EASTER GIVEAWAY: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, HDJ-500 and Neo cables!

Pioneer WeGO DJ Controller HDJ-500 headphones Oyaide Neo D+ cables

It’s Easter, which means chocolate, good food and a couple of days off. And to celebrate me putting my feet up this weekend, and discovering that one prize from the 12 Days of Worxmas still hadn’t been claimed, I’ve decided to offer it up — again — to you doubtlessly prized-hungry masses. Up for grabs is a white Pioneer DDJ-WeGO DJ controller, a pair of white HDJ-500 headphones, as well as some funky Oyaide Neo d+ cables courtesy of Vestax UK.

I really did try to inform the winner first time, second time and third time round, but after that I figure that they really didn’t want the prize. But I’m fairly certain that someone else out there would like it. It shouldn’t be this hard to give free stuff away right?

Anyway, as ever it’s incredibly simple to enter and win:

  • Leave a comment below. Anything will do, although lengthy sob stories (unless intentionally hilarious) are just dull. Do try to be happy chappies and entertain the other readers.
  • I’ll pick a comment entirely at random 1 week from today and announce the winner once they’ve responded via whicever method they’ve commented under.
  • There are no geographical boundaries to entry. I’ll post it anywhere in the world.
  • The winner has 5 days to respond, otherwise I’ll pick someone else who enters with the intention of actually winning.

That is all. Happy Easter and good luck!

  • Gotta be worth a try, since I won nada first time around 🙂 GL all 🙂

  • happy easter

  • The pioneers

    I never one something this great in my life + P

  • the easter bunny is a dj too

  • Me want, me want, me want!!!!!!!!

  • 1. Got naked, climbed onto the Lands’ roof.

    2. Attacked Tony Land by jumping on him and hitting his shoulder.

    3. Ran into Lands’ house, knocked down a TV and spilled the contents of a vacuum on the floor.

    4. Dodged bullets fired by LaDonna Land.

    5. Masturbated in the living room.

    6. Rubbed clothes on face in the Lands’ son’s room.

    7. Defecated on the floor in two places.

    8. Drank the contents of the vacuum.

  • This would look fantastic in my easter basket! Have a nice vacay Giz!

  • I’m first !! I won I won.!!
    Did I win?

  • here WeGo agin entering to win. If I win I’ll eat 500 Neon eggs

  • drummey

    i would love to have these bad boys as it would sweeten up my easter

  • second 😛

  • Aloha!

  • Count me in

  • Rocking some socks off anywhere anytime!

  • Happy Easter !!!

  • woohooo.. Givea-ways ….. are the nicest ways to go 😉

  • Help!

  • Happy Easter and Good Luck to all…

  • Wow nice prize!

  • i’m a first commenter)) hope i’ll win it

  • Yes please, would be rather nice

  • olivier laguionie

    I want to touch your faders. Do you mind..? 😉

  • andy

    give that b*tch comment, b*tches loves commets!

  • I’m checking my inbox on daily bases and a pair of headphones is what I really need.

  • I want it!!!! Please let it be me!!!

  • Can’t hurt to try.

  • i’d respond if i won. i could really use this gear

  • this is mine

  • oooo Prizes. something amazing as a give away, does it come with an easter egg!!!

  • D33J-LB

    Great package give away! DJ in a box…almost!

  • andy

    he said “try to be happy chappies” and you just beg here for shit 😀

  • I thought I was free. I guess it’s back to another week of hoping I’m going to win something.


  • Jordan Horne

    Wouldn’t mind winning this!

  • Kasey Orthmann

    Let’s go for it, sonny!

  • Adam Supey


  • second try, this time i’ll win hopefully

  • This would be fun kit…..I’m innit to winnit!

  • yeh nice, the neo cables would be awesome just as a giveaway by them self!

  • I love these holiday giveaways!

  • Matt

    My neighbours would love if I won this 😉

  • Rune Lyall

    Ohhhh Very very nice

  • Awesome!

  • r3drox

    I would go for it but Kenya Post will probably steal or damage it on the way here. I’ll step aside and let it have a chance with someone else. lol

    P.S I’m not joking!
    P.P.S I lost an S4 I paid for just like that late last year. :'(

  • Good luck everyone!

  • andy

    dat cables :3 all other of it is unuseable 😛

  • rockson

    I better bloody win this time!

  • White Wulfe

    Whooo, lovely giveaway!

  • Happy Easter, everybody!

  • If i dont win this this I’ll be sending you naked pictures of myself every month till the Xmas giveaway starts.. 🙂

  • Yeeeei! Giveaway again. It’s mine this time…or not 😀

  • Come to Butthead

  • Happy Easter to ya and thanks for another giveaway!

