SHOWDOWN: Stems on laptop vs controller screens

Now that Traktor has Stems support in the software, is it better to have controller screens or just use your monitor? We pitch them head to head.

Smoothie for Traktor helps you choose your playlist

Here’s a little app for OS X called Smoothie that helps make your DJ life a little easier by analysing your Traktor mix and suggesting what to play next.

Rekordbox DJ is out now – first impressions

Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox DJ is out, and available to buy. But for the toe dippers, you can install it for free for 30 days. I had a dabble before breakfast.

REVIEW: MixMeister Fusion 7.7 performance software

MixMeister DJ software has been around for a very long time, but has it kept up with the competition? Dan finds out so you don’t have to.

MINI REVIEW: BeatGauge — BPM detector for iTunes

iTunes has a pretty much unused BPM column — unused that is until now. BeatGauge for Mac can scan your library and fill that gap. I tried it. It does it.

GROUP TEST: SoundCloud vs the best of the rest

Soundcloud dominates music hosting, but has run into its fair share of bad press in recent years. But is it still the best platform for your needs? Dan Morse takes a look at some options across a range of uses, and makes some recommendations.

REVIEW: Serato Pitch ‘N Time DJ Expansion Pack

Serato has been an industry leader in time stretching, but not in the DJ world. But Pitch ‘N Time is in expansion pack form. Arkaei stretches his tunes.

REVIEW: iZotope BreakTweaker

The DJWORX team fell in love with iZotope BreakTweaker at NAMM 2014. And after playing with it for an extended period of time, the love grows stronger.

REVIEW: Pacemaker for iPad app

From handheld hardware to Blackberry app to iPad app — Pacemaker for iPad is finally here and it aims to embrace Spotify streaming too.

Mixed in Key’s Danceability Beta — Our Opinion

Mixed In Key’s DJ software, codenamed Danceability, has made it out into the wild. The DJWORX team had a play and so far are impressed.