Another Price Drop — Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer slashed. But why?

Another day, another radical price drop from Native Instruments. This time, and rather unexpectedly, it’s the Traktor Kontrol Z2. I say unexpectedly, because it’s only been out a matter of months.

Native Instruments launches ‘Happy Hour’ – a TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 Sales Special

Berlin, June 3, 2013 – Native Instruments today launched a new ‘Happy Hour’ sales special for the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 – the 2+2 channel DJ control mixer. The Z2 will be available exclusively to TRAKTOR DJs for the special price of $599 / 599 € / 59800 ¥ until June 30, 2013. Usually retailing at $899 / 799 € / 83800 ¥, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 is available both at the NI Online Shop, and at participating retailers worldwide. DJs wishing to take advantage of this special offer at retailers need simply to provide a valid proof of purchase for a TRAKTOR product.

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 was launched in November 2012 as the world’s first 2+2 channel control mixer. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Z2 features two stand-alone channels with controls for two Remix Decks, and a high-quality 24-bit soundcard. The Z2 is also equipped with top-of-the line knobs and buttons, multi-colored cue point controls, and advanced Innofaders™. XLR outputs and a separate booth output ensure club compatibility, and allow monitoring. The hardware provides connectivity for both turntables and CDJs, offering options for both analog and digital setups. Users also get dedicated controls for the ‘one-knob’ Macro FX and Flux Mode – expressive features of the included TRAKTOR PRO 2 software.

TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 ships with the latest version of NI’s flagship TRAKTOR PRO 2 software. TRAKTOR PRO 2 includes over 30 studio-quality effects, powerful Macro FX, plus Flux Mode – a unique feature that tracks the time during advanced effect performances, allowing DJs to drop back in time with the beat after complex performance routines. For DJs who like to combine the flexibility of digital DJing with the feel of analog systems, the Z2 also comes with TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2*. Timecode vinyl and CDs are included in the package. With TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2, DJs now have access to all aspects of their workflow from one powerful command center.

The Happy Hour special runs from June 1st until June 30th until midnight, Central European Time (CET), on June 30, 2013. During this period, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 is available to TRAKTOR users for $599 / 599 € / 59800 ¥. Customers purchasing from a retailer will need to present a valid proof of purchase for a TRAKTOR product to be eligible.

Additional information on TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 is available at:

And once again, for those in the UK, this is coming in at £499 from £620 — a full 20% discount. Apparently you’ll need to prove that you own Traktor, as it’s officially being sold as a crossgrade. I seriously doubt that any retailer is going to run away from your business though. But you’ve been warned.


For once I am in the fortunate position of not knowing. Fortunate? Yes, because it means I can indulge in a little speculation instead of having to strictly adhere to NDAs. NI typically slash prices when a new model is coming out. Let’s hypothesise about a Z4 for a moment — quite logical to assume that one will come out at some point, but the 2 channel and 4 channel markets for mixers are quite different, so gouging doesn’t make much sense to me. Perhaps a Z2 Pro could be coming, one that includes more controls that eliminate the need for X1 and F1 add-ons.

Given the success of DJ Tech’s budget DIF-1S scratch mixer, perhaps NI have seen that a cut down Z2, maybe to work with Traktor DJ as well could be a winner. I’m pretty sure it would be, especially if it could be used for basic DJing as well. It’s obvious that a number of Traktor DJ based devices are coming through though.

Perhaps though, it’s a pre-emptive strike against possible competitive mixers coming from other companies in the same market. The grapevine has been twitching for a while now, but rumours have intensified post-NAMM. Perhaps NI are simply defending against a sudden drop in Z2 sales. Yes, I’m being deliberately vague — you can fill in the dots yourself. It’s more  fun that way. I’m just chucking around ideas here for shits and giggles.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve fancied a Z2 for a while, or just want a bargain, get thee to your nearest DJ emporium and grab a Z2 for all of June.

  • Shaun M.

    first thought was it was due to the DIF-1S, especially since Thudrumble/Qbert jumped on to promote it, that probably hurt sales.

  • DJ Nick

    Just a tactic to shift more units, maybe sales have dried up somewhat since the initial launch. Whatever it is this is a great mixer and a brilliant price!

  • Toastmonster

    Getting a shout out from Qbert is only a success if stores actually buy your product. Do a quick search for the DIF-1S and the Z2 at shopping sites.

  • Micha

    It’s 2013 and DJ-mixers aren’t selling well anymore in the controller age.
    Kids these days simply don’t need them anymore. And if some kid wants one, the mixer has to be cheap. They simply don’t know about such things like quality.
    Even if NI stopped producing mixers, I wouldn’t really care. It’s easy to kill those Z2 mixers in a few hours. They should sell them for 199.- or maybe 299.- and then never produce a mixer again. The rubber of the knobs goes off if you really use them, the color of the faceplate goes off, the faders aren’t real innofaders, … A few friends of mine sold their Z2 mixers again after testing or had to send them back to NI, because the mixers where broken.

    • SpazzMatic

      Hit the nail on the head. I sold mine after experiencing these same issues.

    • Dirk

      yep, I believe even the Z2 demo models at trade shows had worn crossfader paint

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Z4 Z4 Z4 Z4 Z4!!!!!!!!!! Make a regular 4 channel mixer ( with 4 faders ) and I will buy it in a heart beat. I am still rocking my Korg Zero 04, and even though I love this mixer, it’s starting to get a little long in the tooth… Give me those four faders!!!!!!!

  • S.Hulley

    Just bought mine last week, and I am going to return it so I can buy it again cheaper!