  • djlotus

    I hope the original is in good health, but I’m glad he didn’t respond.

    The WorxLab looks like its coming together nicely.

  • love it!

  • James Wilson

    Be my easter bunny

  • Gorc Kat

    Hippity hop, easter bunny!

  • I’m In!

  • DJ_EFF

    What is better Digital or Vinyl Dj controllers?

  • I love the controller looks beautiful but the headphones looks sick

  • Good on you to resurrect those unclaimed prizes for Easter. Great job DJ Worx!

  • DJ_EFF

    vote up for digital down for vinyl

  • What a excellent Easter Egg! It’s nice to see that these great prizes can find a second life if the first one never worked out. Happy Easter

  • since i’m halfway done painting my whole apartment white right now (hey, you have to use a friday night off when you get it), i guess some shiny new white pioneer gear would look pretty smart in here…so count me in 😉

  • Eggcellent!

  • A-trak just called out Avicii! One less person I have to compete for this prize because his preplanned sets have no use for this gear. Ha!

  • If I win, I will make the easter bunny dance like a playboy bunny and post a video of that 🙂

  • happy easter!

  • Cna’t go wrong with some new gear

  • Happy Easter! Gimme.. Gimme.. Gimme..

  • Happy Easter to you too!

  • Hola!

  • Sam Brunelle

    Looks like an awesome package to me!

  • happy eastern 🙂

  • С Праздником Вас!!!

  • i want one!!!

  • If you pick me WeGo party ? xD

  • Sephyr

    Easter eggs DJWORX style !!

  • I will pay for shipping 🙂

  • Happy Easter 🙂

  • great.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Please please please!!!! I have nothing right now.. (I’ll keep my sob story short. It’s true though)

  • clem597

    do you know why a dj will always make a good cook?
    cause he uses a mixer badum tss

    okay this is a terrible joke but please gimme the stuff

  • eggstremly nice

  • Much better than a easter egg!

  • nat601

    Nive giveaway, I could give that kit a lovely home 😀

  • Thilo Becker


  • o/

  • DJ Libertad

    Happy Easter Everyone! I’ve never figured out why the Easter bunny brings eggs? I think the Easter Chicken got robbed of the gig. Share some love worldwide and give thanks for Spring, finally!

  • Nice

  • This is a great way to make up for the stuff I gave up for lent.

  • Lovely i don’t mind having anoither pair of those sexy Neo D+ cables….mmmmm

  • Yum, chocolate stuff and chocolate cables !

  • Happy to try my luck for a million times for pioneer gear.
    Thanks DjWorx … happy Easter

  • Leslie Jones

    What can I say, amazed once again Mark. 😉

  • omg thats so sweet i hope i win so bad. i cant believe nobody would claim free dj gear.

  • sam

    please pick me111

  • WeGo a go go, you can not harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel… Good luck all

  • i’d rather have that than chocolate for Easter.

  • Woot! Neo cables – hard to find stuff on this side of globe… 😉

  • Happy Easter Mark & DJWorx!

  • That’s a great Easter gift. I’ll take them!!!

  • Gotta love Easter!

  • Hey Hey just got word that this would be great for when I DJ!

  • Pleaaaaaaaaaase!

  • Would give it a (wee)go!

  • Monro3

    Swag skanking

  • RogueDJ

    yes sir, thank you sir!

  • Mark Woodburn

    Happy easter 🙂

    i didn’t even get the chance to go out today and get rat’arsed as all my friends were spending time with their girlfriend’s…………..boring

    I’m proper gutted 🙁

    so i stayed in and sorted through loads of new songs for some sets I’m going to record to help promote myself and make my dj alias more well known.

    This equiptment would deffo come in handy and help me achieve this 🙂

  • Happy easter ^__^ i love pioneer

  • WeGooooooooooo yesss

  • good luck everybody!!!

  • sophie lauzon

    joyeuse pâques !!

  • Dj Drewsum

    I would definately love The DDJ WeGo It’s An awsome giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jombag

    Please let it be me pleaas please please

  • At christmas, worxmas did not pick me! Maybe worxbunny will !!!!

  • you could have thrown an easter egg in too 😛

  • Good luck, all!

  • yo!

  • moving into a new house, these would definitely be fun!

  • Buona Pasqua! And Thanks for the oportunity.. 🙂

  • The Easter Eggs are near now,

    On this I’d like to bet

    there’s no better Easter present,

    than DJ WORX Giveaway I will get!

