Pioneer DJ 20 year video

VIDEO: Pioneer DJ History Part 3 — with added DJWORX

In the last of Pioneer DJ’s 20 year history videos, VIP DJs share their experiences of the digital age, as does some old duffer from DJWORX too.

DJIT mixfader bluetooth crossfader

Bluetooth crossfader Mixfader hits Kickstarter

DJIT’s bluetooth fader in a box Mixfader has reached Kickstarter, and with your help aims to deliver a wire-free scratch experience.

Flare Audio R2Pro in ear monitors review (4)

REVIEW: Flare Audio R2Pro In-ear Monitors

DJs use headphones, but they could use IEMs. So we got a pair of Flare Audio R2Pro IEMs in for a test from a DJ rather than pure listening perspective.

global scratch battle Chris Karns

VIDEO: Chris Karns, Skratch Bastid, JFB, and Pfel

Four giants of scratch come together to create a single video where they all contribute to a session featuring Mark Ronson’s “Feel Right” track.

DJ movies

DJ movies… so hot right now

There’s plenty of DJ movies out there, some are great some… aren’t. Now there’s a couple more to add to the list, namely “We Are Your Friends” and “Eden”.


Memebusting — even without turntables, you’re still a DJ

Another turntable DJ purist meme has come along, and once again non-turntable owners are the target. I offer some alternative takes.

whirlwind replicator wu tang RZA DVS

Memory Lane Monday — The Replicator

Off the back of Thud Rumble’s attempts to ditch the laptop, I was reminded of the Replicator, and came across a video from 1995 showing it in action.

thud rumble Maker Faire Intel Edison

Thud Rumble wants to put a tiny PC in your mixer

Thud Rumble has always been disruptive, and this time they’re challenging convention and wanting to put an Intel Edison processor in all your gear.

VirtualDJ Atomix Power room DJ eyecon scratch

Atomix Power Room video #3 — DJ Eyecon

Atomix are at it again, and has another VirtualDJ Power Room video ready. This time DJ Eyecon chats and performs a short set with his Rane Sixty-Two.

Deckadance sold to Gibson

Gibson buys Deckadance for its Stanton brand

More industry moves — this time acquisition-happy Gibson has snapped up Deckadance from Image-Line, giving them software to support their hardware.

UK GSCE AQA DJ music exam

Plans for UK music syllabus to include DJing?

My experience of music at school was dire. Thankfully the powers that be want to bring it up to date, and have proposed adding DJing into the syllabus.


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