DJs — do you even want a jog wheel anymore?

no jog wheels controller

Records needed a record player with a platter to be used by DJs. But as digital media and more sophisticated technology has taken hold, the need for a real estate hungry jog wheel has diminished. Dan Morse asks if the jog wheel is even relevant in the digital age.

Moretrax and — music discovery for DJs

moretrax music discovery

Back in the day, when weekly music releases counted in the tens rather than hundreds, finding killer tracks was much easier. But the digital age has enabled everyone to make music, and this they do more than ever. So it’s very cool to have music discovery services like Moretrax and to help you find and filter the stuff you really want. Dan Morse has a look at both.

Friday Fun: Junglator now free, plus NOiZE beta

junglator free iOS

Flush from the award success of Junglator, Studio Amplify is giving it away, and gives you a first glimpse of their new NOiZE music performance app too.

Android L is coming, but what’s in it for DJs?

Android L DJs

Android is the runt of the OS litter when it comes to the DJ world. But it looks like Google is stepping up, and with Android L should start to be a player.

ASIO4ALL software updated after four year wait


Four years is a long time in the fast moving world of digital audio. And it’s taken this long for the key ASIO4ALL software to get an update.

PUC wireless MIDI bridge for iOS devices


In a world of wireless, MIDI is still one of those things that clings onto cables. Zivix’s PUC aims to get rid of that last pesky barrier to freedom.

REVIEW No 1: Magma Riot Pack XL DJ Bag

Magma Riot Pack Review DJ Bag (7)

There are hundreds of DJ bags out there, and Magma’s Riot Pack XL aims to be the only one you’ll ever need. Dan Morse squeezed more than he thought into it.

REVIEW: UDG Creator DIGI Hard Case Large

UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large with USB hub (2)

We’ve covered the DIGI wallets before, so now it’s time to look at the UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large with an included powered USB hub.

REVIEW: UDG Creator DJ Laptop Stand

UDG Creator DJ laptop stand review (14)

There’s a lot of laptop stands out there, but none caused quite the commotion that the UDG Creator Laptop Stand did. We put things on it and wrote words.

This is how we review DJ gear

how to review DJ gear

We don’t mess about when it comes to reviews. Short of “will it blend?”, we mercilessly punish DJ gear. Dan Morse broke out the shower to test claims.