  • Christopher Davis

    i’ll take it.

  • i want it all!

  • ba bump chikka chikka … ba bump

  • I’ve just escaped Devil’s Island in French Gieana. I was sentenced to life of labor for killing a pimp in Versailles. I need a new career for the underworld is not for me. Maybe wining this will set me off on a correct and respectable path. I can’t go back to the bagne!

  • I’m in it for the cables.

  • I’d really, REALLY, like those cables. Oh, the other stuff’s nice too.

  • Dag Herbort

    Frohe Ostern! Ich will gewinnen – 🙂

  • Julian Orbit

    If the Easter Bunny Hides this in my house, it’s carrot cocktails on tap.

  • Happy Easter to all djs 🙂

  • Jan Kresnik

    This is great. I’m coming back so the site every day and it keeps surprising me.

  • Svajūnas Mikšta

    Cheers !

  • Nice 🙂

  • Cheeky Easter party set up!

  • DJworx rock even if I don’t win.

  • pick me in random

  • Another shot at it? Good luck, everyone.



  • Send this baby down under!

  • aeon

    If i win i will give it to my nephew, just will leave cables to me 🙂

  • Umm yeah, me want!

  • MistaDemon

    mmmmmm oh such shinyness!!!!

  • RedMoon

    nice giveaway!!

  • Planet Invasion

    Mechanism Nice

  • Yes,definetly want that. 🙂

  • just remember life is a bowl of but watch out for the pits 🙂

  • Steve Francesco

    Missed it first time round – here’s hoping !

  • Dalton

    Bam Shazam Skracthworx man!

  • i never win but im in.

  • Shpladanga!

  • .. aNd tHaTs beLongs tO mE!! xD
    gOodLuck foLks.. d:)

  • Maciej Sułek

    forever winter.

  • Hope those bits of kit hop over to me!

  • Pioneer! I’d love a nice little kit like that.

  • billylinos

    Please make 12 days countdown like the christmas giveaway! It was epic! Oh and send me the WeGo. And tha HDJ-500. And the cables!!!

  • Nice little home kit could be fun to add to my set up

  • LoopCat

    Yo can I plz ‘ave da we-go?

  • You can’t win if you don’t play 🙂

  • Dean_K_S

    Happy Easter!

  • Pick me!

  • Hopefully more luck than on Worxmas!

  • Jesse

    In Germany we have still snow so I could better play on my new WeGo 😉
    Cheers DJWorx 🙂

  • NEO cables are so cool

  • Yuppieeeeeee!!!

  • bernyboss

    I am the winner! 🙂 (…hope so)

  • DirtyNerd

    iWant WeeGo. WeeeeeeGooooo!!! iWant WeeGoo!

  • It’s so pretty D:

  • DJ Double O here, please pick me?

  • Patrick Duangchan


  • Neo cables! Gimme!

  • Jermele Anderson

    Your A winner

  • djworx ftw! 😉

  • Mango Red

    Been A Fan Since Scratchworx!

  • DJ X Trodinaire

    I would like to give this to my old high school friend. He used to dj with me back in the late mid 90s. I think it would be an awesome surprise for him and get him back on the “tables” again.

  • Arthur Eschner

    Give me a go, with that WeGo. It’ll help my skills show & make my tunes flow, up my mix from being so so & boost my ego!

  • This would be so sick!

  • DJ Swazae excited about this contest good luck to everyone!!!

  • Fingers crossed for this comp.

  • Nice one!


  • yo por favor quisiera demasiado tener ese paquete…en verdad me encanta ese controlador wego porfavor quisiera tenelo…

  • As WEGo…I kno…fo sho…THIS DJ…CAN Grow :~}

  • looks good !!!

  • Happy Easter/ Good Friday weekend!

  • djartical

    happy easter to all the readers of djworx and to mark and the team…

  • I swear that if I win this i will give it to my youngest brother and take a picture to prove it! (I’d keep the 500’s though =p)

  • Looks like the Easter Bunny might be a bit more generous this year!

  • I need!:)

  • A wego would be a welcome addition and you can’t go wrong with free.

  • Happy Easter….to me? 😀

  • Bulge


  • Steve Smith

    Yes I could certainly use a wego!

  • happy easter man from all your irish fans !

  • AP S

    Why not ?!

  • Joey Nguyen

    I bet Zombie Jesus would use the WeGo wirelessly while floating, or walking on water, something of the sorts.

  • DJWORX here WeGo!

    Happy Easter to you and the team down there. I love your work.

