BPM 2014: Allen & Heath Xone:23C and Xone K1 Demo [VIDEO]

xone:23c xone:k1 mixvibes cross demo bpm 2014

It’s unusual to see a mixer and controller quite so suited to each other, but the Allen & Heath Xone:23C and Xone:K1are inextricably linked via the X-Link cable. Working in harmony, watch as Jamie Griffiths gives both units a solid bashing, ably assisted by Audio Technica’s Alex Jann.

BPM 2014: Rekord Buddy 2 Demo [VIDEO]

Next audio labs rekord buddy 2 demo traktor serato BPM 2014

Moving between DJ software isn’t an easy task. The limited options within iTunes helps, but all that proprietary goodness stays within the software. So software like Rekord Buddy has popped up to help make the transition easy. Didier Malenfant from Next Audio Labs was on hand to give us a walk through on the key features.

BPM 2014: Arturia MicroBrute synth demo [VIDEO]

Arturia microbrute demo

Wrapping up the more producer demo side of BPM 2014 is the Arturia MicroBrute. Distilling down the cooler parts of the MiniBrute, Alex Theakston from Source Distribution clearly loves this little box of tricks, to the point of incurring the muted wrath of the BPM 2014 noise police.

BPM 2014: Ableton Push Demo [VIDEO]

Ableton push demo video BPM 2014 Simon Lyon

Ableton Live is a slightly abstract concept for DJs to grasp. But it need not be difficult to tame and understand, and that’s where the Ableton Push controller comes in. Watch Simon Lyon create beats and music just on the Push without needing to use his laptop screen.

BPM 2014: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 Demo

Pioneer DDJ-wego3 demo BPM 2014

In his last round of demo duties, Rob Anderson walks us through Pioneer’s tiny powerhouse of a controller. The DDJ-WeGO3 might not have the extensive feature set of the big boys, but it can certainly work properly with more software than just about any other controller on the market right now.

BPM 2014: Roland Aira system demo [VIDEO]

roland Aira tb-3 tr-8

It’s not too much of a reach to say that Roland is the foundation of modern dance music. And those hardware foundations are now fetching some serious money on eBay. So when the Roland Aira range was announced, many of us positively squealed like giddy school girls. And at BPM 2014, we were treated to a performance and walkthrough from Harry Coade.

Urban Outfitters in “number one vinyl seller” claim

urban outfitters vinyl

Urban Outfitters has made the unbelievable yet at the same time quite believable claim that they are the world’s number one vinyl seller. This means that kids who only know the download button are snapping up the platters that matter, but most probably playing them on some crappy hipster-friendly turntable-in-a-briefcase jobbie. We take a look at what UO offers in the way of selection.

Air scratching — a step closer to reality

myo air scratching

The foundation of scratching is placing hands on vinyl on a turntable and essentially moving them back and forth. But in an age where music no longer needs to exist in physical form, some DJs who embrace new tech are turning their attention to using digital music, and eliminating the need for hardware too. Behold Myo gesture based air scratching in Serato Scratch Live.

BPM 2014: Numark NV demo with Rich Curtis [VIDEO]

Numark NV Serato DJ demo Rich Curtis BPM 2014

The Numark NV has certainly got tongues wagging, and was definitely in evidence on the Product Demo Stage. And while others used it as a basis for their own demoes, Rich Curtis broke out a wicked performance and on-point walkthrough at BPM 2014.

BPM 2014: Novation Launch Family walkthrough [VIDEO]

novation launchpad S launchkey mini launch control XL audiohub

Novation’s Launch family continues to grow (Launch Control XL) and at the same time shrink (Launchkey Mini). But there’s certainly a diverse range of controllers to suit wallet sizes and room spaces. And to compliment this range and make life generally easier is the Audiohub 2×4, a new audio interface with built-in USB hub. Chris Calcutt did the demo honours at BPM 2014.