EXCLUSIVE: Musikmesse 2013 — Reloop RMX-80 Mixer

Reloop RMX-80 4 channel mixer Musikmesse 2013 (13)

Having snuck into Musikmesse early, it only seems right and fair that I be rewarded for my tenacity. And I was, as I have another exclusive for you, which coincidentally comes on the same day as a very similar product. Reloop have been knocking out controllers for a dog’s age now, but they’ve gone old school and put out a regular 4 channel mixer. The Reloop RMX-80 (no link because this is so new) is their new top of the line offering, that looks much like a bunch of other 4 channel mixers, but does have a few tricks up its sleeves.

They write – you read:

Reloop RMX-80 Digital
A heavyweight has just entered the ring!

With the introduction of the RMX-80 Digital, Reloop is proud to set a new standard in professional club mixers.

The RMX-80 Digital comes loaded with an impressive wealth of features and innovations, staking its claim for the crown among todays choice professional DJ tools.

Familiar Achievements

This fully digital mixer powerhouse offers everything a modern professional desires in a DJ-friendly control centre. The mixer surface is laid out clearly, offering intuitive control of the 4+1 channels, a clear terminal panel for up to 9 signal sources, 2 mic inputs with ‘active ducking technology’, digital effect unit with a large-scale display, 2 headphones outputs with intelligent 1-knob headphones EQ, crossfader assignment, as well as fader and crossfader-start. The bipolar filter section combined with the switchable kill/classic EQ offers unimagined flexibility in the frequency spectrum. Steplessly adjustable fader and crossfader curves allow everything from hard cuts to smooth mixes. Two independent beat counters with ‘intelligent tempo detect’ complete the RMX-80 Digital.

Fantastic Innovations

The 13 brand-new, high-quality performance effects offer unseen creative potential for extensive live remix sessions. For added credibility, these effects were developed in close cooperation with professional DJs with respect to club suitability. The globally unique time bar buttons allow direct access to effect modulation. Depending on the selected effect, they serve as trigger buttons for loops, LFO, timing or pitch. The large LCD display shows all of the important information, and provides a clear overview during creative sesions.

Reloop has always strived for the consistent development of proven concepts. Consequently, the RMX-80 Digital offers the classic solo cue mode as well as an extended mix cue mode which enables monitoring of several channels at the same time. Another addition that satisfies the demands of modern DJs is the USB hub which is a unique but essential feature as it counters the usual lack of USB ports on laptops.

A further key feature is that the RMX-80 Digital can be adapted to every imaginable performance situation thanks to the extensive setup utility menu. From here, it’s possible to individually customize various settings including output zone routing, limiter and talkover threshold, and EQ crossover frequencies.

Premium Quality

The RMX-80 Digital is part of the new Reloop premier line product family, becoming the first choice solution for an affordable state of the art club mixer.


  • 4+1 channel performance club mixer
  • Fully digital architecture for outstanding sound and flexibility
  • Future-proof thanks to innovative, updatable firmware system
  • Setup utility mode for extensive control and setting possibilities (master, limiter, solo/mix cue, isolator crossover, talkover threshold, mic-to-booth, cue-to-booth, LED check, factory reset, firmware update)
  • 13 high-quality performance effects in studio quality (flanger, delay, echo, reverb, transformer, pitch shift, loop roll, reverse loop, noise, bitcrusher, gate, tape delay, send/return)
  • Direct access to effect modulation (trigger, LFO, time, pitch) via time bar buttons
  • 2 independent beat counters with ‘intelligent tempo detect’
  • Large, well-structured LCD display for all important functions
  • Bipolar filter per channel
  • Adjustable EQ characteristics (kill & classic)
  • Fader & crossfader-start
  • Innofader compatible
  • Mic channel with 2-band EQ & talkover ‘active ducking technology’ for mic channel
  • Intelligent 1-knob equalizer and mono/stereo switch for headphones
  • Active 3-way USB hub for additional audio interface or controller
  • Individual zone routing
  • Symmetrical (XLR) as well as asymmetrical (RCA) outputs

