EXCLUSIVE: DJ Tech’s limited edition Thud Rumble TR-1S Mixer

DJ Tech Thud Rumble TR-1S scratch Mixer DJ Qbert Innofader (7)

Sometimes, the stars align and a sequence of random events come together and make special things happen for a lot of people. And when scratch legend DJ Qbert decided that DJ Tech’s DIF-1S scratch mixer was the best thing since sliced bread at NAMM, he decided to shout about it on Youtube. Thus DJ Tech got an unsolicited big-up from the very guy who most manufacturers would give their right arm to have on-board. Result. But the relationship has continued to grow, to the point where Thud Rumble now have their own very limited edition version of said mixer, called the Thud Rumble TR-1S.

The TR-1S is mechanically identical to the existing DIF-1S, but screams turntablist like nothing else on this earth. The whole box and mixer are Thud Rumble branded, and it can only be bought through official Thud Rumble channels, for $199.99. No word at this time about international orders. I’m sure all will be revealed once it hits the Thud Rumble store.

Side note for the old school heads — it’s been 10 years since the Vestax Atom was first talked about in hushed tones around these parts. The Atom, along with the Warlord were joint Thud/Vestax projects that didn’t quite see the light of day. The Warlord made it to prototype, but nothing was seen of the Atom. But this TR-1S is probably what the Atom would have been. Now you know.

I’m sure some of you will be chomping at the bit and shouting “just take my money” at the Thud Rumble webshop. I’m told it’ll be available in the next few weeks, with a slew of Thud PR coming soon.


  • Mark Goertzen

    I’ve been really thinking about getting one of these, and mounting an A6 inside. With the recent price drop of the Z2 it doesn’t make as much sense financially as it did last week.

  • stevie e

    That’s pretty dope. Im not really feeling the color scheme though

  • James J

    Damn my DIF-1S just shipped today!

  • mixfiend

    Looks like that “endorsement” just about doubled the price. It was a no brainer when it was about $100. Now, not so much.

    • It was never $99. In the US it started life with an introductory price of $149 and then settled at $199.

      • FYI, in the YouTube video that you linked to in the article, Qbert says several times that “it’s only 100 bucks”.

  • cutselekta

    what is so great about this mixer? its just a low budget mixer and they put a mini-innofader in it..big deal..its not even anl innofader Pro…what did thudrumble do with this mixer other than put their logo on it? NOTHING at all besides promoting.

    • It’s built like a tank, has a mini innofader in it, switchable channels and is cheap. Everyone I’ve shown my DIF-1S to (including DJ Tech competitors) cannot understand how they’ve done it for the price.

      And yes, it is promotion. They have a strong brand that people love. If I had a strong enough brand, and someone wanted to cover their hot product with my logo, I’d go for it too.

      • Cutselekta

        yes a strong brand with overpriced slipmats apparently run by a frog and a cap wearing alien…if i didnt have any mixer id prob buy it and swap in an innofader Pro.

    • Conniption

      U mad bro?

      • Cutselekta

        yes i hate cheap bastards, buy yourself a Scratch Box and 2 C1s if you want to compete with the big boys like me..only the best quality allowed in my condominium kid.

        • Conniption

          Cool story bro!

        • Mark Stewart

          your’e a big boy are you? ….. well that made my day, haven’t had a laugh like that for quite a while.

  • Erodkid

    Seems pretty awesome since it’s the same price for technically the same product. Kind of sucks that the restock of DIFs hit the online market again on the 1st of June however. I would’ve waited for the thud rumble edition:c

  • loop skywalker

    i want one,looks a great product,ideal for begginers like myself or training tool for scratching,which i am also begginer.

    • I think that you are beyond hope. Don’t worry – there’s always work at the post office.

    • JonnyWilde


  • Cinq

    Much more beutiful than the original! It should have white fader caps ande buttons tho. then it would be perfect

  • Bernard

    Qbert? WOW, do you know exactly WHEN i t will be available? Can’t wait

    • As I said in the article, I’ve been told a few weeks.

      • Thud Rumble

        It will be ready to ship around mid-July.

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    This is a seriously impressive well though out mixer (not sure of the advantage of the thud one other than looking really cool).

    i have been seriously thinking of selling my pmc 05 iv and getting one of these for various reasons.
    I mean i’d let the 05proiv have my babies is how much i love it. But with me having my vci380 and a few midi controllers for effects etc in serato + dicers, the midi features on the 05iv are slightly lost on me and i only really use to have good scratch sessions now and again. I mean no lie the fader is still one of the best ever but this DIF-1s is starting to make all the sense for what i actually need. Whats more with the change from the sale i could get one of these and upgrade the fader in my vci and have change for a few other bits too…


  • Alex G!

    Will we be notified via media press when they will be released for sale?

    • I expect so. We’ll let you know when we find out an actual date.

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  • DJtonality

    Looks amazing but… No balanced outputs! WTF?

    • Given the target market for this mixer, balanced outputs are hardly essential, and would have pushed the price up. I reckon there’s a huge number of people reading this who run unbalanced RCA outputs without a problem.

    • I’ve got balanced outs on my mixer, and 9 times out of 10 the soundguy still
      runs off my RCA out into DA boxes. Not a single issue in the past 5 years
      with using an unbalanced signal on stage. (only had a handful of issues with it over the past 15 years)

      Just sayin

  • BIZZ


    • Some people only want a basic run of the mill two channel DJ battle mixer. A lot of people it seems.

    • I would counter this comment by asking for your scratch demo video…

    • SpazzMatic

      Especially at that price to have Innofaders all around.

      • Onno Suave

        Just to correct things – It does not have innofaders all around! Only the crossfader is an innofader and only a mini innofader not a pro/pnp!

  • Solidrocketbooster

    Any suppliers in Europe?

    • As the piece says, available only through the Thud Rumble webshop.

  • Onno Suave

    If they had only added the master cue and an aux-in! 🙁

    • The_KLH

      You can always add one. Buy a mini-mixer like this (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/319zncl5JXL.jpg) and connect the cue/headphones output to input one and the booth out to input two. Connect your headphones to the mini-mixer and there you go! -KLH

      • Onno Suave

        Hi KLH
        Thanks for the feedback, and whilst I do of course realize that your suggestions would be an option, i do believe that something as simple as a cuemaster is and should be standard on all dm-mixers…..someome clearly messed up/slept at DJ Tech!
        Plus….if one is in the market for a cheap scratch mixer I don’t think, that that person want’s to spend extra coin just to add a feature that should have been there all along! 🙁

  • bob
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  • Oner

    What country is this made in?

  • Thud Rumble
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  • Thud Rumble

    All the other features will be on the new TRX coming up http://kck.st/1jbW8qV

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