Cats, bags, and DJ gear — the problem of leaks

DJ Gear leak (2)

While leaks and unconfirmed rumours are exciting for journalists and fun for readers, the business implications for the victims can be quite serious. Long planned marketing campaigns can be blown, and commercial secrets prematurely fall into the hands of competitors, and businesses can be tarnished. In light of the unfortunate S8gate, we take a look at the reasons for secrecy and the consequences of leaks.

Team discussion — the Traktor Kontrol S8

traktor kontrol s8

The Traktor Kontrol S8 moves from worst ever leak to official thing. And with the dots filled in with extensive PR, we at DJWORX can now offer a better take on what the boundary-pushing controller has to offer, and equally what it hints at too. Read on for five individual takes on this new lump of shiny nextlevelness.

How I learned to let go of the old ways of DJing


Playing one track to the next has evolved into a two turntables and a mixer format, and is something that still dominates DJing today even in the entirely digital age. It’s a comfort zone that few seem to want to break free from, despite not really needing platters to support vinyl anymore. But is this legacy holding DJs back from finding all new ways to play music? Craig Reeves asks some difficult questions, the main one being is it finally time to let go of the old ways?

BPM 2014: The Breakdown


Pretty much everything new DJ gear wise was announced pre-BPM 2014. Just as well really, as there was more interest in the current state of play of the DJ industry. With emerging superpowers running the game, and some notable absentees, thoughts are turning to just what is happening in this rapidly changing industry in which we exist.

DJs – is it time to ditch Soundcloud?


Given Soundcloud’s recent bad press regarding takedowns, announcing the introduction of ads couldn’t have come at a worse time. So has Soundcloud jumped the shark? Or after chucking a minor hissy fit, will you just carry on using it anyway?

Streaming and the demise of DJ music ownership

streaming wifi vinyl

DJs don’t have to buy music. For a monthly fee, they can be streaming millions of tracks from a huge library. But are you ready to stop owning music?

Memebusting: The realities of record shopping vs downloading

record shopping

Record shopping was amazing, but it was also truly terrible too. So should purists really look down upon new DJs for whom the experience is irrelevant?

VIDEO: SNL’s superstar DJs parody — wish it was you?

SNL Davvincii EDM Superstar DJ

Will Ferrell is doing a film, but SNL have put out a video short about superstar DJs. You can laugh, but don’t you secretly wish it was you?

Revisiting the Technics petition and poll one last time

technics petition poll balance

before we draw a line under the topic of the Technics petition, let’s take a look at the poll results and see how they possibly translate to reality.

Readers — what did you think of NAMM 2014?

namm dj people

Before we draw a line under NAMM, we’re going to shut up and pass the floor over to you dear readers. So tell us what you thought of NAMM 2014.