DJ Tech Dragon Two — new video and summer promo

The DJ Tech Dragon Two slipped onto the gear radar at NAMM 2012, and pretty much stayed under the radar ever since. But it’s a highly capable bit of kit (review coming next story), and to show off just how good it is, they’ve had DJ Mandrayq bust a quality set on it show just how versatile it is. Not only that, DJ Tech are having a summer promo, offering the Dragon Two for just $289 (previously at the $450 mark) plus shipping, directly from the DJ Tech webshop.

dj tech dragon two mandrayq

Best to watch Mandrayq’s video, take in the review that’s coming up next and then decide if you want this lump of versatile controller/mixer for yourself. The offer is on for the summer, which in the UK is all but over if the view from my window is anything to go by — or September 30th.

A few words from DJ Tech to remind you of what the Dragon Two is about:

DJ Tech Introduces Dragon Two

DJ Tech Pro is proud to introduce the newest edition to our line of MIDI controllers. The Dragon Two is DJ Tech Pro’s newest digital DJ controller with integrated soundcard and analog mixer. The Dragon Two features:

4-Deck Live Control in Virtual DJ
The Dragon Two can be switched between 2-deck and 4-deck modes with the included Virtual DJ LE software. The unit features a familiar 2-platter layout and LED lighting around the EQ controls and jog wheels. This color-coordinated system provides simple visual cues to mix 4 decks seamlessly.

2-Deck Controller and Analog Mixer with Filter
Under the 2-deck mode, you can mix the digital audio from your DJ software and external analog audio inputs. The complete built-in mixer provides an analog filter for each channel.

DVS Enabled 4-In/ 4-Put Audio Interface
The integrated high-quality soundcard feeds pristine audio signal to the Master, Booth, and Headphone monitoring outputs. Connect your turntables, CD players or other external audio source into the Dragon Two’s audio inputs to use timecode vinyl or CD for DVS control or simply mix and add FX on your external audio source.

High-Quality and Rugged Controls
The Dragon Two has high-quality controls and extremely resistant metal housing with aluminum brushed panels. The high-resolution, touch sensitive, jog wheels are equipped with LEDs to show a deck’s playback status.