  • Big Knowz


  • Slak Jaw

    Woohoo! Prize give aways rule!

  • Damien King

    Happy easter guys and gals, some lucky winner is sure to be a happy bunny*

    *unless they actually are a bunny in which case there may be a few ergonomic issues with the headphones.

  • Deco

    better than chocolate!

  • Mazen El Alaili

    Happy Easter to everybody!

  • Kid Quest

    Me want!

  • Being one of those three that didn’t must be a terrible feeling.

  • I heart cables.

  • Thank you Easter Buddy!

  • Two times the charm. I will win this time.

  • Martin Little

    Happy ghost Jesus weekend!

    • Martin Little

      Sorry, zombie Jesus!

  • Eggstremely Good stuff

  • Guuud!

  • now thats a colourful starter kit 🙂

  • I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!

  • Lautaro Palenque

    easter = critters

  • Processing… processing… WANT!

  • MTR

    ooh goo on

  • SK

    This great prize was eggsactly what we’ve been saving for !! thanks Dj WORX

  • Anthony Garcia

    Bless me with these please!!!

  • As I’m not very good at writing witty comments, I’ll just let you know that me & my six month old daughter have just watched our first episode of Peppa Pig!

  • Anthony Garcia

    Bless me with this please!!

  • Somebody really is a numpty not claiming it, lets hope the same person doesn’t win again, enjoy putting your feet up sir

  • Easter and Christmas all rolled into one, with this giveaway! Peace!

  • Yeah we won’t say no to such an offer! You should try an Easter “Wegg” Chase to give this Wego away…. 😀

  • well thats a nice present:D happy easter to djworx 🙂

  • I’d like to tell a story. One week ago I was djing for a friend of mine. It was his birthday. At the end of the party we kept on talking till late with other people about the first times we went to discoteque in the late 80’s. What is funny is that I realized to be the only one to go to disco for the love of music. Not for girls, not for drinking, but just for the music. Maybe there is a reason why I go on putting the records on… 😉 Cheers! Mattia

  • happy easter to you too dj worx

  • I liek this easter knock knock joke, I love them bunnies 😀 Happy easter everyone!

    Knock, knock!
    Who’s there?
    Howard who?
    Howard you like a chocolate bunny?

  • Person winner = Random.pick(“Julien Haricot Vert”);

  • =) i’d like to win

  • Daniel Lawson

    Pick me, pick me, pick meee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fotinsky

    Find the DJ eggs

  • Our cat died on Good Friday last year. Unfortunately, he didnt ressurect on Easter Sunday. Which may be a good thing, cos owning a zombie cat would be fekkin weird.

    Anyhoo, happy easter and praaaaise da lo’od =P

  • Consider this message as 1 singular entry to your Easter giveaway competition.

  • Axel Röhr

    Yes, more free stuff!

  • So the Easter Rabbit those exist!!!


    i have a new baby on the way and might have to sell off mt beloved decks to make room for my new lil son…. please have mercy on me… thanks

  • I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny but I believe in the DJ Bunny shipping me new dj kits!!

  • Ovi

    My preciousssss!! Hehe

  • “I have a dream”…. A world where music fans and artists are closer than ever, where people come to clubs to enjoy themselves because of the music, where there is no distinction between new and old music, where all music is under no Copyright monopoly, but under Creative Commons, where all is about music, because music is made with passion, and passion makes our life colourful… That is my dream.

  • I want to win because… insert sob make you cry story here… I just want to win.

  • Luca Ribaux

    I love you DJWORX! Let’s hope that we can enjoy you for many more Easter holidays to come!

  • totally crazy UFO stuff!

  • I like the shade of green from the cable

  • Easter egg!!!!!

  • Hallo!

  • Silly person. If they don’t want it I’d be happy to take it off your hands 🙂

  • CutSelekta

    Look at all those greedy bastards commenting all of a sudden and when a review is posted they say nothing. Well i will donate the unit to the childrens cancer department in the hospital where i work and i will provide the kids with music they like and also show them how to DJ. Thats the least i can do for the kids. Of course this will be done between 1 and 5 pm because then the entertainment is allowed at the childrens deparment. Ive been working there for 2 years and as a DJ i will put it to good use.

  • Glenn McCord

    I’d love a WeGO. They’re like a LED coaster for coffee mugs.

  • Edgar Libório

    Happy Easter 🙂

  • hey! good luck, guys ; – )

  • I had to pawn my turn tables to buy Christmas gifts this year!. This would be a great help to me…Happy Easter!

  • Now that’s what i call a nice easter giveaway!

  • Yes pweeeeeeeasssse 🙂

  • Great prize!

