technics tracks download 7digital

Technics Tracks — like Beatport but for audiophiles

Technics is back, but definitely in the high end digital realm. So while many pray for the return of the analogue 1200 turntable, Technics has decided that delivering high quality digital music is a smart move. So teaming up with 7Digital, Technics Tracks is their new FLAC download service.


The DJ phenomenon of Paris Hilton, and why it doesn’t matter

It’s all too easy to misplace anger, and Paris Hilton has certainly received a huge amount from the every moment she announced she was going to be a DJ. But if she couldn’t draw a crowd, then she wouldn’t be booked. But she’s Paris Hilton, operating in her own microcosm of DJing, to a crowd that loves it, so who really is to blame, and does it really matter at all?

traktor midi mapping freeze mode

TUTORIAL: Mapping freeze mode in Traktor 2.7 [VIDEO]

The Remix Decks were the last all-new feature to appear in traktor, but they were locked off from the tampering hands of MIDI mappers everywhere. This time, Freeze mode has migrated from iOS but is fully available for mapping. In this tutorial, Jared Helfer starts with the basics through to the detail of mapping the assorted elements of Freeze Mode to the controller of your choice.

Cross DJ Pro for Android+Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2

Mixvibes Cross DJ for Android supports more controllers

Mixvibes aren’t slowing the pace with Cross DJ, and now have two extra controllers mapped on Android, the Pioneer DDJ-SB and the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2.

what jockey disk jockey DJ

Without discs, are we still disk jockeys?

I cannot help but think that Pioneer’s new XDJ name is a possible play on words. Some feel that without disks or discs, we aren’t disk jockeys at all. In this context XDJ could mean ex DJ couldn’t it? Are you a DJ if you don’t use a circular medium? Of course you are, and read on to find out why. DJ is more than an acronym.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000 USB player no CD (8)

A CDJ with no CD? That’s the Pioneer XDJ-1000

Change is good, but this change is likely to be one that some will struggle with. The Pioneer XDJ-1000 is the CD-less incarnation of the CDJ line. Being an entirely digital workflow, CDs are out the window and have been replaced with Rekordbox. It’s not like you didn’t know it was coming, but are you ready to let go of CDs just yet?

return of the dj free download

FREE DOWNLOAD: Return of the DJ volume 1-7

Need some seminal scratch music? Dave Paul from Bomb Hip Hop just posted all seven Return of the DJ albums as a free download.

jfb reloop neon video turntablism

JFB nails the Reloop Neon controller [VIDEO]

The Reloop Neon controller packs a lot into a single small Serato DJ driven controller. And in this video, JFB beats a pair of them into submission.

traktor 2.7.1

NI rolls out bug fixing Traktor 2.7.1

Traktor update time — this one is about squishing a few bugs introduced in v2.7, and issuing an updated controller manager.

Future Prophecy comic book DJ (1)

Future Prophecy: fusing comics and DJing

Last week it was gaming and DJing via GTA5. And this week it’s comics and DJing coming together. Future Prophecy is a project that takes DJs into the realm of comic book heroes, showing that DJs can be superstars and superheroes too. An ambitious Kickstarter campaign is running to get the project the cash injection it needs.


Soundcloud licenses Warner Music Group catalogue

Up to now, Soundcloud has been a battleground, with them simply pulling down content without notice, and alienating long standing users. But in a new move, they’ve worked out a licensing deal with Warner Music Group, that hopefully will mean that more content will remain intact.


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