Coolest DJ USB Ever – DJ Angelo’s Turntable Training Tool

DJ Angelo is a very busy DJ. When he’s not touring the world, or pimping Reloop gear to the masses, he’s a most excellent turntablist, only too happy to spread the scratch word via the internet. He’s built up quite an online following with his tutorials, and has now consolidated all of his material into one incredibly cool USB drive. Welcome to DJ Angelo’s Turntable Training Tool.

What you get is Angelo’s considerable tutorial library packaged as a flowing presentation, taking you through the basics right through to some techniques that I have yet to learn. Not only that, but there’s a load of extra material from globally respected DJs for you to hone your skills with.

DJ Angelo at BPM 2008

Well that’s the PR oriented verbiage out of the way. I’ve known Angelo for a good few years now, and in that time I’ve watched him work tirelessly to raise his profile, and pass on his hard-earned skills. And it certainly seems to be paying off for him.

In these ever changing times, where DJing is quite a bit more than just playing one record to another, training is a big thing. The internet is awash with scratch videos, but Angelo has dug deep into his own pocket to present his own take in a way that cannot help but stand out and appeal to the very market he aims to help develop.

It’s easy to draw comparisons with Qbert’s DIY DVDs, and who could possibly want a better teacher than the scratch icon himself. But Angelo’s presentation technique is really good. He breaks everything down with absolute clarity but delivers results if you’re prepared to put in the time. Just one word of warning – the presentation is a PDF that would only work in Adobe Reader rather than Preview on my Mac.

But the overwhelming plus point for this is the device it’s delivered on. Even without the quality content, the USB device is a scratch DJ’s dream. You get a 4Gb drive that bears more than a passing resemblance to a headshell fitted with a Shure 447 cart. There are a lot of custom USB drives out there, but none that quite capture the iconography of turntablism.

So for DJs wanting to learn to scratch, DJ Angelo’s Turntable Training Tool is ideal. For those who can already scratch the USB  drive is quite the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Grab it directly from Angelo’s own site for the paltry sum of £25.