  • Qubanaso

    Its funny how people just leave a hello message to win. But i can’t hate because its been a while since i left a message. I enjoy checking outnthe site for the latest and greatest in dj gear, and of course the reviews. Thank you for that.

  • Alfred Aubí

    Hello from Spain! Thanks for this opportunity. Good luck to all participants!

  • fons

    Hell Yeah bring, it on could use some new piece of kit !!!!
    great job guys!!!

  • You surprise the shit out of us everytime, I feel like I should give YOU something. 😀

    Keep up the good work, and if I may request a review/article: a couple of IEM’s that surprise your wallet AND your ears.

  • Tyler Becker

    easter 🙂 chocolate, eggs, jelly beans, and pioneer

  • I love shiny new gadgets to play with so I hope you could hook me up with some! Cheers and happy holidays!

  • Last Resort

    can i haz a cheezburger?


    Comment !

  • gimme gimme

  • I’m a random man, so give me the stuff!!! 🙂

  • Deejay_Mike_One

    Neo cables!!

  • Well, this is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down, and I like to take a minute so just sit right there. And tell you how a became a… (you finish the rest.) Enjoy your day!

  • Let’s give it a try! 🙂

  • Gilberto Terrones

    so, eastermas it is… =)

  • Gimme!

  • Dirk

    poor sod that didn’t want no prize. I do want a prize!

  • Guest

    Really good price! Looking forward to win something of them. Like the quality of HDJ500. The Wego is a good controller aswell.
    By the way i think that the NEO cables are as far as expensive for his quality.
    Good luck to all.

  • Really good prize! Looking forward to win something of them. Like the quality of HDJ500. The Wego is a good controller aswell.
    By the way i think that the NEO cables are as far as expensive for their quality.
    Good luck to all.

  • Alixx

    Please let me entertain the masses of Skegness with this 😀 big love from the East coast!

  • Thanks Mark, and happy Easter all!!!

  • Christiaan Gombert

    I’m interested in those cables and the headphone. The Wego will be passed on two a friend of mine, who just started with a bit of mixing. So that we can both have a nice Easter.

  • 1st LOL!
    Oh no, sorry. 276th!

  • That would look good with my other equipment.

  • Elton Lauring

    Am I weird for finding the cables most appealing? 🙂

  • let’s try

  • Roth

    IM IN!

  • Uh yeah. Gear.

  • “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Calle S

    Gimme, gimme, gimme:-)

  • James Yanisko

    Who doesn’t like free stuff?

  • Sander Tan

    What a great set! Was about to buy the DDJ-WeGo, so I’ll have a try here!

  • I would like to have it. Sorry for the person that didn’t claim it.

  • Danny Armenta


  • Gotta love these DJWorx giveaways 😀

  • Another great giveaway! Thanks Mark!

  • second try lucky?

  • Chris Ford

    Third time lucky

  • soulwax

    Happy Easter and wish me luck!

  • Thanks for all the giveaways! This would make a great house party dj setup

  • playazik

    Need these items I do (that’s my yoda style)

  • loomad

    I’d like to take the wheels for some eggs…anyway, thanks for your kindness and may the sun shine on you as soon as she intends to end this horrible grey…

  • Here WeGO!

  • if i win this one i will post some eggs to worx lab

  • want!

  • Victor

    Happy easter

  • Josh McDermott


  • Run them goodies.

  • I’ll do what CutSelekta will do, except one better! I’ll play only for the Deaf Children’s Association of America convention!
    If you doubt how awesome that could be, go watch “It’s all gone Pete Tong.”

  • I wants da prize! I’m not going to post no sob stories about how I’m an up and coming dj or nothing like that, but I am damn appreciative!

  • Tom Pain

    Eggcelent competition 🙂

  • Aloha!

  • dannyboiii

    I will use this equipment to conquer North Korea. That is all.

  • madfunkytacos


  • David Koontz

    Yes please.


    Yes please.

  • Brown Chicken Brown Cow!

  • Left over worxmas is the best.

  • Fiasko

    Who wouldn’t love an easter present from DJWorx? I know I would love one

  • brnk

    “free, you say?” (word of the living zoidberg)

  • Deaconjonez

    I’m looking for a handout I need the rock lol

  • Yes please!

  • Nelson Ramalho

    Eggaxctly what I wanted! Happy Easter 🙂

  • I think this would make me reasonably happy for a moderate amount of time.

  • kvngbbns

    One more chance!

  • Korji

    OK! I would love this… It’ll be great to have those headphones too.

