Pioneer WeGO3 djay serato DJ intro VDJ controller (1)

Pioneer WeGO3 — all djay’d up and ready to go

Pioneer’s DDJ range of controllers has a specific aim — to offer Serato DJ to users of all budgets. But none of them cater for iOS, thus the DDJ-WeGO3 has been reworked to focus on algoriddim djay, down to having an iPad slot at the rear and including necessary adaptors. But the WeGO3 isn’t a one trick pony — it can be used with Serato DJ Intro, VDJ LE, and djay for Mac right out of the box.

serato dj 1.7 Flip DVS

OFFICIAL: Serato DJ 1.7 is out now

The symbiosis between Serato and its hardware partners often means that new shiny is dependent upon our friends in New Zealand getting their ducks in a row and having everything ready for multiple partners. Such is the case with Serato DJ 1.7, which delivers Flip and DVS capability for a number of manufacturers. Read all about it after the jump.

Reloop NEON Serato DJ Flip Controller (10)

The Reloop Neon Serato DJ controller, with extra pictures

While everyone gets damp downstairs about mothership controllers, it’s often the small ones that have the biggest impact. The Novation Dicers became a fairly standard fixture thanks to size and cost. And now the next generation of more capable but still affordable Serato controllers is here. The Reloop NEON is all that pad based goodness found on big boy controllers condensed down into a single unit.

komplete teaser

NI’s Komplete teaser — lots of blurry lights

If you could take my brain and extract company secrets, somewhere in the cortex ooze would be what this teaser video from Native instruments is. I went to London, saw cool stuff, including this Komplete thing but in sharp focus. And soon enough you will too. For now, frame by frame the video and see what you can make out.

BPM 2014 learning training seminars (1)

BPM 2014 — teaching the business and skills of DJing

BPM 2014 is just two weeks away. And while we get ready to host the all new Product Demo Stage, it’s important to underline everything else that is happening. While many of you will wander from stand to stand playing with the plethora of new shiny, you could also take in some excellent discussions and training, all of which is free, and from leading industry names.

Audio Innovate mini innofader Kontrol S2 S4 fitting

AI — fitting S2 and S4 with Innofaders so you don’t have to

Opening up an expensive piece of electronics to attempt transplanting another expensive piece of electronics is not to be entered into lightly. Thus Audio Innovate is offering Kontrol S2 and S4 controllers fully pimped out with Innofaders, and with a full 12 months warranty.

Epsilon Pro Inno-propak djt-1300 turntable mini innofader inno-mix 2 (1)

Epsilon Inno-Propak — decks and a mini Innofader mixer

Getting into DJing via the vinyl route is expensive. Single turntables are costing more than a whole controller does. So Epsilon Pro’s Inno-Propak is a welcome antidote, with a pair of high torque DJT-1300 USB turntables and a mini-Innofader equipped Inno-Mix 2 mixer for just $799.

Air Music Technology The Riser transition synth review (6)

REVIEW: The Riser synth by AIR Music Technology

As the worlds of DJing and producing continue to collide, so do the tools that each side of the divide uses. The Riser from Air Music Technology is a plug-in designed to create amazing transitions so that you can sound just like your favourite/most hated DJ with a few simple presets. Ray Gabriel set about writing a news story and ended up with a review. That’s how he rolls.


DJs – is it time to ditch Soundcloud?

Given Soundcloud’s recent bad press regarding takedowns, announcing the introduction of ads couldn’t have come at a worse time. So has Soundcloud jumped the shark? Or after chucking a minor hissy fit, will you just carry on using it anyway?

every 90 minutes als jay smith livid

Jay Smith’s Every 90 Minutes ALS fundraiser

ALS is an acronym on everyone’s lips right now, none more so than Livid founder Jay Smith. Having been diagnosed with the disease, he’s set up a fundraiser, so that instead of wasting water, you can donate real cash to help fund research into this terrible condition.

scratch perverts Pioneer plx-1000 turntable

Pioneer PLX-1000 in action with The Scratch Perverts

What happens when supreme turntablist talent is thrown at a stack of Pioneer DJ technology? This session for the DJ Sounds Radio Show is what. See Tony Vegas and and Prime Cuts aka The Scratch Perverts take a journey through old school hip hop and more on CDJs and the new PLX-1000 turntables.


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