VIDEO: Pan-Pot on NI’s #futureofdjing — it’s live remixing?

Native Instruments are really trying to drive discussion around their #futureofdjing hashtag. This time, they hook up with Techno darlings Pan-Pot to find out about how they work and how NI’s Traktor range fits into what they do. But NI also opened up the question of if live remixing is the #futureofdjing to DJ royalty. The responses are not exactly unexpected, but are still interesting.

Griffin DJ Connect audio interface review (7)

REVIEW: Griffin DJ Connect Stereo Audio Interface

With iOS being multi-channel audio capable, it’s time for hardware manufacturers to step up and harness the 30 pin and Lightning ports, and to finally bring real stereo outputs for headphones and speakers. Griffin has always been active in the Apple peripheral market, and has made the DJ Connect — a small and eye-catching bus powered audio interface that means saying goodbye to the mono splitter cable.

Native Instruments UK #futureofdjing

OPEN FLOOR: What is the #FutureOfDJing?

A brief excursion to London for a visit to Native Instruments UK new offices (lots of windows, wood and bare brick – lovely) gave me a insight into their roadmap, and their new #futureofdjing hashtag was a key part of the presentations. But this is just NI’s vision, and they are not the only player of the DJ game. So what do you think is the #futureofdjing? The floor is yours. Unleash opinions.


Duck Sauce control vinyl = Quacktor Scratch

Traktor time code special editions are scarce. But when they do turn up, they’re usually pretty special and done in conjunction with DJ A-listers. In this case, Duck Sauce’s new “Radio Stereo” single is coming on on orange vinyl via Thud Rumble. Only 1000 copies will be made so expect it to sell out quickly. Or Quackly. Sorry – it’s a puntastic story.

serato red bull thre3style 10" vinyl

Limited Edition Serato Red Bull Thre3Style vinyl

Serato does love vinyl. It’s at the very core of what they do, so they’ve made it part of their ethos to always keep a regular stream of limited editions coming for the established control vinyl collectors. And they won’t be disappointed with these Red Bull Thre3Style battle 10″ editions, coming in red, gold, and blue pairs. Hurry — these will sell in an instant and change hands for a lot more within a matter of months.

mini innofader pioneer DJM-T1 scratch (3)

VIDEO: Mini Innofader inside a Pioneer DJM-T1

Pioneer mixers are ubiquitous, and as such are an ideal bed fellow for the Audio Innovate mini Innofader. The relationship hasn’t always worked out well, and has seen AI come up with all manner of hacks and fixes. So we approached their DJM-T1 mixer with some trepidation, but with AI’s help, we got them working nicely together. And we made a video to show it in action.

Allen & Heath xone:23 review (20)

REVIEW: Allen & Heath xone:23 Mixer

Allen & Heath knows how to make mixers. Normally associated with being in the booth, they’ve also serviced the entry level market for a long time too. The new xone:23 distills a lot of the established high expertise into a much smaller 2 channel unit. Mark Settle takes a look and establishes that two channels doesn’t always mean scratch mixer.

traxsource audiolock

Traxsource and AudioLock — protecting your music

Music piracy continues to be an issue in the DJ industry. And even though a track costs less than a cup of coffee, they’re casually shared around, leaving the artist without the revenue they’re due. So leading online retailer Traxsource has teamed up with anti-piracy specialists AudioLock to offer discounts on their service in the Traxsource store. Read on to find out what AudioLock can do for you.

Novation launchpad for iphone

Pocket beatmaking — Launchpad for iPhone

Novation has done the impossible and squeezed their Launchpad workflow into your hand. Launchpad for iPhone is music making fun in your pocket.

livid Instruments DS1 Ableton Live Controller (4)

Ready for pre-order — Livid DS1 MIDI mixer

We first saw the Livid DS1 MIDI mixer in a very prototype condition at NAMM 2014. But now they’re ready for pre-order.

Novation Launchpad XL Ableton Live DJ controller (3)

Novation Launch Control XL – yes I want to go large

Ableton Live is complex, and to get the best from it requires a lot of controls. The Launchpad S is great, but the new Launch Control XL completes it.


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