Rekordbox DJ is out now – first impressions

Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox DJ is out, and available to buy. But for the toe dippers, you can install it for free for 30 days. I had a dabble before breakfast.

Serato Pyro — plays music, but it’s not for DJs

Serato Pyro for iOS is a music player that makes playlists sound much better by doing its very best to seamlessly mix and select tracks for you.

If only manufacturers had advance notice of OS updates

Apple releases OS X 10.11 today, so the DJ industry is issuing press releases saying that it’ll break everything. But why? Isn’t three months enough notice and a beta program to make everything work? Help us understand.

TEASER: DJ Player Pro for iOS — with Stems

More giving the game away than teasing, but Gábor from DJ Player has put out another video, this time showing DJ Player Pro on iOS, and with Stems.

Traktor 2.10 released — the back door is opened again

Traktor 2.10 adds support for the new Kontrol S5, but for many of us importantly reopens the audio interface back door closed in 2.9. Yay.

BPM 2015: Rekord Buddy 2 demo — almost here!

Rekord Buddy 2 edges ever closer. Damien Sirkis from Next Audio Labs walks us through what will most likely be the released version at BPM 2015.

BPM 2015: ROLI Seaboard RISE controller demo

It’s not so much what the Roli Seaboard RISE can do now, but where this might lead. Catch the walkthrough and performance from our demo stage at BPM 2015.

BPM 2015: Serato DJ, Flips, and Pitch ‘n Time demo

Nothing new to see here, but Karl from Serato swung by the demo stage to drop an overview on Serato DJ, Flips, Pitch ‘n Time and Serato Video at BPM 2015.

BPM 2015: Korg Volca modular series demo

Before computers, we made music on strictly analogue gear. And the Korg Volca series echoes those times, albeit smaller and for a lot less money.

BPM 2015: SuperStereo DN78 rotary mixer demo

As the industry rushes towards filling boxes with buttons, SuperStereo focusses on doing the basics really well. You know you want the DN78 rotary mixer.