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Fast food and fast music — make McTrax at McDonald’s

Not known for their innovation in the field of music production, McDonald’s have a clever way of keeping you entertained while you eat: McTrax placemats.

cmdr – Traktor controller manager for Windows

One continuing complaint about Traktor Pro is that the controller manager is a bit lacking. New Windows app cmdr aims to fix that.

Blocs Wave, now with extra Ableton Link

Now that Ableton Link has been out for a little while, we’re starting to see some great apps integrate the technology, like Blocs Wave for iOS.

Friday (morbid) Fun: And Vinyly turns you into a record

How much do you love vinyl? Enough to be one? And Vinyly might be able to help you with that, but you might have to wait a while (hopefully).

QUICK LOOK: Mixxx 2.0 free DJ software

After a very long wait, Mixxx 2.0 finally came out. After even more wait, we take a quick look at the software and some of the new features.

Digging its own grave: Soundcloud Go

Soundcloud has been struggling to get out of a rut. Their latest plan is Soundcloud Go, a premium listener service to compete with the Streaming big guns.

FRIDAY FUN: Post a picture of your DJ setup — right now

Real life can’t be photoshopped. And we know that the glossy and impossibly tidy DJ setup pics are staged. So show us yours. Right now. We dare you.

That Special Record: a record pool for House and Techno

House and Techno record membership club That Special Record has relaunched their website with a new subscription plan and a competition.

REVIEW: NI Traktor Kontrol S5 Controller

The Traktor Kontrol S5 might not be as feature rich as its big sibling, the S8, but how does it stack up as a new four-channel controller?

Qrates: taking the pain out of pressing vinyl

Ever wanted to get your own music pressed to vinyl? You can with Qrates, a web-based service that aims to make the process as simple as possible.