Technical details

  • Inputs: 7 Line, 2 Phono, 2 Mic, Return
  • Outputs: Master 1 XLR balanced, Master 2 Chinch unbalanced, Rec, Booth, Send – Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20KHz
  • EQ range classic: +12 dB/ < -26 dB
  • EQ range isolator: +12 DB/ -8 dB (total kill)
  • Dimensions: 320 x 107.5 x 382.4 mm
  • Weight: 6.9 kg

Reloop RMX-80 4 channel mixer Musikmesse 2013 (4)

So what have we got here? Yes, it’s a 4 channel mixer much like many others out there, but it does have some very nice details, as if Reloop looked at what was good on other units, put them in a blender and lo, the RMX-80 was born.

One thing to mention about the pictures — they’re shot in lightshow mode, so before anyone gets all antsy about running in the red, it’s deliberate.

So… what’s cool? Bullet points:

  • Effects + rotary encoder + upgradeable firmware = new effects coming in the future
  • 3 port USB hub for external controllers (the RMX-80 isn’t MIDI)
  • To reduce the number of controls, a lot of functionality that might need a control to be adjusted one time has been put into a utility menu. This means A LOT of customisation.
  • I’m not 100% sure about this, because I had limited time but it sounds like there’s a kind of matrix output going on where you can send individual channels to different outputs. I need to clarify that as it’s potentially a killer feature.

The build is stellar, as good as anything on the market, and the screen is amazing. Add to this the full compliment of curve controls and the ability to drop an Innofader straight in, you have a solid 4 channel mixer that ticks lots of boxes and can work as well for scratch DJs as it does mix DJs.

Reloop RMX-80 4 channel mixer Musikmesse 2013 (6)

Price wise, this is pitched lower than Pioneer at 749 euros. That’s lower than Pioneer’s DJM-700 and DJM-750. At first I thought it might be a bit expensive, especially given the lack of MIDI. But after digging around, it seems fair. Perhaps 699 euros might make it even more attractive. It’s a psychological barrier that makes a big difference.

About the lack of MIDI — an open question for you: Does anyone use a MIDI mixer for software control? Or do you use mixers purely as external traditional devices? I’m trying to gauge how people use their mixers and if MIDI is indeed a vital addition to a mixer.

So that’s my skim over the all new Reloop RMX-80 mixer. I’m really keen to get inside this mixer and find out everything that’s going on. We’ll go back and get some more details this week.

And yes, those are watermarks. When my images are borrowed by huge sites that should know better, it’s time to take measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Man, I like this! Can’t wait for a review 😀

  • i liked it till i saw no midi. i mean i am using my djm-t1 with the new firmware making it an internal traktor mixer

    • how are you finding it, I am about to buy it. If I hadn’t been gigging last weekend, I’d have bought it last weekend …..and this week I see the DJM-750 … hence my question.

  • I wouldn’t really use MIDI built into a mixer, unless I started getting into video.

    How do the faders feel in this? I remmeber the last reloop mixer I had- they were pretty average.

  • AP S

    This one looks very cool. So much better value than Pioneer ! kudos to Reloop, have used their controllers/interfaces and the build quality is always impressive.

  • 700+ bucks for a Reloop mixer seems pretty hefty.
    Then again, 700 bucks for a 4channel mixer with full fx-unit and everything sounds like there was a catch. Ah, the MIDI…

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  • David

    This looks really awesome! Can’t wait for a proper review and to get my hands on this beast… Great job Reloop!

  • Not so bothered about no midi, but not including a soundcard inside seems like an oversight.

  • Impressive, way better than the DJM750 but esthetically similar.

  • Royce

    I have a Denon X1600, full of MIDI! But I don’t use it.. The problem is that you have to take the mixer with you when have a gig. There will allways be a Pioneer mixer in the booth and no other mixer. So when you don’t take your mixer with you, you don’t have the workflow which you use at home.

