BPM 2013: Reloop RP-8000 MIDI turntable

Reloop RP-8000 midi turntable BPM 2013

BOOM! Reloop grabs the DJ scene by the throat, slaps it around, and shovels an amazing turntable under its nose. Yes, you read right, and the Reloop RP-8000 MIDI turntable is THAT turntable you’ve wanted for the longest time — looks like a Technics, feels like a Technics, but has something very current that Technics don’t have, namely MIDI.

Here are the official words:



Muenster/Germany, 14.09.2013 At Birmingham’s BPM Show Reloop will present the new turntable generation: Reloop RP-8000.

The Reloop RP-8000 combines modern DJ technology in an advanced turntable. This hybrid high torque turntable does the balancing act between approved direct drive technology and a digital control section for your DJ software. The RP-8000 is able to communicate with any midi compatible DJ software – an additional modular controller is not necessary anymore. Serato Scratch Live mappings are also available with which the worldwide most popular and stable DVS system can be controlled. With the Trax encoder it is possible to scroll through your playlists and comfortably load tracks onto the decks. The RP-8000 disposes of 4 combinable performance modes. This way creative features are available such as access to 8 hot cue points. This means whole new possibilities for beat juggling. As the 8 drum pads are also multi-functional, loops can also be set and triggered. Even access to sample decks is very easy with the RP-8000. A further bank is available for your personal requirements because in user mode the pads are freely assignable – which by the way also goes for the turntable’s all other MIDI compatible controlelements. This way drum rolls and instant effects can be controlled – various presets can be downloaded from the product website. The Dual Performance mode is especially clever: when two modes, such as cue and loop, are pressed simultaneously, the first 4 trigger buttons are assigned to cue and the other 4 buttons are assigned to loop mode. The Turntable Link Mode is also quite smart: via USB up to 4 turntables can be linked. The single devices assign themselves automatically and consecutively to the next deck – this way only one turntable has to be connected via USB to your PC/Mac.

Besides the indestructible and sturdy construction, the turntable does not only cope with the hardest club surroundings, its technical features are as powerful: an ultra powerful, quarz driven direct drive with precise even speed and digital correction emphasizes the Reloop RP-8000’s class. The high-resolution pitch (+/- 8%, +/- 16% and +/- 50 %) with a resolution of 0.04% is shown on the LCD and facilitates exact beat matching with long mixes. Sophisticated and fast turntablism showcases can also be realized without a problem, thanks to the additional start/stop button for vertical positioning and a variable torque from “Classic” to “HiTorque”. More variety in the mix: with the reverse button and an adjustable start/stop time from 0.2 to 6 seconds, individual and creative impulses can be set with the RP-8000. As the turntable is equipped with a line/phono switch, it can even be connected directly to line inputs of mixers or amps – grounding not necessary.


– Advanced Hybrid Torque Turntable
– Digital DJ turntable with upper-torque direct drive
– MIDI compatible control section consisting of Trax encoder, 8 backlit drum pads and 4 combinable performance modes (cue, loop, sample and user)
– Large Trax encoder
– Auto deck-assign feature
– Turntable link USB port
– Digital LC-Display for pitch display, deck assignment and firmware settings
– Adjustable start/brake (0.2 – 6 seconds) & torque (2.5 kg/cm – 4.5 kg/cm)
– Metal top panel with metallic finish
– Phono and line output (no grounding necessary)
– Direct connection of turntable and motor for best possible stability
– Especially heavy finish
– High end tonearm
– Pitch range ±8%, ±16%, ±50%
– High resolution pitch fader
– LCD pitch display
– Easy to exchange, freely revolvable needle illumination with super bright LED
– Quarz lock
– Safety power switch
– Reverse switch
– 2 start/stop buttons for vertical positioning
– Smart USB linkfor up to 4 turntables
– Rubber inlay for reduction of vibrations and ambient noise
– Removable mains and RCA cables
– Sunk-in connection cavity for easy case installation
– Shock proof feet
– Vibration-resistant base
– Serato Scratch Live mappings available
– Typ: 3 speeds, fully manual
– Type of drive: quarz driven upper torque direct drive
– Speeds: 33 1/3, 45 und 78 rpm
– Initial torque: 2500 – 4500 g/cm
– S/N Ratio >= 55 dB (1 kHz, 4mV input)
– Applicable cartridge weight: 6-10 g
– Anti-skating range: 0 – 3 g
– Dimensions: 450 x 160 x 353 mm
– Weight: 11,0 kg
– Incl. slipmat, headshell & tone arm illumination but without stylus

Reloop RP-8000 midi turntable BPM 2013

At this time, I’m just going to let that all sink in for a moment…

So it’s a super OEM turntable (think Stanton, Reloop etc) but painted with a very big Technics brush (even down to recessed pitch) but with MIDI controls. It does go beyond the superficial level and integrates on a secondary controller level with Serato DJ and all other MIDI software too. Not the platter you understand — that still requires analogue or control vinyl, but the buttons are tailored more for Serato’s features.

