Last folder of random Musikmesse images

I know Musikmesse 2016 finished some time ago, but here’s a stray folder of gear porn pictures our Ray took, plus one of tea. There’s a theme developing…

Pawing Hawtin’s mixer — Ray plays differently and makes tea

Richie Hawtin’s playDifferently project marches towards release, and Ray got some quality (or should that be quali-tea?) time with Richie and the mixer.

Friday (morbid) Fun: And Vinyly turns you into a record

How much do you love vinyl? Enough to be one? And Vinyly might be able to help you with that, but you might have to wait a while (hopefully).

Why do I keep a vinyl collection that I don’t play?

Do you even look at those shelves of vinyl that you’ve spent years amassing? I don’t, so I’m asking myself some deep questions about why I keep it.

FRIDAY FUN: Post a picture of your DJ setup — right now

Real life can’t be photoshopped. And we know that the glossy and impossibly tidy DJ setup pics are staged. So show us yours. Right now. We dare you.

Playing with 7 inches of pure pleasure

Turntablism is demanding, intense, and at a level very expensive. So why are so many DJs looking past Technics to get busy with crappy 7″ portable decks?

Native Sessions: Rafik and Unkut talk turntablism

Time for some more Native Sessions courtesy of NI. This time, Rafik and Unkut take to the stage to deliver some history and performance.

Are you still using Serato Scratch Live? Tell us why

Despite being discontinued software with an established replacement, some DJs steadfastly continue to use use Serato Scratch Live. Tell us why.

16 rpm — the forgotten vinyl speed

Vinyl comes in all speeds and sizes, and while the numbers 7, 10, 12, 33, 45, and 78 are still popular, what about 16? Do you remember it? I do vaguely.

VIDEO: Jon1st on the Rane Sixty-Four in Ray’s new space

Jon1st visits DJWORX Europe, AKA Ray’s new space in Warsaw, and throws down on the Rane Sixty-Four. Enjoy!