REVIEW: UDG Urbanite Controller Sleeves and FlightBags

All in one controllers makes your DJ life a little less cluttered. But you still need something to put it in when you’re out and about. Flight cases are often overkill, so UDG has come out with the Urbanite range — large bags and sleeves designed to keep your investment just that little bit safer. Mark Settle loads expensive gear into them and potters around the Worxlabs.

REVIEW: UDG Creator 2XL hard case

The latest range of top end controllers are huge, and moving them from place to place requires something more than just stuffing them into a back pack. So UDG has come out with the Creator 2XL hard case, designed specifically for the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and Numark NS7 range. We stuffed one into the hard case and pottered around the worxlab for a while.

REVIEW: UDG Urbanite Controller sleeve medium

Controllers, especially smaller ones, don’t always need flight cases to keep them safe. If you’re likely to be carrying your controller at all times, then a lighter and more cost effective soft case could be perfect. Enter the UDG Urbanite medium sleeve — lightweight and ideal for small to medium controllers.

REVIEW No 2: Magma Riot Pack series

When on the road, quality bags are crucial to make sure your equipment stays safe. Arkaei takes a closer look at the brand-new Magma Riot Pack series.

REVIEW No 1: Magma Riot Pack XL DJ Bag

There are hundreds of DJ bags out there, and Magma’s Riot Pack XL aims to be the only one you’ll ever need. Dan Morse squeezed more than he thought into it.

REVIEW: UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Small

It’s so easy to lose USB keys in your pockets and bags. So UDG make it easier to keep them together with the small UDG Creator DIGI hard case.

REVIEW: UDG Ultimate small and large DIGI Wallets

My bag is a mess, so anything that tames the digital mess is cool by me. So UDG’s DIGI wallets are a godsend for disorganised types like me.

UDG SlingBag Trolley Set Deluxe

DJs need bags, and UDG make plenty of them. The UDG Trolley Set deluxe is a bag and trolley in one. We abused it and write some words.