Decking halls and hauling decks – MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM DJWORX!

Aaaaaannnnd relax. Yes dear readers, the 12 Days of Worxmas has drawn to a somewhat epic conclusion (well the whole thing was epic from start to finish really), and now it’s time for us to switch off, relax and soak up the real Christmas spirit. Each of the 12 days is open for entries until we fully return in the New Year, so don’t be shy – throw your name in there if you haven’t already. You’d be mad not to.

Personally, I’m looking forward to switching off for a decent length of time. Christmas Day will be spent with nearest and dearest, in a lovely country pub being waited on with stunning Christmas fare. My birthday is 2 days later, but fear not for I’ll be returning to these pages to offer my musings on the somewhat momentous 2012, as well as dishing out my customary tongue-sooo-hard-in-cheek-it-hurts Annual Awards – you know, the ones that manufacturers don’t print on their boxes or quote in their PR.

Anyway, all that is left is for me to offer genuine heartfelt thanks for stopping by, and to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, Festivus, Happy Holidays or whatever your flavour of celebrating the next few days is. Be safe, well, and spend time having fun being a DJ!

  • Alexandre Super

    Merry XMAS !

  • Ray Witts

    Thanx and a Merry Christmas to you and good luck to all in the 12 Days of Worxmas

  • Nick Leong

    I must say this 12 days promotion has definitely suceeded. You guys have been added to my list of sites to check often!

  • Brian Pillsbury

    Mark, Enjoy your much needed, albeit short break from all of the worxmadness. And I as well as many others will be anxiously awaiting your return for the results of the goodie giveaways!!!! Merry Xmas

  • Fredrik Yngström

    Happy holidays and happy birthday.

  • Pawel PacOne

    Merry Xmas and Happy Birthday

  • John Shersby

    Merry Birthmas Mark, enjoy your time off!

  • Ross John Mitchell-Guyatt

    And a very Merry Christmas to you Mark have a good one 😉

  • Harry Wilde

    Merry Christmas one and all, brilliant competition!

  • timpunit

    Merry X-mas and a happy birthday, i hope you have a nice day

  • Sephyr

    Merry Xmas everyone !!

  • Sephyr

    and Happy Birthday Mark

  • Rockson

    Merry Chrimbo!

  • Pierre Bosznay

    Merry mixmas to all 😉

  • Rene Cazares


  • Damien King

    Season greetings Mark, Christmas can be a busy time for all as it is without having to organise….


    Now heres what i want you to do: remove the main power fuse for the office, give it to a family member and instruct then to hand it back only when you are rested and have had a great birthday….have a good one mark and switch off for a few days.

    On another note I see LIDL are doing dj controllers for €59 from thursday, give or take a few buttons it looks just like an ION discover dj clone, comes with mixvibes cross LE. Thats just mad cheap!

  • Eugine Yavtushenko

    Merry Christmas!

  • Jithu V-nom Renjit

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, your family and all the readers.
    And Happy Birthday in advance, Mark.
    We’ll be waiting on a 2012 special.
    I’d also like to wish good luck to everyone who have tried and are trying for the competition.
    God bless

  • Gulli Johansen

    Marry Christmass and thanks for everything you provided us with throughout the passing year

  • Chamath

    !Merry Christmas Mater Gizmo !!!!

  • Ryan Gardner

    It’s been a pleasure sir. I have changed in the last year from viewing your site for reviews when in looking to buy to having you as a shortcut on my bar and visiting prob everyday

    I have tried other sites but this 1 is honest, informative and looks at kit not how the manufacture wants to look at it but how dj would use it in the real, what features are gimmicks and what will actually be used night in night out

    Have a great Xmas mate and all your followers will be hear waiting for you in the new year

  • Guest

    Have a grat holidays!!!!

  • Sergio Pantaleo

    Have a great Holidays to you all!!!

  • lupzdut

    Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday Gizmo!

  • Tomislav Simić Tos

    Hey thanks have a great holiday!

  • freqstyler

    Merry X’mas and Happy New Year… Advance B’day greetings to Mark! HAve a swell holiday…

  • Louis Cooke

    Merry Christmas and Happy birthday!!!

  • Stevan Djumic

    Happy holidays! Cheers!

  • Dax Murphy

    Happy Christmas Mark hope next year is even big for you & djworx then this year.

  • Allan Humphreys

    Thanks once again for giving me something to look forward to on my journey to work each day.. and a very happy birthday dude!

  • Candy Monstr

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Mark! Cheers!

