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While others play safe and continue to populate the DJ market with variants of the traditional 2 decks and a mixer DJ model, Audio Artery goes in its own unique direction. But getting people to try something different is hard. So changing their model slightly, as well as a fully functional but play time limited version of The One Core, you can now get a totally free version, albeit with some limitations.

First, the words from Audio Artery:

Get One Free!

Introducing One DJ Free edition

One DJ Free edition is a newborn little brother of the recently released One DJ Core software.

One DJ is a new type of DJ solution that allows Djs to create mixes and mashups on timeline built inside the each deck. It is also the first DJ software to introduce a modular & customizable user interface.

Although offered at no cost One DJ Free is capable of more than many conventional commercial DJ software. It features all the standard elements that people expect to find from a professional grade dj software, including multiple decks, built in mixer with eq & filter, beat detection & sync, browser with playlists and multiple high quality FX .

In addition One DJ Free adapts some next generation features from it’s bigger brother. A limited version of timeline editing is implemented and all the decks can be switched to Edit Mode for creating and preparing mixes. Unlike in the Core Edition the timeline content cannot be saved for later use or exported to an audio file so it is strictly for that moment. One DJ Free also boasts a light version of the modular user interface that allows users to add, resize and move gear around on screen. Midi mapping & Midi controller support are reserved for Core edition.

One DJ Free can be downloaded from – for free.

One DJ is a true All-in-One solution for preparing DJ sets, performing live and creating mixes. 

The One DJ Free offers a sample of everything that’s on offer in the Core version, but in a restricted way. The interface customisation is limited, and timeline mode has no save function, and MIDI is left out entirely. But it does at least give you the opportunity to play with the basic workflow on a permanent basis to see if you want to drop cash on the full version, which is only €49.99 anyway.

So what have you got to lose? Grab the free version today, have a dabble and let us know what you think.

  • sinjintek

    so there’s a free version, but it restricts MIDI capability entirely …I completely understand why, it’s hard to get excited about that. I suppose I should give it a try before I render a final verdict.

    • Djs of the round table

      Its free because its a Beta and riddled with bugs

  • Paul

    If you press a button KEY several times when the track is playing, the sound starts to slide)))

  • sup_shlom

    I just tried it because I thought it would be a cool tool to edit mixes and to do some kind of extended party playlists. But hell, it is super buggy and a hell regarding usabiltiy. As a bonus it was laggy on my new retina macbook pro…
    Sad but true!

  • Nexing

    Incredible concept and functionality. Just ages ahead of anything else.
    Usability? well… it all is well defined and simple… except for the numerous (and unique) usability traits, it is designed up.
    Example, you turn it on for first time, lay up a track and press PLAY… then nothing happens. You need to go to the “Overview” tab and connect the audio flow first.
    Once the audio routing is set, the player works as usual.
    If you are able to think-out-of-the-box (which you will need many times), then this really is a DREAM software.
    Now in its 1.6 version.