REVIEW: Allen & Heath Xone:43C Serato DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath has brought out an update to their four channel club mixer, now with a built in audio interface. But is the Xone:43C any good?

REVIEW: Reloop RMX22i and RMX33i mixers

While many crave innovation, there is also a need in the market to satisfy. And Reloop’s just announced RMX22i and RMX33i mixer fulfil a core need as well as bringing the odd extra to the table. Mark got them before they were even announced and spent the weekend with them.

REVIEW: Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer

There’s something magical about rotary DJ mixers that breeds lustful thoughts, even from those not needing one. I got to spend some time with the Rane MP2015, and after considering a change of identity and eloping with it, I decided instead to write words. Lots of words, and some pictures too.

REVIEW: Akai Professional AMX Controller

Akai Professional unveils the AMX, the first super-portable DVS-enabled mixer for Serato DJ. Is it any good? Ray takes it for a spin.

REVIEW: Allen & Heath xone:23 Mixer

Allen & Heath knows how to make mixers. Normally associated with being in the booth, they’ve also serviced the entry level market for a long time too. The new xone:23 distills a lot of the established high expertise into a much smaller 2 channel unit. Mark Settle takes a look and establishes that two channels doesn’t always mean scratch mixer.

REVIEW: Rane Sixty Four Serato DJ Mixer

The Rane Sixty Four is a beast of a mixer, so only a few DJs are really capable of reviewing it. One such DJ is arkaei, and he did just that.

REVIEW: American Audio 14 MXR DJ mixer/controller

Is it a mixer? Or a Controller? Well it’s both. The American Audio 14 MXR wears both hats pretty well. Jared Helfer plays tunes and writes words.

REVIEW: DJ Tech DIF-1S Scratch Mixer

Focussing on the basics, the DJ Tech DIF-1S ticks the handful of necessary boxes needed for scratch DJs. Innofader is one and £99 is another.

REVIEW: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 Part 1

Is it a mixer or controller? The Traktor Kontrol Z2 is both it seems. In the first of 2 full reviews, Chris Cartledge plays, likes and writes.

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REVIEW: Vestax PMC-05 Pro IV Mixer

The original Vestax PMC-05 set the blue print for all scratch mixers to follow. The PMC-05 Pro IV is the modern day update. Markski cuts it up fresh.

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