DJs – is it time to ditch Soundcloud?


Given Soundcloud’s recent bad press regarding takedowns, announcing the introduction of ads couldn’t have come at a worse time. So has Soundcloud jumped the shark? Or after chucking a minor hissy fit, will you just carry on using it anyway?

Streaming and the demise of DJ music ownership

streaming wifi vinyl

DJs don’t have to buy music. For a monthly fee, they can be streaming millions of tracks from a huge library. But are you ready to stop owning music?

Memebusting: The realities of record shopping vs downloading

record shopping

Record shopping was amazing, but it was also truly terrible too. So should purists really look down upon new DJs for whom the experience is irrelevant?

VIDEO: SNL’s superstar DJs parody — wish it was you?

SNL Davvincii EDM Superstar DJ

Will Ferrell is doing a film, but SNL have put out a video short about superstar DJs. You can laugh, but don’t you secretly wish it was you?

Revisiting the Technics petition and poll one last time

technics petition poll balance

before we draw a line under the topic of the Technics petition, let’s take a look at the poll results and see how they possibly translate to reality.

Readers — what did you think of NAMM 2014?

namm dj people

Before we draw a line under NAMM, we’re going to shut up and pass the floor over to you dear readers. So tell us what you thought of NAMM 2014.

DJ gear: Another revolution or will evolution do?


Things are slowing down, and revolutionary DJ gear is simply evolving. Can you handle it, or must you have wow moment stuff all the time?

Controllers at the supermarket: Is it really that bad?


Controllers are everywhere, including the supermarket much to some people’s annoyance. But is it really a problem? Tell us what you think.

CDs — are they really dead to DJs?

Are CDs dead to DJs? (5)

The popular belief is that CD is a dead format for DJs. But recent events would indicate otherwise. So I asked industry people what they think.

DJ Headphones reviews — best and worst part of my job

DJ Headphones review (1)

DJ headphones are a diverse product group these days. On one hand I love them, but on the other I hate having to articulate opinions and keep people happy.