DJWORX® – doing it right

In this day and age, branding is vitally important. It’s not just about having a pretty logo, but is more about the values represented by that brand. And ultimately, a good brand is worth protecting. And as of today, DJWORX can officially wear a registered trademark symbol. Like this: DJWORX®.

Technically it’s a service mark that specifically protects the name in the sphere of  “on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring disc jockey information and technology”. I can go as far as trademarking the actual logo graphic, but I feel that the name is enough. Now you might think that it’s a costly and possibly unnecessary move given that the number of media outlets properly serving the DJ industry can be counted on one hand. But for me, protecting the brand is vital. It also underlines the professionalism behind it, and just how seriously we take what we do at DJWORX®.

Making the decision to rebrand from skratchworx to DJWORX® was brave, probably stupid but very much worth the challenge. And now everything is in place – the site, the ID, the people and the daily flow of content and a roadmap. The user experience is being honed, and the plans are in place to make DJWORX® (don’t worry – that won’t happen often – just feels goooood) the only place you’ll need to come for news, reviews and opinion. I know it is already, but I need for more of you to spread the word.

We have a strong image, an established heritage and an unparalleled reputation for quality and integrity. And now we have the trademark. What’s coming next? Oh that would be telling…

So who wants DJWORX® merchandise? Never did it to any degree with skratchworx, so now might be the right time.

  • wtb mats

  • Sephyr

    Well done !

    As a suggestion, adding facebook/twitter connect and share icons on the top of your page would help spreading the word.

    • They are there, but in need of making somewhat more prominent I think. Sometimes sleek design compromises functionality – definitely the case here.

  • I’ll buy a t-shirt. After all the help and advice I’ve got from your site it’s the least I can do.

  • MobOne

    Good move !

  • Yes I would buy a T-Shirt as well.

    Just off topic, how come no DJ EXPO coverage ? Usually you have all the latest gear first? or is there just nothing worth reporting?

    • We’ve never covered DJ Expo. It’s not seen as a place to launch new gear, and tends to have a more mobile feel to it. That said, I do have a guy there so we’ll see what he comes back with.

  • Manuel

    Hell yes! Where do we get t-shirts??

  • James Wilson

    From now on whenever you say DJWOAX, you’ll have to follow with a forced tv commercial style Smile and thumbs up.
    And I wouldn’t mind t-shirt or hat either. Slipmats and stickers might be a good idea too.

  • MaikiV

    Here we go. I’d love a T-shirt, though I don’t know how much it would cost to ship down here.

  • T-shirt, please. Something to rock during my gigs!

  • djbrandoncrites

    I’d buy a t-shirt and slip mats…

  • BelgianJungleSound

    DJWorx slipmats and/or record stickers would be nice. Wouldn’t pay for a t-shirt. Coffee/Tea mugs maybe?

  • Schottky

    I was a major fan of Skratchworx and was somewhat apprehensive about the change to DJWORX but I must say this new site is awesome. Keep up the good work Gizmo!

  • Jared Helfer

    Messenger bags, coffee mugs, hats, slipmats, overlays, stickers, gig bags (maybe a logo on a UDG or something)… yeah, brand it up.

  • Perhaps it’s time to hand it off to Cafepress or similar, but from time to time do some really short run limited edition stuff. I’d love to do something with photos.

  • Congrats on the ®. DJWORX has quickly become a daily favorite. I enjoyed skratchworx, and now you have taken it to an entire new level.

  • TheReynMan

    Love to start seeing more videos (reviews & demos) Always went back on skratchworx to watch your scratching demos on new hardware.

    • Expect scratching and more. We do it all now.

  • I want them all!!! question is.. how to get them to Kenya???

  • Congratulations Mark. As an ad guy who’s been doing it for 20 years, it’s great to see someone who understands what a brand is (you’d be surprised how many big clients companies). And certainly for me, in the world of DJ sites, yours and digitaldjtips are my equal top two for the simple reason is that I dig your brand personalities.
    Can I offer a thought? While the ® is an important part of the official/legal side of protecting your trademark, for me, its over use can have a negative impact on the brand. As it is something you often see over-used. For example, check out this list of specs from Sony’s site for their Bravia™ TV.
    X-Reality™ PRO Picture EngineMotionflow™ XR 800Skype™ Ready (requires Skype™ camera CMU-BR100)CORNING® Gorilla® Glass

    This is one of the many brands obsessed with legal trademarking of all their technology – which they need to do. However the inclusion of this legal requirement undermines the humanity of the brand. Apple is a good example of a brand that has just as many patented technologies (Thunderbolt, Retina Display, etc). Yet avoid the legal stuff. They understand that we the consumer don’t care about this trademarking stuff.
    So for me, I have a different reaction to your brand now that I see DJWORX®, as opposed to the more “real and human” DJWORX.
    Just my 2 cents worth, and the main thing, once again, congratulations. You have a top class site here.

    • Thanks for the kind words Richard. And you needn’t worry – this was the one and only time I’m indulging myself with the ®. Protection should be invisible in my book.

  • Patrick Denny

    Stickers would be cool!

  • blasta masta

    oh yes ! slipmats and t shirts !!! let them come 🙂

  • Dj Stu-C

    as another poster stated, a djworx mug would be unreal, especially for a tea drinking yorkshireman like myself:)

  • durtyjerzy609

    id love a t-shirt and some stickers for my laptop


    If you want T-Shirts Mark then send me an email, we now stock over 180 different designs at

  • Stevie E

    damn id buy djworx anything. mug hat t shirt man thong pancho slipmat headshell mixer knobs bumper stickers name tags condoms tampons silverware fine china beer f it i want a dj works paintjob on my 98 buick lesabre.

  • Who remembers this? Now that’s one of a kind merchandise.

  • Kevin Basher

    I’d buy slip mats. My current ones are worn out.
    Please don’t do black ones as they always collect dust quickly.

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