While Pioneer presented a heap of hardware with more buttons than Duttons, it was SuperStereo that caused the most chatter own the show floor at BPM 2015, and certainly got hearts beating a little faster within Team DJWORX. The DN78 is a two channel rotary mixer complete with an audio interface and valve stage, which should be enough to get anyone with a passing interest on mixers interested.

SuperStereo DN78 valve rotary mixer (4)

The DN78 is no mass-produced box on a pallet — each one is made to order, with a delivery of 6-8 weeks. And it has price tag top match its hand-made status too. The standard version (which frankly is good enough for all but the purist of audiophile DJs) will set you back a not inconsiderable £1790, and for the more balls-out than it already is edition with valve and fader upgrades, you’re going to be dropping £1980. But I’m happy with those prices — I’m sure the target market would rather pay for quality and be part of a pretty exclusive club. I’d hate for a larger company to come out with something that looks like a high quality rotary for the rest of us, that hit a £499 price tag and a subsequent hit in quality.

After being the place where DJing started, rotary mixers are once again all the rage (technology is cyclical if you hadn’t worked it out by now). Helped by Rane’s pant-wittingly amazing MP2015, it seems that the rush towards a bells and whistles laden more aesthetic is being balanced with a rather more focussed workflow that concentrates on the core workflow of DJing, but delivers it in a retro/classic style.


  • CutSelekta

    a retro looking rotary mixer demo in between 2 cdjs and a laptop with serato, what a contradiction, photoshot Buckimham Palace into Canary Warf, you get the same awkwardness, the only reason why i would want this thing is to play records with without having to switch on a laptop, also there is an audiophile upgrade version of it, lets hope in the future somebody shows it with vinyl and solid mixes, not her, somebody who can also scratch with the rotary crossfader, i did that in clubs, i started cutting with rotary knobs

    • Scratching on a rotary mixer? And you complain about the awkwardness or using it with Serato and CDs? I think it would have been a far worse demo if someone DID scratch with it. Talk about the wrong tools for the job.

      • CutSelekta

        it has a crossfader, i’d love to try it out

    • Most mixers these days work without a laptop! Crazy times, I know! The Audiophile version still has an audio interface, which would probably give those tin foil hat wearers some sort of aneurism.

  • Simon Kennedy

    are they really playing ten walls!

  • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    Inno? 😉

    Urg valve stage mmmmmm….. very pretty, there’s a number of records I’d love to play thru this, Recently watched a new-ish Four Tet boiler room set, looks like he’s using the same bootiful mixer, be interested to find out. Always bugs the shit out of me if I don’t know or can’t figure out what dj’s using #sadcase

    • There’s a bypass switch for the valve if you don’t fancy it.

      • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

        I totally fancy the valve, beyond how the mixer looks the valve stage is centre piece 🙂

    • Ryn Wansley

      If we’re thinking of the same Boiler Room, I think he was using an E&S DJR400.

      • A lot of DJs seem to be sporting that one. Jamie XX springs to mind!

  • jm2c

    What a lovely mixer! A shame I will never be able to afford it, but anyways. IMO this here is a proper rotary mixer, unlike the newish Rane one (digital?!), but YMMV as usual..

  • Mr Brown

    This but in a scratch mixer format is what I’ve always wanted. as it stands I want one just for sampling records through, the EQ & Isolators look/sounds great in demo