sync up something that doesn’t, like an orchestral piece, or a bit of SNES rpg music from Secret of Mana where everything is synth violins and flutes, it’ll say “the necessary info to create a beat grid wasn’t found in analyzation” or whatever.

          “Ewww, stacked waveforms like VDJ and Serato? Why would you want them to do that? We want Traktor to stay original and not look like anyone else!” – right, and what if Sony stuck with a Dpad on the PSX and never ventured into having Analog Sticks? If someone works, you avoid it because you don’t wanna ape somebody??? Feh… : p

          Serato didn’t seem to have any qualms with aping Traktor’s effects and even taking it a step beyond with having downloadable -packs- of effects. This was one of the things they knew painted them with the “vanilla” brush, and they -listened- to their customers and adapted. N.I. needs to learn to do that. As it is it really seems like -any- suggestion for improvement or request for support for a popular piece of kit goes ingored. Like the 66 page thread Quartz had going of people requesting NS7 support.

          It wouldn’t surprise me if N.I. found themselves in a reverse Sega position someday due to their stubborness and refusal to adapt. It isn’t 2004 anymore, but they seem content on living like it still is. Embrace the future or fall behind, and I fear they’ll chose the latter.

        • SLFC

          “(Two of the local radio stations out here do live dj stuff at noon and 1700 or 1800 for an hour or so each time, and I’ve already asked those in charge at one station if Traktor is usable, and answer is “no go for Traktor”)”

          Is it because their system isn’t set up for its use, or just because they don’t want you using it? Also…. you do dj-ing for radio -and- you’re a furry? That’s neat, yo… ^_^

          Do you listen to any LapfoxTrax stuff?
          I love the friggin’ hell outta Truxton.

          • White Wulfe

            Regarding the radio stations, I’m definitely NOT on the air. I’m what I would call an amateur at best, or someone who just has fun with his decks here and there. This particular radio station has two setups: the first is a traditional CDJ w/ DJM-800 (or was it 900, been a while since I’ve actually looked into that station’s broadcast booth), and the second is two Technics SL-1210’s and some sort of mixer, hooked directly into a computer running Serato Scratch Live. Main reason I’m guessing they won’t do Traktor is one of two things: first would be reliability (already have a working setup, and most local djs use SSL), and secondly spare table space in that booth is at quite the premium.

            So no, I don’t dj for a radio station, but it would be a cool job!

            And as for other things, we should keep things focused on the original topic Mark posted about, the Numark NS7 II and his incredibly gorgeous unboxing/first look pictures. ^_^

            • SLFC

              Oh yeah, it definitely makes me drool… and I guess if it really comes down to “N.I. pulled a Nintendo on us, so Traktor support is never going to happen despite what they said in various sources” I’ll just have to try whatever is going to be best for it. But I don’t know -squat- about Macs, so navigating one would be like a lobotomized lab rat trying to go through a maze. (Where’s my right click, dammit? Where’s my CTRL button? – I couldn’t even figure out how to copy paste on my friend’s old Mactop).

              I’m really hoping that they’ll have that nice new redesigned spindle locker on there, I like how it’s flat, as opposed to being all screwy like the one on the old NS7.

    • Guest

      Hey wuffie, you uh, got an email addy???
      Shoots me a line sometime.

      silly . lil . foxcub @ gmail . com

  • Olde

    Woii .. Thanks for the great Preview! .. Can you tell me if i can use my old NS7 1 Case for that new baby?

    • SLFC

      From what I’ve read, they’re the same size and have the same chassis, so your old case -should- work…

      • Olde

        nice!.. thank you

  • steve brown

    haha, “what does NI have up their sleeves?”…making cheap crap and selling it at high prices, that’s what. the plastic on their controllers is about as thick as the box donuts come in

    • SLFC


      No active platters, had the support for it but withdrew like jerks.

      Refuse to listen to any user ideas about improving their interface.

      • Nothing wrong with Traktor’s interface…if anything Serato’s interface is ridiculously child like.
        I would like to see NI support video in Traktor at some point.

        • SLFC

          I’d like to see Traktor add more GUI options, it’s not about forcing everyone to use it, just having it as an option, like the -option- of whether or not to have decks C and D be sample decks or track decks, or to use sync or -not- use sync. And sorry, I just think that matching up tracks would be far more easier with them stackable than spaced apart. Imagine for a sec if Audobe Audition’s multi-track view worked like that. And of course “just use the phase meter” or “use the beat grids” – not everything has beats to be picked up by the analyzer. What if I wanna throw in a violin piece? Childlike? I guess, if “easier” = childlike.

          • Traktor has far more options to customize the UI than Serato has. I’m willing to bet you started with Serato and therefore thats whats you’re use too, and you’re approach to Traktor is you want it to be more like Serato. Me on the other hand I started with Traktor and I’d like to see Serato more inline with Traktor…that’s called preferences.

