What DJ related stuff did Father Christmas bring?

DJWORX Christmas presents

Depending on your location in the world, it’s the last few hours of Boxing Day, which means that you’ve most probably been playing with your new Christmas goodies. But in among the socks, terrible jumpers, and selection boxes, what DJ related gubbins did you get?

Given that DJing is a specific and specialised thing, unless you make a detailed list for your friends and family, making sure that you get the right stuff can be pot luck. And with the sheer volume of stuff getting “DJ” slapped on it, chances are that you could end up with some revolutionary technology like Beamz delivered under your tree, when in reality a considerably cheaper item would have been way better.

Obviously, getting me anything DJ related is a bit of a thankless task, but I did get a book about grammar (the only think I requested) that should help me improve my hackneyed prose and tidy up some bad untrained writing habits.

So over to you. Did you get your very first lump of DJ gear? Those headphones you’ve been after for ever? Some cool t-shirts? Or just some cool DJ related toy?

  • Da good stuff!

  • VCI400 EG Edition and Ableton Push!

    • Scott Frost

      I have the regular VCI-400 LUV IT!

  • And family, ofcourse! The best part

  • MrPopinjay

    A launchpad mini. I’m really digging it- the build and form factor are lovely. The fact it’s class compliant, unlike the original, is a big plus. πŸ™‚

  • MrMatic Boabmatic

    Absolutely nadda…. The divorce papers have been filed today..

    Only hope left is the worxmas giveaway

  • Shaun

    Dropped some hints about the DIF-1S and some fancy control vinyl. So naturally I got a ukelele.

    • Pete Sasqwax

      my youngest daughter got a Ukelele (/we bought her one). I couldn’t resist a dad joke combining the George Formby grill and the George Foreman ukelele hits. She’s eight. It was never destined to go down very well, even by dad-joke standards

  • Pete Sasqwax

    2 Thud Rumble x Acrylick t-shirts – 1 short-sleeved ‘Vinylist’ one; 1 long-sleeved ‘Stab & Chirp & Tear & Flare & Transform’. I love ’em – my wife is the absolute business. I also got the 2LP of the Star Wars OST (O.G. 1977 pressing) – also from my incredible wife. No, it isn’t all that DJ related (yes, ok, it’s a record… ) but it is bloody fantastic

  • Kraal Wiggins

    a set of stanton str8150’s

  • DJ STU-C

    treat myself to an XDJ-R1 with made to measure swan flight case (supporting a local company in my case as they are based 3 miles from my house) thanks to mike at phase one for the time taken showing me all its bells and whistles.

    i will add that people were in buying their kids 500 quid pioneer controllers whilst i was there, my parents used to just tell me its a waste of money haha

  • Novation launch pad WoooooHooooo!

  • And a voucher for a local youth group….


  • More books to add to my music theory/production techniques library and an iPad mini that will likely see some use with traktor/midi/novation stuff.

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  • I got a book: Mary go wild, not especialy For xmas but i had the time to read it now

  • Some new Serato records and frames for older ones =D

  • Bill Murray

    Santa hooked me up with A Chauvet Eclipse RGB and A Roll of RGB Robe Lighting to Mod my Road Case.

  • Damien King

    Nothing dj related, but I did get a full set of arcade joysticks and buttons for a mame cabinet I have planned….

  • timtempest

    Santa bought me a nice 5.1 surround sound amp for my front room. I now need a pair of speakers with a bit of bass oomph for under 120 quid. There are some suggestions some where in djworx pages somewhere?

  • Santa doesn’t come around these parts….i have to wait until Jan 5th to see if i’ve been a good boy

  • A pioneer ddj Sb and a pioneer fhc 500 :-). Me so happy

  • I got traktor butter rugs πŸ™‚

  • Sprockit

    I didn’t receive anything DJ related, but I am giving my gf an Ableton license and Korg Nano Pad so she can have some tactile control over her production . . . it’s a start lol

  • Jeremy

    Vestax VCI 380 – or at least I think that’s what I’ve got as I’ve been ill the whole of Christmas with the flu (genuine kind, not man flu) and haven’t even opened it yet!

    • Jeremy

      It was a vci 380 – my wife rocks… and now so do I!

  • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    The Traktor Bible was a nice surprise from the mrs, would of been nice to get the english version though!

    • god bless your wife πŸ™‚

      • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj


  • Chrispop

    the lack of people on ebay during christmas got me a set of traktor control vinyls for a tenner, don’t know if that counts πŸ˜‰

  • Woolly hat with cheep built in earphones… I must have been very naughty.

  • Pierre Bosznay

    didn’t get any, I have to buy them myself πŸ™‚

  • Gulli Johansen

    did not get anything DJ related, I’m waiting for santa to drop by Worxmas shop for some price πŸ˜€
    Going to get (late CMASS present for myself) a new MBPr for DJ’ing and use my current for production.

  • LLCoolJeans

    “a book about grammar (the only think I requested)”


    maybe you should get a book about spelling, too.

    I got to test out my Electrix Ebox 44 that I’ve had for 9 months but haven’t been able to setup due to unexpected circumstances. It’s very crackly and I can’t return it ;(. Cute retro Paperweight though.

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  • nzimm

    Got myself a pair of record clamps (those from MasterSounds) to hopefully help with feedback problems at gigs. A quick, very unscientific test with a flimsy dj table atop two blaring monitors showed feedback/rumble around -10 dB without, -15 dB with on a DJM 800. Probably stabilized the records a little in the louder main room too. Hopefully someone (not pointing fingers) grabs some and does more meaningful measurements, ie comparing with tennis balls and such…

  • Doctor_Mustache

    Got myself a Numark NS6 and some Sol Republic Master Tracks

  • Mario GarcΓ­a

    Itunes cards for music, ikaossilator, lemur app, beatmaker 2, ielectribe, software everywere

  • mewtant

    i got an akai mpk mini… just gotta hook it up to ableton or maybe map it to a remix deck in traktor.. that could be quite interesting…. any ideas out there…???

    • hugh

      use it to control a drum rack in ableton midi synced to Traktor. then route the audio into Traktor for a fourth drum deck!

  • Krk rp6 g3s, cdj 900 nexus and a djm350! http://t.co/2TEvnK9XB9

  • DJ Thomas Young

    A Jetpack Remix, some Serato Shepard Fairey Obey vinyl, Dicers, a set of Aiaiai TMA Studio headphones, and some Ortofon cartridges…

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  • patimi

    CDJ 400 AND DJM350

  • Mark Smith

    Me, Myself, and I-claus got a pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000’s, a Traktor Kontrol F1, and a Jetpack Prime backpack with my custom logo on it! I’m good for a while!!!

  • daddio

    Gots me a pair of reloop Rp 8000 tt’s… good fun..