Urbanears Slussen – mixed in keyring?


DJing used to be the domain of crates, bags and boxes of gear and cables. Now it’s in your pocket, and it just got a wee bit easier with the Urbanears Slussen adaptor.

Modestep step out with Denon

Modestep Denon SC2900 DN-X1700 (9)

Modestep look past club standards and use whatever they want, in this case Denon’s SC2900s and DN-X1700 mixer to play live.

iDJ 2 Go Plus – Lightning fast

ION audio idj 2 go plus ces 2013

Touch screen DJing was all the rage, but now controllers are cropping up. ION’s iDJ 2 Go Plus uses a Lightning connector for that touchy feely goodness.

Pioneer DJM-T1 – coming out fighting

Pioneer DJM-T1 traktor 2.6

In light of the Kontrol Z2, you’d think the Pioneer DJM-T1 would shuffle off into oblivion. Hell no – firmware and TSI are on the way to inject some Traktor 2.6 goodness.

Pioneer DJM-2000nexus: The Mothership updated


The beast just got bigger and better. Pioneer’s DJM-2000nexus just adds more to the mixer with more than most.

REVIEW: Reloop Terminal Mix 4 DJ Controller

Reloop Terminal 4 Mix DJ Controller Review (10)

Reloop continue their journey through the controller world. The Terminal Mix 4 is a monster, but up there with the best. DJ Pegasus test drives it.

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REVIEW: Behringer DDM4000


Behringer’s reputation is built on making me-too products for half the price. But the DDM4000 is a trailblazer. A box so laden with features is not what anyone expected, but it rocks. Find out what we think.

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