Traktor Kontrol D2 controller S8 (19)

The new Traktor Kontrol D2 — the facts

As promised Native Instruments gave us a sneak peak at their future. The Kontrol D2 is essentially one third of a Kontrol S8, but the implications are big.

NI Traktor X WMC Miami 2015

NI live stream from WMC. And maybe something else?

NI throws party with Dubfire and others and live streams it from WMC — not a surprise. But it might be worth keeping an eye out for other things…

gemini dj beta test

Want to beta test the next Gemini DJ shiny?

Gemini DJ is back in the game and want your help. They’re looking for beta testers for their new audio player. Live in the USA, Germany, or UK? This could be for you.

pioneer dj kuvo

New Pioneer DJ KUVO videos released at WMC

Pioneer DJ’s KUVO platform was announced not once but twice, but still people are a tad unsure of exactly what it is and does. So watch a pair of tutorials that explain what it means for DJs, clubbers, and club owners alike.

Beat Navigator Beatport Pro (1)

Beat Navigator makes Beatport Pro better

Beatport just got a makeover, but that hasn’t stopped Chad G from making it better with a Chrome extension. Beat Navigator makes your hold bin happier.

kypski wreck fader game

Kypski’s Wreck Fader video and DJ game

Kypski along with D-Styles bring you “Wreck Fader”, a track that is the soundtrack to Kypski’s iOS and Android game of the same name. Watch the video.

viny lourd son scratchocaster

Viny’ Lourd Son’s fretless Scratchocaster

In a clear case of when worlds collide, Viny’ Lourd Son decided to hack expensive DJ gear into a format that makes them into much more of a visual performance instrument. The result is the Scratchocaster, a Rane/Vestax decktar or something.

edjing mixfader wireless bluetooth crossfader

Mixfader — the wireless crossfader for mobile devices

After yesterday’s mobile poll comes news of another boundary breaking product for mobile devices. We all know about the Frisk and Raiden faders, but Edjing’s Mixfader promises a fully wireless crossfader in a box.


GROUP TEST: SoundCloud vs the best of the rest

Soundcloud dominates music hosting, but has run into its fair share of bad press in recent years. But is it still the best platform for your needs? Dan Morse takes a look at some options across a range of uses, and makes some recommendations.

mobile devices dj production

POLL: DJs and the mobile platform

Smartphones and tablets have changed our lives for ever. And it’s fair to say that they have impacted on DJs, producers, and performers too. But just how much? Vote in the short poll and tell us what you think in the comments. Hell no, maybe, or hell yes — share with us.


FRIDAY FUN: Acid squelch in a browser

You could track down original Roland hardware on eBay, invest in the Roland Aira range of hardware, or load up any number of plugins and apps. Or if your interest is a little more casual, then you could simply fire up a browser and play with the Acid Machine. It’s fun and it’s free.


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