16 rpm — the forgotten vinyl speed

Vinyl comes in all speeds and sizes, and while the numbers 7, 10, 12, 33, 45, and 78 are still popular, what about 16? Do you remember it? I do vaguely.

The imperfection of perfection and why I miss cue burn

The reliance on technology-based perfection is slowly eliminating the human element of DJing. Give me cue burn and off beats – do that mix in one take.

VIDEO: Jon1st on the Rane Sixty-Four in Ray’s new space

Jon1st visits DJWORX Europe, AKA Ray’s new space in Warsaw, and throws down on the Rane Sixty-Four. Enjoy!

PRIVATE STASH SALE: Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl cutter

A reluctant sale, but up for grabs is this Vestax VRX-2000 vinyl cutter. It needs just a little work and is sold as a project with a lot of blanks too.

TRY THIS: Label your plugs and power supplies

Ever pulled out the wrong plug? Or simply have no idea what it’s for? Yeah me too. Try this — labelling up your plugs may seem basic, but it’s a lifesaver.

RANDOM IDEA: Jog wheel “360 mode”

33 and 45rpm are absolutely necessary for turntables. But what if we thought outside those for controllers? What if one jog wheel rotation was four beats?

OPINION: DJing is dead, and vinyl is what killed it

Is the clinging to the past holding the supposedly progressive art of DJing back? A guest DJ speaks their mind and points the finger of blame at vinyl.

Time for a clear out — the Private Stash Sale

The Worxlab has become weighed down with years of DJ gear that really is surplus to requirements. So snag a bargain, and help us build a better site.

How DJ gear is made — the definitive guide

You think making DJ gear is easy? Check out this definitive guide from Craig Reeves, that covers each step from initial idea to getting into your hands.

Talking to real people — DJs of BPM 2015

We all know what gear there was at BPM 2015, but what about the people? Who are they and what are their stories? Here’s a few of the DJs of BPM 2015.