djay pro1.2 multi-touch

djay Pro 1.2 — more controllers and gestures

You might be fixed on other software, by djay Pro for Mac keeps marching forward, this time Pioneer and Numark controllers, plus more multi-touch control.

serato dj 1.7.8 itunes

Serato DJ 1.7.8 — plays nice with iTunes again

One software company makes a change, and another pay the price. Serato DJ 1.7.8 fixes the broken iTunes problem, plus a few more besides.

ICE Headshell (1)

Broken tonearm? You should put an ICE on that

I have no idea just how people manage to break turntables, but it happens. And the ICE headshell should help them out in a dire emergency.

Soundwagon Record Runner vinyl record player stokyo

The Soundwagon is dead — long live RECORD RUNNER

The relaunched Record Runner will bring a smile to your face while you panic about the thing falling over and trashing your vinyl. It doesn’t BTW.

sync button technical drawing

The love of the manual craft, and the joy of tech

Rediscovering my manual technical illustration roots has highlighted the battle between the old craft and new tech. And the parallels with DJing are clear.

stem creator

FIRST LOOK: Stems Creator beta — out now

The online stores are selling them, and NI has the hardware ready for them. And now you can make them. Yes — the Stems Creator is out in public beta today.

PLX-1100 turntable prototype mockup

Could the next Pioneer DJ PLX-1100 turntable look like this?

DJ Daylate has sent us his ideas for the perfect Pioneer DJ and rekordbox turntable. The PLX-1100 mockup has lots of cool ideas. But what do you think?

Mixvibes Cross DJ Mac PC 3.3.11 windows 10

Mixvibes Cross DJ goes to 11… v3.3.11

The hard working folks at Mixvibes have a new version of Cross DJ. V3.1.11 is out now, and it works with Windows 10.

marshall Jefferson BPM 2015

BPM 2015: Marshall Jefferson headlines Saturday stage

Aside from pawing all the new shiny at BPM 2015, you get to see one of the founding fathers of House music. Marshall Jefferson will headline the Arena.

Paul Dakeyne 80s electro pop podcasts (4)

Interview: DJ Paul Dakeyne talks podcasts

Legendary DJ Paul Dakeyne aka Tinman is now pushing his music out through the medium of podcasts. We spoke with him about how and why he does it.

Technics 10" DJ J-Tek SL-DZ1200 JT-10 MK1 turntable (6)

SPOTTED: 10″ Technics turntables from DJ J-Tek

Technics might be over, but that doesn’t stop clever people making old Technics better. The SL-DZ1200 has been modded into a 10″ turntable by DJ J-Tek.


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