DJ Rhymes faderbox v3 3 (3)

Custom Faderbox V3 — now with MIDI

Off-the-shelf might work for most people, but not DJ RhYmEs. Having already done a very tidy fretless fader mod to a Mackie d.2, he has now turned his attention to the issue of a fader in a box, and the results are spectacular. Driven by an Innofader and a Livid Brain Jr, the custom Faderbox V3 brings scratching to a single turntable, as well as MIDI buttons.

dj tigerstyle ida world 2014

Showcase: DJ Tigerstyle at the IDA World Finals

DJ Tigerstyle took to the IDA World Finals stage in Poland, not to complete but to deliver a masterclass in turntablism and beatmaking.

vinyl art daniel edlen

Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen — real picture disks

It may seem like sacrilege and heresy to paint on a record, but when Arizona based artist Daniel Edlen does it, a unique one-off original work of art is the result. Vinyl Art aims to repurpose vinyl that has seen better days and extend its life as unique paintings, bringing together the original recording artists and their work in an all new way.

algoriddim djay pro for Mac

Coming next week: algoriddim djay Pro

djay pro is coming. And that’s all we have on it. Well that’s a lie, but that’s all we can say. For now.

carl cox Kontrol S8 #futureofdjing

Carl Cox talks about the Traktor Kontrol S8

When so many younger people adopt strong anti-stances against new tech, how come the old guard can embrace new gear? Watch the latest #futureofdjing video from NI, and see how Carl Cox loves using new stuff to compliment his skills.

Reloop neon serato DJ controller

REVIEW: Reloop Neon Serato Accessory Controller

Instead of buying a new controller every time Serato decides to add a little extra software magic, the concept of secondary controllers came about. These tame the finer points of new features, and the new Reloop Neon aims to make sense of the expanding pad functions including the new Serato Flip. Jared Helfer does the reviewing honours.

vestax RIP closed bankruptcy

The end of an exciting era — Vestax closes down

In the total absence of anything official, we’ve held off passing any comment about Vestax rumours. But with news hitting the streets that Vestax has finally filed for bankruptcy in Japan, all we can do is lament the passing, hope that they come back, and offer a deep respectful bow for all the good things they brought to DJing.


It’s beginning to look a lot like WORXMAS!

WORXMAS 2014 is nearly here, and we’ve got the BIGGEST EVER pile of DJ and production gifts to give away this year, worth over £7500 and rising!

Mixvibes Cross DJ 2 for iOS

NEW: Redesigned Cross DJ for iOS v2.0

The people at Mixvibes just don’t stop. After being the first big player to market with a proper Android DJ app, Cross DJ for iOS has got a big overhaul.

Crane Stand Elite DJ laptop review (10)

REVIEW: Crane Stand Elite DJ Laptop Stand

It’s nice when there are aspirational products that people can actually afford. A pair of gold Technics is out of the question for most, but a laptop stand is definitely in the realm of saving up for. And the Crane Stand Elite is definitely an aspirational laptop stand. Once a Kickstarter project and now a reality, and it comes in a leatherette case too. Nice.


Update — Serato Remote 1.2

Serato Remote gives control of Serato DJ to iPads. Version 1.2 just hit the app store, and brings more features to put the power on the touch screen.


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