Denon DJ SC3900 demo from DJ Switch

Having become the poster boy for Denon’s new Denon DJ SC3900 deck, I guess it’s time to show why DJ Switch has put his name to non-analogue technology. In this new video, he puts out a solid performance using the Denon X1600 mixer and controlling Serato Scratch Live in hybrid mode. But there’s more to this video than meets the eye.

Close your eyes, and it sounds like a set carried on on real vinyl or a DVS system, which I guess is why DJ Switch has no issues getting behind them in more ways than one. But vinyl emulation seems to have taken time to mature. I did some digging around in the archives, and Numark‘s CDX was announced 8 years ago – yes that long ago. And only now is the format maturing into a shape that suits the need of a wider group of DJs. You don’t have to like this technology, but I do. A lot.

DJ Switch vs Denon DJ SC3900

Now… there’s something very interesting happening in this video. You know you sometimes read between the lines to get info that I can’t always just blurt out? Well I would urge you to read between the frames in this clip. There’s more going on than you might think. The writing is on the wall as they say.

One day, DJ technology will come complete with holographic popup screens. In the meantime, we’ll just have to get increasingly pissed off that demo videos remind us of what we can’t have just yet.