There are 4 modes — 3 obvious ones being cue, loop and sample. These work exactly as you’d expect, albeit waiting for Serato DJ 1.5 to fill all 8 buttons with hot cues. User mode is even smarter — press 2 mode buttons at once and the 8 pads split in have, giving you 4 of whatever 2 buttons you’ve pressed. 4 hot cues plus 4 samples, 4 loops plus 4 hot cues etc.

But it gets smarter still — each deck has 2 USB ports, one for MIDI and another for daisy chaining on their own MIDI channel so that you only need link the first to your laptop. To be clear — the USB port is for MIDI only. You can’t rip audio through them.

The pitch, just like the last Technics is digital, but has a very tight resolution of 0.02%, something that will please a lot of DJs who bemoan the loss of analogue pitch. And finally, let’s not forget the track browse and load rotary, which if your wished, could be mapped to something else, like maybe a filter if your mixer doesn’t  have it.

The big question is the price. In the UK, this particular deck is going to set you back a pretty lofty £585. For a turntable, that could be considered steep, but with the additional built-in controls and solid build, I feel that this is a fair price in this climate, especially for those who want something more Technics-ish than other turntable offerings.

Apologies for the lack of photos at this time. Tomorrow will see this little faux pas fixed in style. We’ll have a lot more to discuss about this quite unexpected but very exciting turntable.

Your Thoughts

So… a turntable. Did you think you’d ever see such a thing again? What do you make of the Reloop RP-8000 MIDI turntable?

  • Man, if they would come out with one that has a midi-controlled pitch as well….. game over

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    looks great… some very good ideas too…
    I hope its been nicely dampened if your going to be drumming directly on the turntable… (or very soft buttons perhaps)

    Love to see one being put through its paces

  • C-Note

    Hate to split hairs here, but it appear that the press release from Reloop indicated a 0.04% pitch resolution and not 0.02% that you reported Giz.

    • It’s not splitting hairs – it’s important. I was told by Reloop on the stand that it was 0.02%.

      • C-Note

        I wonder which is correct?

        In any case, I’m surprised a company would look to push the old turntable forward with an offering like this. I like what I see and I believe others will as well. Nice work Reloop.

  • No way! Take my $$$

  • It’s so sick, Motherf*cker I’m ill

  • “looks like a Technics, feels like a Technics” – Mark: that’s a mighty statement!

  • blackavenger

    I think they’re too expensive. You could get a pair of M5Gs & Dicers for a lot less. But they are awesome! If the price comes down to the $500 (each) range, I’m all in.

    • Onno Suave

      Sorry, but in f.ex. Germany M5Gs sell for at least +1000€ (new and in store not on ebay that is) + Dicers 99 €….so…..

      • blackavenger

        Well, I was referring to used ones on EBay. Obviously, now for a new pair they cost 1,600 each….but when I bought my M5Gs new, they cost $468 US. I just don’t think the market for TTs is strong enough to warrant $1000 US, each. maybe I’m wrong…..time will tell.

        Personally, I am going to wait til’ the price comes down to what I think is reasonable….$500 to $600 range.

  • Clay Ford

    This can go two ways, either total bust or HUGE success. I see no middle ground with them.

  • WOW!!!!

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  • Carlos Guerra

    F***ing gorgeous, it was long overdue really but the price will be the key to a successful product or just a novelty that will fade sooner than later.

    The last Technics MD3 I saw at regular price a few months before they were discontinued was at a Guitar Center (USA) for $399.99 the TTX-USB runs currently for that same price and is an awesome turntable.

    This one has the same OEM roots of the STR8-150 that runs for $599.00, so if the UK price is £585 then the approximate US price for the RP-8000 will be around $930.00.

    That is not cheap considering you need two, so lets see what happens.

    • Clay Ford

      One thing to note is that for some reason, the GBP to USD exchange doesn’t work with dj equipment. Equipment is horribly priced in the Europe. If you check street prices for most pieces of dj gear the purchase price is usually pretty similar. For example, check out the Traktor S4 article. They’re selling for the same amount USD and Euro (799 in both currencies)

      • Carlos Guerra

        Yeah you’re correct, so it will be around the same price of a STR8-150 if we follow those comparisons.

