FACE-OFF: Chroma Caps vs Coolorcaps review

Chroma Caps vs Coolorcaps review (7)

It’s time for a good old fashioned ruck, as DJTT’s Chroma Caps go toe to toe with new cap on the block Coolorcaps. Mark titters while writing a knob review.

Review: Native Instruments Kontrol D2

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2 review DJ (2)

NI has lopped the end off of a S8 and called it a Kontrol D2. Jared got a pair and used them with his S8, turntables, and just about anything he could lay his hands on. He wrote many words, and named it a review.

GROUP TEST: SoundCloud vs the best of the rest


Soundcloud dominates music hosting, but has run into its fair share of bad press in recent years. But is it still the best platform for your needs? Dan Morse takes a look at some options across a range of uses, and makes some recommendations.

REVIEW: Pioneer RMX-500 Remix Station

Pioneer DJ RMX-500 effects controller review (7)

As the DJ scene has adopted software and especially the built-in effects, the need for external effects units has decreased. But that hasn’t stopped Pioneer DJ from putting out solid follow-ups to their EFX units. Last week Ray looked at the daunting RMX-1000, and this week it’s the return of the RMX-500, the effects unit for the rest of us. Ray plugs it into a corner of his epic setup and makes noises with it.

REVIEW: Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station

Pioneer RMX-1000 effects remix controller review (8)

Pioneer’s EFX controllers became the industry standard effects controllers. And now we have the next generation that embraces all that is cool in the modern DJ age. The RMX-1000 is the top of the range and comes chokka with everything you could need and then some from an external effects controller. Ray gets giddy and somehow manages to squeeze an RMX-1000 into his already huge setup.

REVIEW: Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+ Effects Controller

Korg Kaoss pad KP3+ (7)

There’s nothing quite like a Korg Kaoss pad, apart from an updated one. Ray embeds a Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+ in his setup, plays live, and reports back.

REVIEW: Crane Stand Elite DJ Laptop Stand

Crane Stand Elite DJ laptop review (10)

It’s nice when there are aspirational products that people can actually afford. A pair of gold Technics is out of the question for most, but a laptop stand is definitely in the realm of saving up for. And the Crane Stand Elite is definitely an aspirational laptop stand. Once a Kickstarter project and now a reality, and it comes in a leatherette case too. Nice.

REVIEW: UDG Creator DIGI Hard Case Large

UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large with USB hub (2)

We’ve covered the DIGI wallets before, so now it’s time to look at the UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large with an included powered USB hub.

REVIEW: UDG Creator DJ Laptop Stand

UDG Creator DJ laptop stand review (14)

There’s a lot of laptop stands out there, but none caused quite the commotion that the UDG Creator Laptop Stand did. We put things on it and wrote words.

The Mini Innofader retail faders: A First Look

Audio Innovate mini innofader review (1)

We’ve all been waiting a while for this, but now it’s here. The Audio Innovate mini Innofader will be in shops this week, and we got an advanced look.