FIRST LOOK: Rane TTM57mk2: optimized for cutting


The second big announcement from Rane was one that people had hoped for. The original 57SL mixer became a casualty of Serato DJ, so it’s great news that Rane has reworked it in line with newer advents in Serato technology. Ray recovers from his MP2015 experience to pour out some words about the TTM57mk2.

FIRST LOOK: Rane MP2015 — Rotary is back!


While the rest of the industry has climbed aboard the reinvention and repurposing train, Rane is not only sticking to what it knows best, but is also looking back to simpler times. The MP2015 is an entirely rotary mixer but also embraces all that is new. Ray takes a look at NAMM 2015.

NAMM 2015 — starts next week


NAMM 2015 starts next week. And the sneak peeks we’ve had tell us it’s going to be a biggie for gear geeks. We’ll be there in force bringing it all to you.

My long weekend with the Traktor Kontrol S8


We consider ourselves most fortunate to be able to play with DJ gear as a career. So when the opportunity arose for Dan Morse to take one of the hottest pieces of gear home for an extended play, he jumped at the chance to test his Traktor skills on more than just turntables and add-ons. This is a short story about his weekend with the Traktor Kontrol S8.

How to be a valued DJWORX community member


We get it — sometimes a comment gets left that just brings out the red mist, and before you know it, you’ve called out someone with a string of full caps insults and added nothing to the discussion. We’re asking you to stop and think about what you’re typing in. This is the time of the quality DJWORX contributor.

VIDEO: Two guys, one deck — Fong Fong and Mart One

fong fong mart one

Obviously we love gear, but it’s useless without skills. And Fong Fong and Mart-One bring the skills in droves. Watch them share a turntable.

Worxmas 2014 winners!

worxmas 2014 winners

Worxmas 2014 was the biggest ever with over £12K’s worth of free stuff gathered together to give away to you lot. But not everyone can win (although we tried), but every entry has been read, and the winners have been picked. Check out the list and see if you’ve won. A confirmation email is on the way for those that have.

TEAM TALK: 2014 — a year in DJ technology

djworx 2014 review

2014 is almost at and end, so we of course look back over the year in which turntables became a thing all over again, companies fed their PR departments on steroids, and some old names fell while others were reborn. Five writers and five different opinions — pull up a chair, grab a brew, and dig into the DJWORX 2014 inquest.

Worxmas 2014: Pioneer XDJ-1000 and DJM-750!

worxmas pioneer xdj-1000 djm-750

It’s the last giveaway of Worxmas 2014, and thanks to Pioneer DJ, it’s the biggest ever. We’ve got the brand new XDJ-1000s and a DJM-750 mixer, worth £2500!

Worxmas 2014: Serato software bundles x 10

worxmas serato DJ Flip video DVS bundle

Almost at the end of Worxmas 2014, and Serato has dug deep for Worxmas and offered 10 complete software bundles. And by complete we mean almost everything.