    • Jose Piz Nav

      expensive 🙁

  • LoopCat

    Looks interesting. Accessing the sides of the platter looks like it might be a bit awkward for beat matching though.

  • Daniel Lazarus

    Pretty awesome, don’t know if I could justify buying new tables when my current ones still work,
    Wonder how long till someone does it with a midi platter,

    • Noam Roth

      Its already done, Its called Denon 3900, pretty sucks though, nothing like the real deal.
      Oh and Numark did this WAY while back with the CDX, sucked even more then the 3900. This RELOOP decks looks sick, but ill stick with my 1200’s, The MIDI is sweet but my mixer does all of that and even more. (TTM 57).

      • Mutis Mayfield

        I think Daniel is talking about regular turntables with tonearm and so…
        I’m working on it since some time ago and I’m near to get a smart solution for any kind of turntable (technics included) out there but I have limited resources and not so much time to focus on it.

        Help or contribution will be apprecieated.

      • Nogui

        Do you own a pair of 3900s? I wonder where your getting your bias? I own a pair of 3900s and they are phenomenal decks.

  • White Wulfe

    Definitely interested, although I’m naturally curious about what North American pricing will look like. I’m also curious how easily those pads will work with other software (VirtualDJ, Traktor, etc).

  • funkbro

    DJ Angelo should make a proper demo of this if hes still in contract with Reloop

  • BOOOOOM! Shut up and take my money!

  • DJ STU-C

    really nice turntable.. anybody interested in taking up the art of turntablism should give this deck serious thought. or even people looking for analogue feel and an alternative to pioneer cdj’s at a budget price.

    i personally wont be selling my technics to get them but thats not for reasons of preference, these look great and if i used my home setup a lot more i would be in there as quick as a flash

  • Scott Frost

    Makes you wonder why the grand masters technics didn’t think of this. Or at least try.

  • darsh

    I really hope Native Instruments would drop the death grip on scratch certified mixers and sound cards so we can spin without getting tangled in cable town. If they would only follow or top Serato’s farewell to SSL with the dongles we could really enjoy products like this…

    • Luke Skywalker

      uh you mean like the Z2 that has your box built in, is still analog, and you can use serato with it??

      • darsh

        No I don’t want to use a box or dongle or scratch certified mixers using up way too many USB ports..I want to use this deck with an Allen and Heath DB2/4 via MIDI platter/spindle and have the option to switch to analog with a needle drop

  • Onno Suave

    Wow, that’s something I definitely did not expect to see after the sad market failure of the Vestax Control 1….But, I most say I it looks nice and solid! Now if the can keep the price under 500€ a piece I’m in!
    One question thou – Why no Traktor Mapping?
    Oh, and A VIDEO IS UP:


  • Mutis Mayfield

    I’m getting back my scratch decoder project due to reborn interest on turntables… Anyone interested?

    • stevesweets

      Yes, very. If I could get platter control out of my turntables, that would be perfect. Kickstarter it and ill give you money, for sure.

    • lokey

      absolutely interested.

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  • Gil Boogie

    I think the price point is going to more comparable to a cdj 850 or a denon 3900 than to a used technic 1200 and a pair of dicers.

  • St3pupDj

    Brilliant, cant wait to see some independant reviews. If they’re anywhere near as good as they look, I’m very interested!

  • DJ One Way

    This is honestly the best news I’ve heard in years.

  • stevesweets

    I got so excited when I saw this, then immediately deflated when i noticed it didn’t offer platter control. Numark telling me they are dropping the v7, I think the market is ready for a spinning platter controller now, and this is that one feature away from being it.

    • lokey

      just so. spinning platter with a built in control signal. seems -long- overdue.

    • Nogui

      Denon S3900 is the closet to vinyl with hybrid mode

      • stevesweets

        I played with one at bpm. It’s nice, not perfect though. For me, the feel of the ns7 / v7 is closer than vinyl feel, but the platter is just too small. The S3900 is just way too expensive. I don’t need it to play cd’s or mp3s, i just need a controller.

  • dj murj

    Love this! Even weights a tiny bit less than a 1200 (unlike the ridiculously stanton bags of concrete). My complaint about a lot of these decks is having the plugs on the side in battle position….put them on the bottom or somewhere out of the way.

  • dj crossfade

    what is this sexy thing 🙂 hmm vs vestax i wonder how it would be

  • Shayne C Conway

    I wonder if competitors will follow suite before or after this is a success?