  • Rhener Clemente Gonçalves

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

  • Johannes Meier

    Fröhliche Weihnachten / Boldog Karácsonyt / Merry X-Mas! :)

  • Stefan Szczuka

    Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  • Victor

    Happy Holidays and have a great birthday!

  • Spencer Lucas

    Wouldn’t mind, if you’ve got one spare S

  • Mvs Cncv

    Happy birthday, Mark!

  • Adrian Kilanowski

    THX very much for the time with the X-mas giveaway :) Have a lovely time with Your families and friends!

  • Neven Milutin

    happy x- mas & new year ! keep up the good work !

  • GrayProtons

    Merry Christmas and happy birthday. Hope the new year brings wonderful things to you and DJWORX.

  • RichardStowe

    Happy Holidays

  • Chris Mewtant

    merry christmas to all at scratchworx from the isle of wight…. heres to another technological year and plenty of fresh tunes!!

  • Chris Jennings

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

  • Erduan Hyseni

    happy holidays and happy birthday…enjoy

  • Xavi Marti

    MC from Barcelona =)

  • Cesville

    Happy Holidays and enjoy! To a beautiful new year!

  • Morris Webb

    Merry Christmas !!

  • Danny Pernas

    To everyone there wanted to wish you a Merry X-Mas and Prosperous New Year….. Let the new year bring new and more exiting things….. Salud !!!!!

  • Milk

    Merry Christmas Djworx!!!

  • Sprockit

    Merry #Worxmas / Christmas, Festivus, and Happy Holidays, @DJWORXHQ. I tend to lurk here (at DDJT & DJTT as well) only taking information while never contributing in return. I think you’ve managed to change this through your contest though. Perhaps in the future I’ll make an effort to give my input regardless of how limited it may be at the moment. Have a fun, yet safe Holidays all (-_^ ) V

    • Xavi Marti

      +1 here, I was an info leech, always reading news from here & DJTT like who reads a newspaper in the morning while taking coffe. Now this shit has finished, its time to give something back, at least giving thanks to the person behind the monitor that give us that news. So thank you a lot!

  • scalawag

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Mark!!

  • James Wilson

    Merry Christmas Mark, Chris and the rest of the Worx team. Be safe and have a couple glasses of bitter or brown ale for me.

  • Borislav Petrov

    Happy holidays :)
    and Happy Birthday to you, Mark :)

  • Djsureshot

    Mark, Merry Christmas to you and your family, to all the DJWORX team and to the rest of the fam who frequent here and the skratchlounge!

  • Vjosan Boraj

    Merry Christmas Mark and Happy Holidays.

  • djartical

    Merry worxmas and happy new year to you and yours and all the readers of Djworx…….

  • Monro3

    Merry Worxmas Mark and happy birthday! Thank you for the great community.

  • Alessandro Pintus

    great machine!

  • Mario Nunes

    Merry Christmas to all, and happy bday to Mark,

  • Carlos Vigo

    Merry christmas!

  • Rango Sternberg

    Merry Worx/Christ-mas and a happy birthday!

  • Juan Garcia

    Merry christamas Mark!! and thank you for this wonderful site :) Happy birthday, have a nice one!

  • DeeJayIvan

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Toronto, Canada!

  • Jacks Fejsbook

    Merry christmas!

  • Chris Wanyutu

    And a merry one to you……

  • Adrian Flores

    Merry Christmas and happy birthday Mark

  • dustin_v

    Merry Christmas to you Mark, and Happy birthday! Thanks for an awesome year! I love visiting this site, reading up on the latest tech news, and reviews, and industry gossip. DJWORX rocks! Greetings from South Africa! :=)

  • Rex U-Music

    Happy Birthday, Mark and Jesus!

  • Brad Giezentanner

    Merry Christmas Mark!

  • Lorne Hart

    Merry Christmas, Mark. I check DJ Worx everyday and enjoy it thoroughly. Have a good break and keep up the excellent work.

  • Louis Adam Popinjay

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Chris Hultman

    Merry Christmas everyone!! Thanks for all that you do Mark we all greatly appreciate it.

  • Josh Field J Boogz

    Merry Christmas, Merry Worxmas, Happy Birthday, and we’ll see you in the new year! Thanks Mark!

  • Dvj AP

    Merry Xmas Dj Worx

  • Maiki Vince

    Merry Christmas DJWORX team, I love the work you guys do on this site, it’s the best out there. Happy Holidays!

