REVIEW: Crane Stand Elite DJ Laptop Stand

Crane Stand Elite DJ laptop review (10)

It’s nice when there are aspirational products that people can actually afford. A pair of gold Technics is out of the question for most, but a laptop stand is definitely in the realm of saving up for. And the Crane Stand Elite is definitely an aspirational laptop stand. Once a Kickstarter project and now a reality, and it comes in a leatherette case too. Nice.

REVIEW: UDG Creator DIGI Hard Case Large

UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large with USB hub (2)

We’ve covered the DIGI wallets before, so now it’s time to look at the UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large with an included powered USB hub.

REVIEW: UDG Creator DJ Laptop Stand

UDG Creator DJ laptop stand review (14)

There’s a lot of laptop stands out there, but none caused quite the commotion that the UDG Creator Laptop Stand did. We put things on it and wrote words.

The Mini Innofader retail faders: A First Look

Audio Innovate mini innofader review (1)

We’ve all been waiting a while for this, but now it’s here. The Audio Innovate mini Innofader will be in shops this week, and we got an advanced look.

REVIEW: UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Small

UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase small Review (2)

It’s so easy to lose USB keys in your pockets and bags. So UDG make it easier to keep them together with the small UDG Creator DIGI hard case.

REVIEW: UDG Ultimate small and large DIGI Wallets

UDG Ultimate small large DIGI wallet review (5)

My bag is a mess, so anything that tames the digital mess is cool by me. So UDG’s DIGI wallets are a godsend for disorganised types like me.

REVIEW: Source Audio Hot Hand USB wireless controller

Source Audio Hot Hand USB wireless Controller review (5) (3)

Source Audio’s Hot Hand wireless controller lets you wear and control aspects of your performance. Jared Helfer put his hands in the air for his review.

REVIEW: Make Solutions Technics Faceplates

Make Solutions Technics Faceplates (2)

While Technics turntables don’t really need anything to look good, the Make Solutions Technics faceplates add some style and protection too.

REVIEW: Behringer CMD Modular DJ Controllers

Behringer CMD DJ Controller Review (21)

Finally, the Behringer CMD modular DJ controllers are here. The DV-1, LC-1, MM-1, PL-1 and DC-1 get put through the reviews assault course.

REVIEW: JD Sound PDJ Personal DJ Player

JD sounds anymode PDJ handheld DJ player review (1)

DJing now takes many shapes and sizes. And the JD Sound PDJ adds yet another handheld format into the mix. And it’s actually better than I expected.