  • Ezmyrelda

    Sooooo close…. This is almost exactly the DVS deck I need.. How hard could it be to connect a sine wave generator to a moving platter..

    • lokey


    • Mutis Mayfield

      Why to use a sine? It will need a dsp algorithm in the other side (serato) and it create extra CPU processing… The only way (to me) for this solution will be a external black box audio decoding signal or implemented it inside regular mixers or even the turnable but… It makes the whole thing more expensive. That’s the reason to make these decoding into the software, at least you need the laptop to run the software too… So, if we are going to wonder a solution with digital platter, the way is photo interuptors or mice cameras (booth ideas over my lab table at this moment)

      • Ezmyrelda

        Because the prominent DVS systems all use a sine wave at a specific frequency? What’s needed in the turntable need be no more complex than an arduino.. DVS systems are already set up to decode control signals.. Why not have a control signal controlled by a platter in the turntable. I have a Z2 so I don’t need an extra box.. just a good control signal. As to mouse cameras or photointerupters for control of a platter.. I wouldn’t know.. But I do know it could be done with a platter and an arduino.. There are youtube videos documenting it already..

        • Mutis Mayfield

          I was trying to pointing it to you darling and try to show/teach anuyone interested…

          I left the project in stand by 2 years ago but I’m wondering the possibility of release a kit for digitalitzing anything without drop the tonearm and let everyone choose…


          • Ezmyrelda

            Ahhh, I see… Well, I don’t understand your work and I didn’t recognize your name but I am eager to see it’s completion.

        • Owen Williams

          It’s a sine wave that’s been copyrighted because it also has a secondary binary signal that provides absolute position information. And timecode systems fail at high speeds. Midi makes much more sense

          • Ezmyrelda

            Timecode fails at high speeds because of the inherent liabilities of the mechanics behind it or timecode fails at high speeds even with something like tonetable because of something I’m not aware of? MIDI/HID makes a lot more sense in the long run yes, but there are ways timecode can be done that make hacking viable platter control options a lot more viable. I was under the impression that Mayfields work was based on sending the platter control to an arduino that sent timecode out.. but now I don’t believe that’s what he’s doing.. I totally spaced out that there is probably some sort of optical sensor on the Numark CDXs and HDXs.. I’ll have to go back and find whatever resource I read/saw and try to decipher what exactly he’s doing..

  • lokey

    no midi from the platter?!? so you still need a bloody vinyl control signal? sigh.

  • quarz driven?

  • Robert Waelder

    I for one am quite satisfied with the lack of MIDI signals from the platter. I never liked jog wheels or the NS7s spinning platter for turntablism, the level of precision and control comes nowhere near a record on a good slipmat. If someone can show me a platter controlled device that feels even half as good and natural as using vinyl/control records please inform me

    • Nogui

      Try the Denon S3900s. Closet thing to vinyl.

      • funkbro

        too bad you cant play vinyl on that and ppl like me still enjoy real vinyl so this Reloop deck is pretty awesome..if only Denon would make something with a tonearm again cause their real turntables where almost as good as Technics.

        • Carlos Guerra

          Yes they were good, I still have them!

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Well you could get the best of booth worlds keeping the original tonearm and attaching some digitalizer…

      About resolution you must wait until quantum encoders… 😛

  • dj crossfade

    they should make there a cdx reloop turntable i would buy it in a sec .for me being a x turntablist my turntable vs the cdx . scratching sounded the same .
    it would have to have midi from the platter and pitch .plus the same size as this turntable there making with a usb hub somewhere on top for usb sticks 🙂

  • dj crossfade

    i wonder if this will be made in a st8 arm option

    • Carlos Guerra

      Maybe they will but I’m 100% is the same OEM tonearm on both the RP-8000 and the STR8-150 so you can swap tonearms between them.

      • dj crossfade


  • Mattx Bentley

    Bottom line, these are not 1200s. They just have the same start/stop buttons and some graphics (which has been done by Gemini). Users who have integrated Dicers into their sets will not be able to use them since there is nowhere left on the deck lid.

    As I am not a huge fan of standalone controllers, this is kind of cool, but I think the load button looks jammed in there and all those midi buttons are just too big. Just get some 1200’s and throw in the Dicers like we do at http://www.masterclassmods.com. Your laptop has all the load / scan / search buttons you need and Dicers give you much more control.

    • Brent Randolph

      Way to plug your company instead of offering constructive feedback. And to be clear, Dicers do not give you more control. Dicers have 8 buttons, this has 12, plus a dedicated infinity knob for loading tracks and is fully midi mappable. Your argument is invalid.