  • Kraal Wiggins

    as much as i think there is a ‘new z2’ comming….i am about to pull the trigger at this price

  • I can’t find DJM-T1, and don’t want a Z2.. :/ And I use SSL !

    • Mark Stewart

      I had a real problem locating a DJM-T1 last two months ago, but found one in Belgium and I am extremely happy with it, it feels 100 times better than the Z2. The Z2 has the post fader effects as it’s advantage, but the brand and the build of Pioneer win through every time. The DJM-T1 sounds the same as the 900nexus and the 2000 i get to use in clubs, the Z2 I tried just didn’t sound …. hard to put a word on it, but it lacks the “fullness” of the Pio’s.

      • Mark Ski

        Have to say I really like the DJM-T1 too – sound and build quality are great, but thats a damn good price for the Z2. The Z2 does its post fader effects by running in internal mode which you can quite easily replicate on the DJM-T1 and all the other Z2 goodies if you upgrade your firmware.

        • Mark Stewart

          well yes you can use post effects on the DJM-T1, but at the loss of monitoring and line levels !!!!

          It’s no big deal as I use an external effects unit ..

      • Mega Gengar

        Hi Mark. I know your comment is several years old but I need help with a question I can’t find the answer to. I am extremely interested in the Z2. Having Post-Fader FX capabilities are the single-most important feature for me. Everywhere I read I see it says this mixer has it, but I’d appreciate an answer from an actual user. Does this apply to just the channel faders, or the cross fader as well? When I’m scratching I’d like to hear a delay effect even when the fader’s closed momentarily. Would this be possible? and also, the more obviously use for post-fader fx is- When I cut one of the channel faders completely down, will it apply my selected fx to the cut-off? Thanks so much.

        • Mark Stewart

          Sorry I hadn’t seen this mail. In answer to your question. Post fader is on the faders and the cross-over, but you need to put the mixer into internal. Mode where monitoring becomes a problem.

    • illa 45

      They have stopped making the DJM -T1 i just bought one and i really like it had to search hard for it though

  • Andrew David Whyte

    Updated faceplates I bet is reason for sale.

  • Guest

    If it is crossgrade, real price drop isn’t that steep. But as user who bought it last month and has already traktor scratch with audio8 – really sad news for me.

  • White Wulfe

    Hmm… Why couldn’t it have been at that price a few months ago when I bought my Z2? Eh, oh well, I still like the mixer and it was a good value for the price so I’m happy enough with it…

    As much as others are clamoring for a Z4, I’m quite content with how the mixer currently is – if anything, unless something completely revolutionary comes out, I’ll just add in a pair of F1s.

    Would be neat to get swappable faceplates for the sides (like burnt orange or something crazy like that!)

    • moneygreencaviar

      maybe because qbert/thudrumble is releasing a mixer that could possibly challenge this mixer, and no I dont mean the dif-1s

  • Kevin Basher

    Maybe it’s due to the new American Audio Mixers?

    I just stumbled upon these 2:

    • Dirk

      those are not nearly in the same league as the Z2. those american audios are budget mixers for Virtual DJ, quite different from a scratch mixer like the Z2

  • Bryan

    lots of new shineys from NI in the Summer, im 100% certain of that 🙂

  • andreimatei

    I speculate it’s because it isn’t selling well. Have you ever seen one in the wild? I haven’t…and I go to DJ nights regularly. None of my friends talk about it or want it and there really isn’t much of a buzz, at least in my part of the world, over a Z2. Overall, if it sounds, feels, and mixes like a S2 or S4, people might as well either get the cheapy controller for portability or fork out for a professional-grade mixer that will last.

    • Sy

      I agree. Also never seen one actually in use, only in a DJ shop. Who wants to buy a mixer that feels like a plastic controller, but still costs the same.

      • In fairness, it’s been out 6 months. Seeing one in the wild is likely to be rare until it’s got a couple of years and a solid number sold under its belt.

        • Micha

          We even unboxed one in the club a few weeks ago and again, the paint came off after a short session, the knobs rubber came off like an erazer and the mixer had to be sent back to ni for the third time.

          • Lazyellow

            I had the same problem, paint coming off, extremely loose power socket. Sent it back to NI and got sent a new one but it got completely battered by UPS, sent it back and they reboxed it and sent it back to me, sold it. Got a DJM850 instead.

        • andreimatei

          That’s certainly a valid point, Mark. As a counter-point, I do see a ton of DDJ-SX’s in the wild, and that one is about 6 months old too, and at a higher price. I think NI needs to review the viability of a product that isn’t pro-grade but was designed for the pro-grade market. The DJM-T1 being discontinued is also a tell-tale sign that the Traktor community perhaps isn’t as excited about these sorts of mixers than the Serato community, with the wildly-successful Rane 57/62.

    • TomSchmitz

      I’m with the “Cause it’s not selling well” crowd. I think they want to move out the units, recoup some capital and warehouse space, then focus on stuff that will sell, like the Z1 and the mythical X1-Mark 2.

    • You have no idea what you’re missing. The Z2 is hands down the best DVS mixer on the market. Serato is only the industry standard cause its easy. 2 turntables, that’s it. Traktor is a powerhouse when it comes to features and flexibility. And, the Z2 brings it all out in a convenient package.

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  • Andy Mac

    Q-bert uses a Z2 in his home setup people, when the best in the business uses one you know the Z2 is the best out there for the price.

  • dj crossfade

    i would not mind seeing a vid with this mixer working with mixvibes cross

  • DJ Phinesse

    Its the best mixer hands down! But people don’t always make the transition to the best. Its all good, I loved Traktor from day one! Serato is okay but if you really want to maximize your DVS potential, you’ll choose Traktor!