If you want turntable art, this is it


Turntables are normally used for playing other people’s art. But as Robert Howare shows, they can also be used to create their own turntable art.

Turntables were most definitely hurt making this video


If you’re one of those people who treats their turntables like they’re valuable artefacts, do not watch this video. What the hell did I just watch?

Technics 1200 revival: Facts, figures, and a realist’s view

technics 1200 1210 graphs

A call for a Technics 1200 revival has been made. But just how realistic is it? Craig Reeves gathers together industry intelligence to find out.

Free Stuff Friday: 3 x UDG cases!

DJWORX UDG giveaway

Time for another instalment of Free Stuff Friday, this time liberating some rather nice UDG cases from the Worxlab into the hands of 3 lucky DJWORX fans.

The incredibly unhygienic reason why vinyl sucks

dirty vinyl handruff

Vinyl records house a filthy secret, and you make it worse whenever you lick your fingers. Say hello to the icky grime that is handruff.

Plugging and playing with the Mini Innofader

Mini Innofader

Post-NAMM, the DJWORX team and Elliot Marx tried to cram his new Mini Innofader into a Pioneer DDJ-SX and Vestax VCI-400. And DJ Zo tried them out.

What DJ related stuff did Father Christmas bring?

DJWORX Christmas presents

Unless you explicitly specify, getting that cool DJ thing for Christmas can be pot luck. So did you get the DJ stuff you wanted?

Beyond touch: inFORM tactile interface


Touch is cool, but we still want physical controls. But the inFORM tactile interface really messes with with your mind about how this could work.

Can DJs ‘keep it real’ and spin only new vinyl?

The iconic DJ Shadow 'Endtroducing' cover. © DJ Shadow.

Given the lack of new releases on vinyl, is it possible for DJs keep it real? Sam Hulley digs into the charts and record shops to find out.

They’re here… DJWORX picture disks in the house

djworx skratchworx vinyl picture disks

The simply stunning DJWORX picture disks have arrived. So you’ve got 1 week left to enter the 10 year giveaway.