DJWORX: 2015 analysis and 2016 predictions

Time for the obligatory dig into the archives to remind you what happened in 2015, and some predictions about how they’ll impact on 2016. Long form ahoy.

The imperfection of perfection and why I miss cue burn

The reliance on technology-based perfection is slowly eliminating the human element of DJing. Give me cue burn and off beats – do that mix in one take.

OPINION: DJing is dead, and vinyl is what killed it

Is the clinging to the past holding the supposedly progressive art of DJing back? A guest DJ speaks their mind and points the finger of blame at vinyl.

The love of the manual craft, and the joy of tech

Rediscovering my manual technical illustration roots has highlighted the battle between the old craft and new tech. And the parallels with DJing are clear.

Could the next Pioneer DJ PLX-1100 turntable look like this?

DJ Daylate has sent us his ideas for the perfect Pioneer DJ and rekordbox turntable. The PLX-1100 mockup has lots of cool ideas. But what do you think?

ANALYSIS: What Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S9 actually means

You read the news, saw the pictures, and watched the video. Now let’s analyse the features of the DJM-S9, and what this means for Pioneer DJ and Serato.

Do you care what your DJ gear looks like?

DJs are just human beings, and despite our protestations, we do care about how our gear looks out of the box. But are you prepared to do something about it?

DJ or producer? Or should it be performer?

We know that some people who are called DJs really aren’t DJs. So why do we continue to give them this name? Dan ponders on calling them performers instead.

DJs — you’ve never had it so good

DJs — look at your DJ gear. Think it’s old rubbish? Time for a trip down not-so-distant memory lane so you can appreciate that you’ve never had it so good.

Memebusting — even without turntables, you’re still a DJ

Another turntable DJ purist meme has come along, and once again non-turntable owners are the target. I offer some alternative takes.