  • Hell Fking Yeah!

  • Anselm

    I comment when there is something to comment for… so many things are needless to say, I don’t need to say “wow this is great”, I use for facebook for that: recommendation. So this time I could get my fingers on some nice gear and my head says “I’d have some nice use for a ddj and stylish cables – yeaaaah – so if I get this, my last money for my third 1210 would have been an even better investment than it already is… time for some aksion … on the go” 😉

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    it is quite odd that someone would not claim a prize they won…actually, more like CRAZAY!!!!! i say, let someone who TRULY deserves this prize win it! and then use it to conquer the world!!!!! and make everyone dress like they do, have the same hair-do and glasses and force everyone to make the exact same music they do!
    True world domination awaits for the winner of this prize indeed….

  • cheeze me

  • Joseph Zarraga

    Happi Eastah!

  • thank you DJWorx!

  • Could definitely use these! 🙂 Love DJWORX!

  • Christopher Ing


  • Lets keep it short, Happy easter everyone 🙂 and I hope to win.

  • Hook meh up. Please?

  • If i win this my wife is gonna take over the wedding DJ game

  • dj worx! more loved than the easter bunny and santa!!

  • I want! I want!
    @disqus_dYRptqZaDU:disqus i do visit the site regularly but it doesnt mean that i have to comment on every post. I read the articles and i comment if i feel like commenting. 😉

  • Dont care for the wego, but the headphones would be nice!

  • Jojo

    My VCI-300 is aging, hope I win.

  • Ben

    Just because they don’t comment on reviews doesn’t mean they aren’t regular readers… the competitions warrant a comment… which is why people comment… ‘greedy bastards’ is a bit harsh! Good luck everyone!

  • Not commenting on every post/review doesn’t mean the reader isn’t on here regularly, I check this site every day without fail but don’t comment, I am doing so now because it’s a competition…. get off your high horse, and although I appreciate what you’d do with the prize it’s random so it makes no difference

  • Wookie

    Im gonna pick some ass, cause I gotta wego in my pocket…
    Im Im Im Im huntig, looking for a great date…. this is fucking AWESOME =D

  • Djworx hooooooooo!

  • niraj gohel


  • Alberto Fernandez

    Hello !!!

  • This would be a perfect prize that I could give to the youngest member of my household, to hone their skills 🙂

  • Merry easter!!

  • Jorge Ramirez

    Would love it!

  • Mat Reptile

    Sup peeps. That is one serious easter prize. Like the look of those cables (OMG am I really getting excited about cables)

  • Jocoseman

    PerfEGGct! This is EGGSactly what I need to get started. Ditch the TouchOSC on the ipod and get EGGStra busy on some real platters and some EGGsquisite headphones which can be plugged into my EGGSelent speaker. I hope I’m not EGGSaggerating when I say that I’m EGGStatic to get a chance to get all these things, which would otherwise be to EGGSpensive for me. I think I’ve EGGSplored just about every part of – mEGGSico (sorry Mexico) – , but gear is EGGseptionally hard to come by surprisingly. To end an EGGSeedingly long comment, I EGGSpect to be taken into consideration for the prize no EGGSepction or EGGSclusion 🙂

    Hope I haven’t left you EGGSasperated from an EGGcess of EGGStraordinary egg puns. I’m just so EGGcited by this EGGSclusive and spEGGtacular giveaway.

    Happy Easter – or should I say – Happy Worxster.

  • Pedro Garcia

    ola k ase ,pincha o k ase ?

  • Yay! I’m in 😀

  • Jeffrey Roekens

    Wow I can’t believe you guys have kept this prize from us for so long !
    Want ! Want ! Want ! 😀

  • Haloha!

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    Happy Easter

  • Love you DJWORX, happy easter!

  • Dale Daniels

    When the zombie apocalypse hits i will lure the walkers away with a mobile dj set on a hovercraft that runs on, what else?, zombies. The DDJ-WeGO at the center of it all. I’ll sample their groans for the extra touch.

  • yes please!

  • I could this!

  • dj tic-tac

    hmmm.. this would finally free me from cutting my own vinyl and force me to move to a computer!!

  • _¶¶¶¶_________________________¶¶
    _____¶¶¶¶______________¶¶¶¶ ¶¶__¶¶

  • mmauve

    Does anyone know if those cables are suitable for BDSM?

  • This would be a perfect tool for a mobile gig!

  • I would love to get a hold in this prize

  • Oh man, this would be perfect for my 3yr old to start learning on… please enter me to win..
    if I win I would vow to do a monthly update with a progression on his skills, each quarter we could tackle a new genre or scratch style.. could be epic.