  • Daniel O’Gorman

    Happy christmas to all the worx family, always appreciate the work you do here and this site is always a daily check in for me!

  • Lord Byron

    Merry Xmas Worxmas-sive

  • Steve Francesco

    Happy Xmas from the Philippines where the sun is already shining on Christmas Morning, here’s hoping for many many amazing reviews and whopper products from everyone in the new year.

  • Ðonovaŋ Ąʉgustuʂ Ænslaeȡ

    Merry Christmas from Mexico, wish you all readers and DJWorx staff (specially Mark) all the good things in life that you deserve and always!

  • Darrin Bisson

    best wishes for DJ WORX in 2013. you need not worry about people only showing out for gifts during worxmas; your writing style, reviews and news re: all things dj is top notch. Merry Christmas fellow gear lovers

  • Samuel Lee

    Merry Christmas!!!!! Even though I might not win anything, I thank you for your and all the other companies for their generosity!!!

  • Guto Loureiro

    Merry Worxmas, like we say here: “tudo de bom, felicidades, sucesso, paz e alegria para todos ” !!

  • Joe Fisher

    Merry christmas to you too! You have gained a long time reader from the worxmas promotion 😀

  • Mike Yue

    thanks for another year of great work!

  • Elemental J

    Merry X Mas y’all, and a thank you and well deserved break for Giz, and all the Dj Worx team! Thanks for another year of the best in DJ gear on the web. Just having a place like this is a gift itself… Merry Worxmas everyone!

  • Wilmer Ventura

    Merry christmas and all other holidays celebrated to all readers and staff of the site blessings to all and safety enjoy.

  • Arthur Eschner

    A very Merry Christmas to all at Djworx & fellow dj’s / gear lovers worldwide. Best wishes for the festive season all the way from sunny south africa. Also have a great birthday Mark!!

  • Dan Pham

    Merry christmas to yall too!

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    Thanks for all of the news, reviews, and exclusive content DJWORX does all year. Merry Christmas!

  • Josh Hashimoto

    merry christmas DJWORX! Hoping you all have a great 2013!

  • dj one-2wo

    merry christmas Mark and thanks for your hard work all those years!

  • Nejc Šmit

    I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year too. Keep up the good work in 2013. I’m sure you will :) enyoy

  • billylinos

    Merry X-mas and merry Worxmas!

  • Jim Crowley

    thanks for this awesome contest. best advent calendar eva.

  • Kevin Becher

    merry worxmas!

  • Bill Murray

    We Thank you for This past year of Wonderful Reviews. I have been told that You don’t hold back the punches when it is Time for You to Review A product.That is one of the many reasons I have found DJWORX The BEST place on the NET to get The Latest & Greatest info. on New Products for The DJ.Enjoy your Well Deserved Rest. Take it Slow.

  • Alex Kies

    This is exactly why i love being part of the DJ community. thanks for keeping the spirit alive DJWORX!

  • Ludrcris Romperadio

    thank yous

  • Amar Kay

    All the best man! Been a long time reader, havent missed a single review, never bought a piece of gear without reading about it here first, so i can know all the little details and opinions. im guessing there are a lot of us who dont comment much but are regular readers. i personally will try and change that. happy holidays

  • dj_eddie_gr

    M Xmas to all :)))

  • Pfister

    Bit late due to having no internet in my new place but I hope you had a great Xmas Mark.Congratulations on going from strength to strength in the last year and I wish you all the best for the year ahead in your new loft/warehouse!

  • Yousuf Qureshi

    Merry Christmas
    Happy Birthday
    and a Stupendous New Year.
    I’d say have a blast, but they’d call me a terrorist.

  • Samuel Jamieson

    Merry christamas. Mark and everyone that makes djworx what it is 😀

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    Merry Christmas! Looking forward to a brilliant 2013! Keep up the hard work :)

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  • The_KLH

    I sure hope that Xmas 2012 was pure nextlevelness… or is that neXMaslevelness?

  • jprime

    Thanks for a year of great reviews and insightful articles. I hope the industry gives you some wicked new material to share with us :)

  • Daniel Lazarus

    Cheers for all the hard work you put into this site!
    Think you’ve earned the break, merry xmas and happy birthday.

  • Hugues

    Thanks again Mark and best wishes for you and the blog :)

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    Hope you had a good Birthday & Christmas Mark, all the best for the New Year

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    happy new year to everyone here at djworx. just wanted to let you know that you guys do an amazing job and its truly appreciated. wish you all the readers a propserous new year. god bless all.

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