American Audio ELMC-1: DJ fun for under a ton

American Audio ELMC-1 Entry level DJ controller

In the controller market, there are sectors — price and feature bands that allow us to pigeon-hole gear to particular users and markets. At first there was controllers, which were really quite expensive. Then the market split into pro and entry level, with all manner of shapes and sizes in-between. But there’s an emerging sector below entry level, one that allows anyone to dip their toe into DJing at a price that is easily affordable. And that’s where the American Audio ELMC-1 sits.

It has the absolute basics that DJs need to rock a set, at a price that makes sense for a huge number of people. Here’s what American Audio have to say:

Get In The Mix (For Under $100!)

Anyone Can Start Mixing Music Right Away With

American Audio’s Easy-To-Use 2-Channel ELMC-1 MIDI Controller

LOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release) – Ever wish you could mix your own music like the DJs and artists you see performing in clubs and hear on your favorite tracks? Whether you’re an aspiring DJ, a music enthusiast, or just a techno geek who wants to get into the gadgetry and art of mixing music, the new ultra-lightweight 2-channel ELMC-1MIDI Controller from American Audio is a great place to start.

At around $100 (MAP), it’s very affordable.  It’s also very easy to use — just hook it up via USB to your computer as the audio source, and the ELMC-1 provides all of the basic features that will get you “in the mix” right away.

For starters, the ELMC-1 comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE software.  This popular digital DJ software is so user-friendly and self-explanatory that it will get you started mixing right out of the box without any formal instruction, even if you’re a complete novice.

All of the functions on the ELMC-1’s faceplate itself are clearly marked and laid out intuitively, putting a whole range of effects at your fingertips.  Two large jog wheels give you the feel of mixing like a pro. Buttons on each side of the 2-channel unit provide instant access to Play, Cue, Sync and Auto Loop commands.  It’s also simple to add FX and sound samples to your tracks with the unit’s easy-to-use FX/Sampler select and activation encoder.

The ELMC-1 also includes such quality features as pitch bend, 3-band EQ and 1 master and 2 separate gain controls for volume.   Plus, with a large browse dial with Load A and B buttons, you can quickly scroll through tracks to find what you’re looking for.

Part of American Audio’s Value Series, the ELMC-1 MIDI controller was designed to deliver the basic features for getting started in mixing music at a down-to-earth price. “Like the rest of our Value Series, the ELMC-1 MIDI controller is a quality-driven, reliable product that gives you all of the essentials, without the extra bells and whistles,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio.  “By foregoing the frills, which most people aren’t going to use anyway, we can offer it at a very attractive price, while maintaining a high level quality. Another benefit of having just the basic features is that it makes the product easier to use, especially for beginners, because there’s less clutter and confusion.”

One nice feature about the ELMC-1 is that once a user gets past the “beginner” stage, the unit can grow with them.  Just add a sound card, and it’s a great little mixer to take along on gigs.

The most lightweight, compact MIDI controller that American Audio has introduced to date, the ELMC-1 is highly mobile and easy to transport.  It weighs just 3 lbs. / 1.07 kg lbs. and measures 14.25”L x 7.25 ”W x 2.75”H / 360 x 180 x 64mm.

As the PR says, the ELMC-1 is a frills-free bare bones controller that does just enough to satisfy entry level DJs. For $99, anyone can grab a slice of the controller world, rock a few parties and see if DJing is for them or not, and not have to drop a lot of cash, only to find the new shiny gathering dust and taking up a lot of space. And keeping the millions of iOS users happy, I imagine that it’ll soon see itself mapped for assorted apps too.

I would imagine that you’ll be able to have a dabble for yourself at DJ Expo which as ever is on in Atlantic city this week.

  • Hugh

    seems like this will do the job but like most controllers in its range it doesn’t have a stand out feature or anything remarkable enough to make it sell any better than other contrllers in its bracket. Even for someone wanting to dip their toes wouldn’t they just be better off spending a tiny bit more and getting a Behringer Studio 4a or Mixtrack Pro 2?

  • Mark Stewart

    I just it works well enough for long enough to DJ with, my experience of this brand has been very bad, made worse by their absolutely terrible customer service, they are the rudest most impolite people I’ve ever dealt with, which made my brand shy for life. At this price, go with Numark, Berry or even that little zono unit…my personal opinion.

  • Professorbx

    @Mark Stewart wow…. Everyone that I know at ADJ is super nice. Like kind of over the top nice. That is really surprising. Also, their quality is pretty damn good for the money. I went to their warehouse last year, and saw where they do a second QC check on the spot on all incoming products. No one else does that. It isn’t just a small thing.

    • Mark Stewart

      you weren’t around for the launch of the VMS4 then? I had two of them and neither worked well. Their forums are littered with insults from their tech support back then. As you say it may be different now, but as we brits say “once bitten twice shy” ….

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