Worxmas 2014: Akai Professional APC40 MKII

worxmas 2014 akai pro apc40 MKII

Akai Professional’s APC40 MKII is their flagship Ableton Live controller. And luckily for one of you lot, we’ve got one to give away in Worxmas 2014.

Worxmas 2014: DJ Tech DIF-1S Mixer

worxmas dj tech dif-1s mixer

DJing at its core is simple, so a two channel mixer works for everyone. And this Worxmas prize is the DJ Tech DIF-1s mixer with mini Innofader.

Worxmas 2014: Akai Pro APC Key 25

DJWORX worxmas akai pro apc key 25

We just steered full-on into production territory with the Akai Pro APC Key 25 controller. It comes with everything you need to knock out your own tracks.

Worxmas 2014: Akai Pro APC Mini

worxmas akai pro apc mini

inMusic has been especially generous this Worxmas. First up is the Akai Pro APC Mini controller, the launchpad controller ideal for taming Ableton Live.

Welcome to WORXMAS 2014! Giveaways starts today!

worxmas 2014

Welcome back to the biggest annual giveaway in the DJ industry. It’s leaner, bigger, and stronger than ever with a pot of stuff that even more people can win. Expect a 24 hour carpet bombing of gifts with 10 days to enter and win. The first starts today!

EQUIPBOARD: crowdsourced gear obsession

equipboard header

What more do you need when DJWORX brings you the latest in DJ tech? How about a crowdsourced site to track what we’re using?

FRIDAY FUN: Vinyl Trick Shots [VIDEO]

vinyl trick shots

Turntable trickery or simple vinyl target practice? These guys clearly have too much spare time on their hands. Don’t try this at home. Or do and film it.

Black Friday bargains for DJs: the round-up


Ready for the bargain bear pit? Black Friday is here, and so are the bargains. Thankfully you don’t need to riot in shops — these are online.

TUTORIAL: Mapping freeze mode in Traktor 2.7 [VIDEO]

traktor midi mapping freeze mode

The Remix Decks were the last all-new feature to appear in traktor, but they were locked off from the tampering hands of MIDI mappers everywhere. This time, Freeze mode has migrated from iOS but is fully available for mapping. In this tutorial, Jared Helfer starts with the basics through to the detail of mapping the assorted elements of Freeze Mode to the controller of your choice.

FRIDAY FUN: 2manybuttons


DJing is serious business — very serious indeed. So we must be able to have a laugh sometimes, and that’s exactly what the 2manybuttons video does. Being presented with more buttons than tracks, these DJs somehow make it through a set without a clue what they’re doing.