  • skywalka

    If you don’t want to hear my sob story then just pick me you bastard! 😀

  • I can’t make any witty statements, but I will definitely put this gear to use with serato dj in my mobile setups!

  • Super happy easter and shout out to DJ Worx for these awesome giveaways.

  • Happy Easter! My life is a party!

  • John Rangel

    Happy Easter

  • the DJWorx crew never fails to show their holiday spirit! we appreciate it guys, keep up the good work.

    • I expanded the whole comments list, scrolled randomly up and down, and this is where my cursor fell. We have a winner! Here’s hoping Alex responds…

  • Ian

    I will resell this on the internet for money. Lol jk

  • Eggcelent

  • A controller isn’t on my list of things I need right away, but those cables and the headphones would sure be appreciated! 😛

  • Pick me :/

  • BYTM


  • Santa didnt hook me up for the last giveaway.. im thinking the Easter Bunny might be nicer?

  • Mark Lester Garma

    yo! dj give me some scratch . . . thanks djworx.com 🙂

  • Yeah Buddy! Leggo

  • Thanks.

  • I love it 🙂

  • Haha these people are too Funny! I am a nobody and have nothing excellent to say. Only thing is I am from New York City and I hope I win these thats all

    Thank you Senor!

  • Dear Easter Bunny,please keep your distance from that bottle of Jaggermeister this year,its about time to show up since you abandoned me in my dramatic childhood.Make this old child happy again ,or il grill your ass up ! XD

  • Very cool giveaway! I think Mark might be the most generous DJ tech blog on the Internet. Here’s hoping I win : )

  • Alex S.

    How can someone not pick up their prize? 🙂 That’s just crazy.

  • Woohoo.Happy Easter Everyone

  • Vladimir Chilikov

    hm i would be more than happy to own such a controller…

  • I promise to respond if i win 🙂

  • i do love easter… its all about god.. and jesus.. because without those two, the easter bunny wouldnt have been invented, meaning easter wouldnt be the chocolate weekend we all love!! good on you god and jesus..!! oh and while im at it,, thankyou for allowing me to be an aethiest!!!

  • Fully Slick


  • PetarRisteski

    giveaway enter…

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    Let go of my WeGO! This will make the perfect addition to my mobile side of the DJ game.

  • wpetraska

    This would make my week! Yes pleeeeeeease

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    I really need this to work ….! Thanks …. have a nice day …

  • Great stuff

  • Guess it’s time to come out of lurking 😡

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    Great gifts. Good luck people!

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    IBTL. nice prizes.

  • I promise to actually claim said prize if chosen. 🙂 Happy Easter!

  • Love conquers hate!

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  • ze cables, yes. The flatness is enthralling…


  • Brody Ism

    yes! more toys!

  • Mary Mary

    i would like to win! please..

  • I really want that weGo!

  • Thom B

    this will be my first dj controller!

  • Johny

    The best giveaway! thanks djworx

  • Ill take one please

  • thj1706

    Would be nice to replace my crappy mixtrack pro…after reading reviews last year I went with this controller.
    While Serato Dj intro is not bad…it’s not customizable and you don’t have auto-loop with the mixtrack in INTRO
    So I went with traktor pro and it’s good but I have problems with channel faders as if moved too quickly the create a midi bug in the loop buttons sectiosn
    + the unit is so plastic…I hate it (I came from high-end guitar and tube amp playing)

    The kit wego would a really NICE replacement until I have the money for something better (maybe a ddj-sx)

    Will give that mixtrack to someone in my area that would like to start learning djing



  • DJ Boy

    happy easter and good luck!

  • Tom

    Give me just the controller! 😛 It’s awesome.

  • Good luck to me!

  • Are you kidding me? Someone didn’t want that?? Well, I could benefit from this. Pick me (randomly.)

  • Alexandre Super


  • Elpis

    Good luck people! (fingers crossed)

  • JazzyGazzy

    Jazzy G: All I can say is that the T. Dot loves DJWorx.com! Shout out to my boy Da Starch! No matter what, just keep the wheels (steel or digital) spinning ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!

  • Did I miss the deadline… ?

  • Keep up the good reviews and articles, love u GUYS and I am keeping fingers crossed to be a winner,

  • djmannyc

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  • Damn. That EGG guy must be a mEGGalomaniac.

  • Gravity

    One of the best easter eggs yet.

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  • dannyboiii gets my vote that’s comment has tickled me…

  • Musician

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  • I’m leaving a random comment for the

    Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, HDJ-500 and Neo cables!

