Duck Sauce control vinyl = Quacktor Scratch


While Serato has made it part of what they do to routinely put out highly desirable limited edition vinyl, Native Instruments has been less active in this area. In recent times however, their Traktor control vinyl output has been in partnership with scratch scene stalwarts Thud Rumble. So it makes perfect sense for long time Traktor user A-Trak to hook up with his old friends at Thud Rumble to bring some Duck Sauce magic to vinyl.  “Radio Stereo” is the new single, and you can get it on Traktor time code vinyl too.

Some short words from Thud Rumble HQ:

Duck Sauce, the crazy coupling of superstar DJs A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, are back with a new single “Radio Stereo”. Available for the first time on a specially-formulated Duck Sauce Orange Quacktor Vinyl; LIMITED to 1000 copies worldwide.

The track is typically infectious Duck Sauce reworking of “Radio Stereo”, a chart-topping track from 1982. An Australian hit for UK punk act The Members. The original chorus, “We listen to the radio! It’s better than the stereo” is looped over Duck Sauce’s trademark driving, funky bass and playful sampling.

Side A contains Radio Stereo (Bingo Players Remix) and Radio Stereo (Radio Edit).
Side B contains Traktor’s MK2 Control Tone for Traktor Scratch Pro.

So that’s 1000 copies only and going for $25 each plus shipping and taxes. If you’re a Traktor (or in this case Quacktor) control vinyl collector (that’s a small and not very demanding pastime for sure), then you’d better get your name down on one, or maybe a pair. They’re available at the Thud Rumble store today.

  • Alex Voravong


  • iNBiTuiN

    Thanks Mark! When the Pioneer DJM-900SRT came out, A-Trak switched back to Serato for good. Otherwise, he would’ve done a promo video for this project. Quack!

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        It’s a joke.. I’m guessing you’ve never heard that story. It’s actually pretty well known in some circles on the internet… google the entire thing.. I put it here because.. dirtstyle and ducksauce..

  • Marcus Antonius

    Any pics of the label on the traktor side? I’m hoping for a big duck. Sorry for the superficial post.