  • Benjamin Goulart

    So the same Super OEM pulse motor versus the Technics linear drive? Even the DSP-controlled motors are better than the Super’s, though. Nice about the MIDI feature. I’m curious how quiet the RFI is from the power supply on these. Didn’t the patent on the 1200 run out or something? Why isn’t anyone actually duplicating the motor design? End of cheap China?

  • aka damayor

    Technics sold out to ni and made this smart shit up. Hi5 to the ppl who made this. Midi shit and keeping vinyl alive

    • Technics didn’t sell out to NI. That was a completely spoof story. Technics shut down because they couldn’t sell enough turntables to remain in business, which makes this a very gutsy move from Reloop.

    • The_KLH

      I just LOL’d and spewed coffee all over my desk. Thanks a lot.

  • sureshot

    it takes a lot of MIDI balls to put one of these on the market, let’s see how it does.

  • Andrew Soul

    “looks like a technics, feels like a technics” but it will never BE like a technics.

  • ⛵The Other Denzel⛵

    I use the Numark X2 , which is a Hybrid Cd / Vinyl deck with Cd Time code and it works brilliantly… I can still spin vinyl when i want, plus i get all the benefits of traktor with none of the drawbacks of spinning static platters… Imo 2 X2’s and a Z2 mixer is all you need

    • Mutis Mayfield

      And you may expierence sticker drifting with cues due the inherent issues on timecoded signals and its way of work…

      • ⛵The Other Denzel⛵

        Sticker drift is noticable, but you learn to adjust. I had reply high hopes for stantons scs 1 system… I wish they would have supported it with usable Traktor tsi

        • Mutis Mayfield

          The problem is on the NI side. Since stanton NI break, NI drop support for 14 bits midi platter data asign (check yourself the version before and after) so it is clear (almost to my POV) why and who didn’t want to be compatible with motorized turntables… Even with the cdx/arduino project we must to perform a workaround to make them usable.
          I supose Dj Quartz is using an old version of Traktor (or internal beta with extra cappabilites) to make Traktor work with Ns7…

  • Buddha

    Looks very cool but I think it would have liked to have seen more controls or something more for that price tag. At first glance the same level of functionality this adds to a regular deck can be added with a pair of dicers. Interested to see more midi hybrid stuff come out in the future though!

  • Ryan Supak

    For the last few years, watching the “USB Controller” gear-trends, I’ve felt all along in my gut that turntables and vinyl are just a little too special, and rich in culture and history, and robust, to pass away “just like that”.

    The common wisdom was (is?) that turntables are over, and that the only people still interested in lugging them around are those old enough to remember the original incarnation of Yo! MTV Raps.

    I wonder if this a sign that turntables will last another era or two in DJing? (Not necessarily that these particular units will save it, but just the idea that the turntable is an irreducible part of DJ culture.)

    One thing I always think about is: how many people using all these USB-deck-thingys that come out are still using the same one 2 or 3 years later?


    • TheQuakerOatsGuy

      I’m still in awe that you would spend $200 on a date. Is that why I’m still single? Is $60 just not cutting it anymore? Seriously, though, I agree with you 100%. For the function and the form this is worth the price. New 1200’s back in the late 90’s were running ~$450 or so. Dicers cost ~$90 for a pair so that’s an added $45 to each turntable. Now you have all the new bells and whistles that Technics either added late or didn’t add on and it probably meets its worth for the adjustment in inflation. I’m super excited to try it and I’m hoping DJ worx gets a review out sooooooon!

  • darsh

    They would really miss the mark if the platter, transport and pitch fader are not midi…..

  • IST


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  • Super_Man

    Impressive kit! Not sure I’m reading the specs on this right….anyone know if using a DVS system, you feed a track into the turntable via USB port (from your laptop/ipad/tablet using Serato) you can then run the signal out via LINE/RCA directly directly into your mixer LINE/RCA port thus bypassing a controller box? Some clarity would be great thanks guys.

  • keith

    I will eat my shorts if anyone can find a modern dj turntable that sounds good. Well except for vastex. I have auditioned 5 different turntables and all of them sounded like crap. Poor designs, cheap builds, rumble like a freight train. I am no audiophile but hell in my day even a cheap turntable would perform better then most of these. They all come out of the same factory again except for vastex. A good direct drive is great , these all use switch back direct drives. Its the motor they use in power drills. That’s they payoff for quick stop and starts.

    • DJQ

      What is a Vastex?

      • Dank1


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  • BenJamN

    What kind of DSP speed control is implemented? Linear or pulsing?

    • We’re thorough, but you’d need to ask someone at Reloop for that level of detail.

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