  • Seems pricey for something that doesn´t include a soundcard. It´s very similar to the DDM4000 but with a nice effects unit. However is the effects unit really worth doubling the cost? I’m still interested in the Pio.

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  • No MIDI? NO MIDI? What the hell? Come on, it’s 2013. if they want to make “advance Dj mixer” RMX needs midi. and what about quality of linefaders? Linefaders in RMX 40 were pretty bad,

  • Now why couldn’t they have put a 4th USB A socket on the hub? Looks like there should have been one there! I agree about the price seeming rather high, without the MIDI or the soundcard. Even if it did have those things, would people choose this brand over others at a similar price – or are Reloop playing the “reassuringly expensive” card?

    • oh, and no soundcard. i missed that in text. Seriously, who will buy this for 700 euros?

      • It does seem odd. I’ve just looked at their existing mixer range, and they’ve already done onboard MIDI and sound cards for under £400 – so why drop it from the “premium” product?

        • RMX 80 looks great. i mean, when i saw it i thought “hey, it looks very professional, i’d like to have one”. But for 700 Euris you can buy Xone 42. Brand new xone 42. No FX, but come on – this is really high quality mixer.

        • Innofader compatible – great. but what about linefaders? nonscartch djs doesn’t really care about CF. This is something that make, i’m scared to buy Reloop and Numark mixers. Linefaders sucks (okay, X5 have great ones) i don’t care about superb FX. i care about quality. and for 700 euros it should be built like tank.

  • John Bryant

    nice to see a decent competitor to the DJM 800 / 850 / 900, a 4 channel mixer with effects on the right and filters per channel.

    Can’t believe it took that long for another manufacturer to build something with the same architecture.

    Price with be a bit expensive though, personnaly I’d rather get a used DJM 800.

  • Less concerned about the lack of midi than the no sound card.

  • Why even put an USB hub in there when there’s nothing about it that says connect it to a computer. NO midi and no soundcard then why should I even think of connecting it to a computer.

  • When someone releases a mixer who’s midi layer disconnects the standard controls from the standard uses then i might start to get interested, i can see the point of it otherwise…..

  • apford

    I wouldn’t use the MIDI on an external mixer, but a built-in soundcard is mandatory. After using Pioneer’s DJM900, I would hate to go back to using a seperate audio interface.

  • Love the dual beat counter. Really need a mixer with the functionality of the Denon DN-X1600. If I could get efficient midi ( midi that does not effect the analog function of the knob, and can be swiched back without harm to analog settings.) and a solid beat counter and strong built in effect under 1000 I would be set. Yes Mark I would definitely use midi on my mixer if it were efficient just for the sake of getting rid of extra controllers and wires. Compact is better.

  • MK

    Customizeable and upgradeable is good. I love my Tascam X-9 mixer, but it never got any additional upgrades beyond the first firmware update. It came out the same time as the Pioneer DJM600 and the Pioneer took off while the Tascam never got noticed (too bad). Hopefully the menus are easier to use than the X-9.

    • I was so in love with that mixer, never owned it, but they sent out promotional videos for it on VHS. it was the BOMB. I don’t think I got that anymore but was totally amazing to fill out a form for additional information and get a VHS in the mail! Still a kick a#$ mixer, how is it holding up?

      • MK

        Pretty good. One of the analog audio channels has lost a side (mono), but I can bounce it to another channel or use it as a digital channel just fine. Other DJs have trouble with the EQs when they play because they are not used to having a parametric, so sometimes I take off the other part of the knob so as not to confuse them. But other than that it is still going.

  • they need to drop the blue LED just like the DDM4000. They went with green after a while because that blue is mind numbing bright… Get rid of that and I’ll consider it. It’s just so bright you need to mask the brightness of it.

  • surely a good mixer ,but the price is too high..to beat pioneer ! http://www.radioflowers.blogspot.it/

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