Innovation II — the DJ industry standoff

There might be a lack of innovation, but it’s deeper than a shortage of ideas. Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox changed the game, and nobody dare make the next move.

DJ gear — has innovation stalled because it’s all been done?

The lack of innovation is bemoaned with every new announcement. But do you really need more? Is more even possible when playing tracks back to back?

Stop… and take the time to LISTEN to some music

We DJs play music to others. But sometimes, you really need to switch off and listen to some yourself. But do you? If not, you really should.

Last folder of random Musikmesse images

I know Musikmesse 2016 finished some time ago, but here’s a stray folder of gear porn pictures our Ray took, plus one of tea. There’s a theme developing…

Pawing Hawtin’s mixer — Ray plays differently and makes tea

Richie Hawtin’s playDifferently project marches towards release, and Ray got some quality (or should that be quali-tea?) time with Richie and the mixer.

Trade shows — do we DJs even care anymore?

Another year, and another dull Musikmesse. And after the fourth in a row preceded by a quiet NAMM, we have to ask — are DJ trade shows are past their prime?

Friday (morbid) Fun: And Vinyly turns you into a record

How much do you love vinyl? Enough to be one? And Vinyly might be able to help you with that, but you might have to wait a while (hopefully).

DJ Juicy M — pushing buttons, mainly yours

Juicy M puts out another video, and with it another torrent of nonsense from commenters. Here are my comments, and the haters won’t like them one bit.

Digging its own grave: Soundcloud Go

Soundcloud has been struggling to get out of a rut. Their latest plan is Soundcloud Go, a premium listener service to compete with the Streaming big guns.

Why do I keep a vinyl collection that I don’t play?

Do you even look at those shelves of vinyl that you’ve spent years amassing? I don’t, so I’m asking myself some deep questions about why I keep it.