Talking to real people — DJs of BPM 2015

We all know what gear there was at BPM 2015, but what about the people? Who are they and what are their stories? Here’s a few of the DJs of BPM 2015.

BPM 2015: DJWORX and NI — How DJ gear is made [VIDEO]

Together with Native Instruments, Jared Helfer ran a panel to shed light on the process of how DJ gear is designed, marketed, and sold. Watch the video.

Interview: DJ Paul Dakeyne talks podcasts

Legendary DJ Paul Dakeyne aka Tinman is now pushing his music out through the medium of podcasts. We spoke with him about how and why he does it.

Traxus Control: The Ultimate Traktor Remote + Interview

While the DJ industry keeps chucking great lumps of hardware to cater for the needs of software, the iPad continues to offer a highly configurable interface. The Traxus Traktor Remote offers extremely comprehensive control of Traktor’s effects. Jared Helfer takes a look, and catches up with the creators for a chat.

REVIEW: producer collaboration network

Arkaei checks out Blend, a new producer collab network – join him and get your VIP access via DJWORX to participate in iZotope’s Break Tweaker contest!

INDUSTRY: interview with Serato’s Sam Gribben

We like to show you the industry behind the gear, thus this interview with Serato CEO Sam Gribben sheds some light on Serato past, present, and future.

INTERVIEW: Me, with DJ-LAB.DE. What was I thinking?

In a rare moment of weakness, the spotlight was turned onto me, as I agreed to an interview with German gear blog DJ-LAB.DE.

INTERVIEW: Laurent Cohen talks Electrix Tweaker [VIDEO]

We grabbed Laurent Cohen from Electrix at BPM, and got him to tell us about the Electrix Tweaker, where it has come from and where it’s going.

EXCLUSIVE: JetPack Remix DJ bag [Video demo and interview]

Being the bag whores that we are, we were only to happy to get an exclusive insider look at Orbit Concepts follow-up to their JetPack bag. This is the JetPack remix.

DJ Unkut meets Vestax VCI-400 – turntrollerism? [Video and Interview]

Turntablism meets controllerism as DJ Unkut unleashes his considerable skills upon the Vestax VCI-400.