            They are are old school DJ’s that would call both of us fakes because we use the sync button, rather than old school beat matching techniques…specifically because of those difficult to beat match tracks…that don’t beat grid very well that you have to manually pitch bend if I wanna throw in a violin piece? Or some synths

            • SLFC

              “I’m willing to bet you started with Serato and therefore thats whats you’re use too.”

              Newwwwp, way off…. try reading my other comments before you make assumptions about me, lol. The -only- reasons I would even -think- of switching entirely to Serato are A: Proper support for the NS7 / II motorized platters (something that N.I. apparently has lost interest in achieving themselves, so freelancers like Quartz and Hedgehog had to try doing it themselves). And B: slightly more practical waveform views and elastic beat gridding.

              • SLFC

                Buuut, since I -prefer- Traktor because it’s never given me any problems (whereas Serato doesn’t like AMD platforms and I would prefer not to have to switch to Mac) I would like it if Traktor A: brought back the support for the platters which was only ever possible in a beta that Quartz was testing, and B: brought more arrangement options to their interface. There’s stuff that -can’t- be synced up with beat grids because it has no beats for the software to read. If I wanna match up a piece from a game like Secret of Mana with a beat, I can’t because it doesn’t have the beats for it to use to do so. But with a stacked waveform view, it’s a lot less of a headache to try and match those things up. Imagine for a second that Audition had you trying to ‘sync by ear’ your tracks in Multi-Track with them spaced far apart to the left and right of each other, instead of arrange under one another. I for one would -hate- that.

                • SLFC

                  I really don’t get this opinion that it’s -bad- if a software copies or imitates a feature of another software. Imagine for a second that Sony decided “We don’t wanna get accused of ripping off those other guys who’re using Analog Sticks, so we’re just gunna stick with Dpads. Who cares if they make it -easier- and -more fun- to play 3D games, we don’t wanna copy anybody!” Would the Playstation and its subsequent variations have gotten as popular as they did? No, people would think “these guys are still stuck in the 80s and 90s with oldschool Nintendo and Sega, they’re not -EVOLVING- with the times.”

                  Serato has already cloned features from Traktor such as the Effects and even have ‘packs’ of effects for download. They wanted to lure over those who still wanted those features and would keep thinking of Serato as “vanilla” software, if they didn’t. There is nothing wrong with -adapting- to fit the tastes and needs of a demographic. Let me repeat, I am -NOT- a Serato fanboy, I just recognize that they seem to be a lot more willing to listen to suggestions, whereas posting a suggestion on N.I.’s forum seems to only get you two things 1: IGNORED by N.I. and 2: TROLLED THE HELL OUT OF by the forum members.

  • dj crossfade

    if only there was mixvibes support 🙂

    • SLFC

      Simon said that VDJ and Mixvibes would be supporting it…

      • dj crossfade

        WHAT! (lil john in backround ) Ya!!

        ok so if thats the case then hell yes this would be it for me and i would drop my innofader pnp in that mixer 🙂

  • I was interested in this controller until you pointed out, it had motorized platters.

    • randomfantard

      Sooooo…. you don’t -want- vinyl type feedback? You don’t want to be able to grab the perpetually -moving- platter and have it kick back against your fingers? You’d rather have a dead jog that just sits there and does nothing and doesn’t rotate with the speed of the music?

  • The_KLH

    Can you see how the the NS7-2 handles the sampler? I don’t the see how the pads enable adjusting levels or sampling the main output… Or resampling while playing a track with a sample playing. I suppose that I’m trying to gauge how close the SP6 is to Traktor’s Remix Decks…

  • Adam Majoros

    All I would like to know if it is as accurate as the Stanton SCS.1d or not?
    Stanton told us they have 4000 tick/rotation, and now, 5 years later(!) Numark says the NS7 II have 3600 tick and it is “the highest in the industry”.

    Now, who does NOT tells the truth?

    • mushiro

      Numark has had the same resolution from their previous NS7 to NS6 and now this.. Feel wise Numark has the edge on this – after all numbers are just numbers.

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  • Dr Illusion

    I’d like to know if one or more inputs can be routed to the software to for instance record or loop. Also, which features of the controller can be used on all the inputs (line/phono, mic1 and mic2)?

  • Dan

    Is there a video coming out anytime soon?

  • Adam Majoros

    When do you publish the final review (since this is only the “first look” edition) ???

    • Fingers crossed Monday.

      • Adam Majoros

        Which Monday? 😉

        The first look was made 45+ days before.
        Pretty long run to test it

        Hope to read it A.S.A.P.

        • I wish that playing with an NS7II was the only thing I had to do. You’ll get the review very soon.

          • Adam Majoros

            Still waiting.
            I really would like to read some pro (scratch/juggling perspective) review about it. 🙂