VIDEO: Mini Innofader inside a Pioneer DJM-T1

mini innofader pioneer DJM-T1 scratch (3)

Pioneer mixers are ubiquitous, and as such are an ideal bed fellow for the Audio Innovate mini Innofader. The relationship hasn’t always worked out well, and has seen AI come up with all manner of hacks and fixes. So we approached their DJM-T1 mixer with some trepidation, but with AI’s help, we got them working nicely together. And we made a video to show it in action.

POLL: Future turntables – basic or with bells on?

technics future turntables

Turntables are back, but do they do what you want? Do you want the basics or do you want every bell and whistles in the world? Tell us.

Something for the weekend: DJ Woody is identical to none

DJ woody scratch looper

You can never have enough DJ Woody. So get a load of this new video from the man himself showcasing his skills over the North West Community scratch looper.

DJs, glasses, and headphones — do you get on?


I am of a certain age where bits of me start to fail. And I’ve just hit the headphones vs glasses clash in style. Is it something that you struggle with?

Throwback Thursday — July five and ten years ago

DJ gear throwback thursday

We all take today’s DJ technology for granted. So let’s do a Throwback Thursday to see what was happening this month five and ten years ago.

X-ray dub plates — the ultimate picture disk

x-ray Russian vinyl (1)

Music sharing is easy these days. But imagine a time before Spotify and complicate that with Western music being banned. X-ray pictures disk were the way.

The Pioneer SG-1 — a leaving present like no other

Pioneer SG-1 Sam Gribben (4)

When Sam Gribben decided to leave Serato, they got him a leaving gift that money simply cannot buy. Behold the retro styling joy of the Pioneer SG-1.

Helping a blind DJ to start scratching

mindaugas Blind DJ

There are plenty of hurdles to overcome when starting to DJ. Being a blind DJ just makes it that much harder. But this isn’t phasing Mindaugas one bit.

How many Vestax QFOs and Controller Ones were made?

vestax qfo controller one how many were made

It’s a question that’s often asked but has never had a definitive answer. How many QFOs and Controller Ones were actually made? We have the answer.

EXPOSED! Wunderground in “attire not satire” scandal

wunderground attire not satire indiegogo t-shirts

You thought Wunderground was the hard hitting cutting edge of DJ news. They wanted you to think that. But it’s all about slogans on t-shirts. Film at 11.