BPM 2014: Komplete Kontrol S keyboard demo [VIDEO]

DJing is a diverse scene, where making music is becoming an important part of being a popular DJ. So complimenting Traktor is Komplete, and Native Instruments has just announced the Komplete Kontrol S keyboards to harness Komplete’s vast and awesome power. Owain Wilson was on hand to demo the new keyboard controller at BPM 2014.


BPM 2014: Korg KingKorg Demo [VIDEO]

Our Product Demo Stage at BPM 2014 allowed us to capture multi-angle video with live feed audio, the first of which is of the KingKorg synth. Korg’s Luke Edwards cast a spell over us as we watched from beginning to end.


VIDEO: Arkaei on the Numark NV

Having a few spare hours to kill, we did what any self-respecting DJ would do – bust out the video camera and record a Numark NV demo. And eat cookies.


INDUSTRY: RIP EKS — long live One DJ 1.7

EKS, Audio Artery, and One DJ have been inextricably linked. But in a tough hardware market, EKS has shut up shop, and turned its attention to One DJ, which it has bought out and is piling all of its resource into pushing the software forward, this time into v1.7 and the addition of VST effects.


Pioneer Corp and KKR partner to create new Pioneer DJ

It would seem that Pioneer Corp has made it’s mind up in record time, as the sale of Pioneer DJ is announced by KKR & Co. Read the story – there’s more to it than a straight sale to another company.

Virtual DJ 8 DVS scratch BPM 2014 (2)

BPM 2014 — Virtual DJ 8 cuts it with the big boys

DVS is a tough nut to crack properly. The every process of converting a high pitched vinyl whine into good quality music that doesn’t break up or lag is not an easy thing to achieve. But after many years of trying, and a sustained period of late night coding, Virtual DJ 8 can now hold its head up high and delivers solid DVS performance.

BPM 2014 day 1 (6)

BPM 2014: The stuff we saw on Day 1

While just about everything new has been announced just before BPM 2014, there is still a lot that we haven’t seen in the flesh. So we pottered around the show floor, played, took pictures, and wrote a few words to cover the sights of BPM 2014 Day 1.

reloop fader caps base BPM 2014

BPM Live Review: New Reloop knobs. And beer.

Combine a new product, a group of grown but trade-show tired men, and some beer, and what follows is a unique way of reviewing. Reloop’s new Fader Knobs bring an alternative take on customisation, so we logically did a group test that made a lot of sense at 11.30 in the evening in our hotel rooms.

BPM product demo stage

2 days to BPM: The Product Demo Stage with DJWORX

Instead of walking from stand to stand, the stands are coming to us via the BPM Product Demo stage. That’s three days of demos all captured on camera. The full running order is here, and if it’s not on this list, assume nothing else new will be announced at BPM.

DJ entry level studio monitors group test (8)

GROUP TEST: Entry level Studio Monitors for DJs

Are you one of those DJs who has invested a serious amount of cash on DJ gear but still push the sound out through some really old plastic hifi speakers? Do you want to upgrade but don’t know where to start? Then you need to read our immense entry level studio monitors group test.

BPM 2014 arena toddla t arkaei jon 1st

2 days to BPM: BPM Arena performances

The BPM Show is so much more than just pouring over new gear. The beat heart of the show is music, so the BPM Arena sponsored by Chauvet will showcase some awesome DJ talent. There will be battles, showcases, and performances from top DJs (including our own Arkaei), and a proper old school session on Sunday via the BPM Dance Classics Party.


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