DDJ-SB – Pioneer’s controller of many colours

Pioneer DDJ-SB Red Blue Silver

DJ gear generally sticks pretty rigidly to Henry Ford’s “any colour as long as it’s black” thinking. But Pioneer casually and regularly kick this mantra to the kerb, bust out the swatches, and brings forth rather more chromatically adventurous versions. This time, their entry level DDJ-SB offering gets the spray job, and adds red and blue to the existing black. But to add to the monochromatic theme, there’s also a new silver version, which I do find quite fetching.

There’s no press release as such, as there’s very little you can say other than “there’s three new colours”. Nonetheless here’s some words and a cool video:

pioneer logo

Choice and control: the entry-level DDJ-SB two-channel controller 
for Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ is now available in four colours

Seamless control meets effortless style, as Pioneer releases the entry-level DDJ-SB controller for Serato DJ Intro in three vibrant new colours. In addition to the original classic black, DJs can choose from silver, red and blue models – all featuring a pearlescent hairline finish.
The compact and portable DDJ-SB offers two-channel control and intuitive access to all the bundled Serato DJ Intro’s cues, loops, FX and samples. Plus, Filter Fade helps budding DJ’s create seamless mixes by adding a high pass filter to the crossfader – enabling smoother transitions with just one control.

  • Now available in black, silver, red and blue
  • Plug-and-play control of Serato DJ Intro (free) and Serato DJ (paid upgrade)
  • Access a host of cues, loops, FX and samples
  • NEW! Filter Fade
  • Eight Performance Pads
  • Manual high/low pass filters on each channel
  • Dedicated website with interactive tutorial videos and free demo tracks
  • USB powered
  • Pro-DJ design and build
  • MIDI compatible
  • Built-in sound card

The DDJ-SB, bundled with Serato DJ Intro, is available in June at an SRP of EUR 249/GBP 199, including VAT.

Find out more or watch the DDJ-SB tutorial videos

The DDJ-SB – now more than just boring old black

When Apple and subsequently everyone else broke out the colour books to give their products a fresh coat of paint, I often wonder how they decide on exactly which colours to pick. Are there focus groups of image aware DJs who pour over Pantone books deciding what would best go with their latest line of merchandise? Perhaps Captain America will become a DJ in the next Marvel outing seeing as Agents of Shield is liberally repurposing Pioneer stuff into something that it was not designed for.

Personally, I’ve always been a little reticent when it comes to colours. Aside from a stunning burgundy Vestax setup, the Worxlab is resplendent in assorted shades and tints from grey to black. But where do you stand on colours? There’s obviously a market for customisation as witness by the growth of outlets like DJ Skins and 12 Inch Skinz, but this tends to be wild branded designs than flat colours. Would you buy more Technicolor gear if it were available?


  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    i enjoy the colour of my red pmc05 iv looks good between two black turntables imho …But i bought it for the mixer its self rather than the colour…. (and Westend dj had not got a black one at that point).

    A bit of colour is all good here an there… not sure how it works marketing wise do more people now go buy these because of this? I mean if you were procrastinating over purchasing one of these do these colours seal the deal for you?

  • happydan

    I don’t see the issue with having a choice of colours for “bedroom” controllers, but whenever I see pro-level stuff, I just wonder what the point is? Most of the time it’ll be in a dark club booth.

  • I really disliked the all-white setup by Reloop or all-orange by DJ Tech in the past.
    For me it always depends on the gear itself. I like the colored DDJ-SB as well as the limited editions of the VCI-380.
    But I don’t like mixers, CD-players or turntables in other colors than black and silver.
    The best looking setup I’ve ever seen was a set I had in the past. Two 1200MK2’s with dark-greyish/black A&H Xone:42.
    It looked very hot 😉

  • Mark Smith

    Choice is good.

  • tsutek

    IMO most music gadgets of today (compared to 60s industrial aesthetics at least) already look very toy-like, and adding bright colours only makes that worse.. Only thing that’s even more of an eyesore would be a half-assed styleflip on the device 😉

    What’s wrong with giving us choice on a more “mature” colour pallette?

    • mr415

      Perhaps, but these are much less so than the We-gos of Pioneers previous line.

      • tsutek

        Oh the cursed we-gos without the gainknobs.. Pioneers biggest fail to date IMO. The DDJ-SB is actually looking quite nice from the feature angle at least, if it had IOS support I’d most likely get one.

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