  • DJ John

    Comment left,happy Easter!

  • Larac0

    Sold all my kit to go travelling, would love to get back into the scene . I have a joke that you might like…. How do you make a hormone?

    Don’t pay her 🙂

  • Video Dj

    Excellent equipment! Thanks and good luck

  • I’ll have it, thanks. 🙂

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  • the white phones will go great settig off this aging dj’s grey hair and ease his return to the fold. bye vinyl and hello 2013

  • DJ Ben Echo

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  • Erm. Yeah. Something witty. Erm. Nope. Erm. Pick me?


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  • After all these eggs the last days, i could use some perfectly rounded platters again. Just to equalize my stomach…

  • Jack Sheppard

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  • This comment is my entry. Pick me please. Thanks.

  • Hurricane

    Count me in, please

  • WendiCee

    You Rock! Thanks for giving it to someone who really wants it, ME!!!!! What would I do with it you ask? Give it to my husband and make his year! After all it is our anniversary this month and I can’t think of a better gift to show him how much he means to me! I’ll put your name on the card too =) Thank you in advance!!!

  • Ben J

    This time i’ll be the winner.

  • Please

  • great Easter gift I would love to have it, I congratulate you on your website goes ahead

  • D Angel

    I enter with the intention of winning.

  • Dj Fx

    The best toys for a beginner dj. thanks

  • would love this more than any easter egg cheers

  • Thank you for giving us the chance to win this awesome prize.

    All I have to say is … You are my friend … And you ARE my fellow DJ!!

  • Mary

    Great stuff! We would like more contests. Good luck

  • dj ill-nino

    allow me to reintroduce myself

  • Hooray for giveaways! Happy Easter.

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  • hope theese awesome stuff will find the way to germany , leverkusen

  • I would love to take that off your hands so you don’t trip over the box and faceplant into the floor of your new office. 😉

  • I would love to win this for my Son

  • Dimmy blue

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  • Mr. Janson

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  • nomadrobot

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  • Would love to have this as a backup to my S4 or to lug around to the smaller house parties!

  • paranoid android

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  • ju_flo

    Happy Easter !

  • Christiaan

    I’ll be modest, the cable would fit my new VCI-400 great 😀

  • I like it!

  • That would compliment my rane 62 nicely…or my 1 yr old daughter would love it…

  • Goran

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  • Sweet I want that

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  • Måns Larsson

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  • DJ Gus

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  • Shadow

    I’m in right?

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    Great! Send this to me please 🙂

  • Wookie

    It can really be nice to try it out with iPad! Anyway, nice setup for mobile djs!

  • Ed Severed

    Wish I’d have gotten into the DJ scene years ago. But alas, at the moment I’m just a newb saving for a pair of cans. Hit me brother!

  • Zero G

    Let it be the first time i win something, please!

  • Kasun Kalirai

    Prize looks great, x-mas all over again in Easter. Hope I’m not too late.

  • DJ Riddims

    I need this for my smaller gigs

  • Too Late??

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    me win plz

  • seifsarofim

    So basicly checkout half the comments now. And basically they are just fucking hilaurious. Oh and “Jocoseman” you should look into the field of stand up comedy you’ll do great there. “Cutselekta” very generous of you man i’m serious this time. But answer me “dannyboii” may i lead your troops while conquering north Korea I’ve got some nice jacks that can help you conquer north Koreak, and maybe some tea I’m sure it’ll make them cry back to their mothers, I’m sure Korea’s nukes will be powerless. Wow i think i should get know all, i think with all of you begging for the prize, we could have made a comedy show together. no the funniest but meh. So unless i can go back in time put this comment on friday, I might be too late 😛

  • seifsarofim

    PS: Sorry for my typing errors 😛

  • Fedde Congoro

    It’s too late? 🙁 Extra time please!

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    New to your site – impressed. Thank you!

  • Mar

    we will never know who won this?

  • TreloGaurakiG7

    I want to play in a summer camp like a guest dj and i need this equipment!! ty

  • Oiyy, i need those EGG, beautifull easter egg, please gimme one on it, im still learn on it, i really wanted to be a very best DJ, thanx 🙂

  • Did anyone win the gear?

  • IS the winner ever been announced?

  • Any lucky people?

  • I expanded the whole comments thread, scrolled randomly up and down, and where my cursor fell was the winner…

    ALEX KIES – COME ON DOWN! The clock ticks…

    • I am literally jumping up and down like steve aoki right now, i am so freakin excited! thank you so much to the DJworx crew for taking care of their fans, i’ll never forget this.