One DJ start

One DJ Start: more affordable, still feature packed

Audio Artery just released a new edition of their unique DJ software: One DJ Start, aimed squarely at live DJs and performers.


Kicking around ideas — the potential of Stems technology

The NI-led Stems audio format looks to shake things up. But I got to thinking about the real untapped potential, so in a future-looking moment, I scribbled down my ideas.


djay Pro 1.1 with Pioneer, Spotify, video, and the Apple Watch

Algoriddim’s djay Pro seriously raises the bar with the 1.1 release. Pioneer player compatibility and video built in. And there’s an Apple Watch app too.

dj lazyboy virtual dj atomix DVS

VIDEO: Atomix Power Room #2 with DJ Lazyboy

Atomix has put out the next video in its Power Room DVS showcase series, this time with an a cool performance from DJ Lazyboy on a Rane Sixty-Two.

edjing pro (3)

DJIT’s edjing Pro app — like edjing but more stuff

The edjing mobile app has been around for a while now. So DJIT thought it would be time to give it an upgrade. Say hello to edjing Pro.

Reloop RMX22i RMX33i mixer review (1)

REVIEW: Reloop RMX22i and RMX33i mixers

While many crave innovation, there is also a need in the market to satisfy. And Reloop’s just announced RMX22i and RMX33i mixer fulfil a core need as well as bringing the odd extra to the table. Mark got them before they were even announced and spent the weekend with them.

NI Traktor Kontrol D2 previews stems

Thursday — live Kontrol D2 and Stems events in the UK

This Thursday, NI UK is attempting an ambitious multi-retailer live preview of the new Traktor Kontrol D2 with a live broadcast from NI HQ about Stems.

numark nv dj faibo X demo

VIDEO: Numark NV performance by DJ Faibo X

Courtesy of DJ Superstore in Romania, DJ Faibo X busts out his turntablist skills to show that the Numark NV is worthy of more than just pad bashing.

shiftee kontrol s8

VIDEO: Shiftee on the Kontrol S8

While the Kontrol S8 is largely seen as a controllerist’s wet dream, NI got Shiftee to plug in turntables to show that it’s considerably more than that.

musikmesse 2016

Musikmesse 2016 is changing — all public days

Musikmesse 2016 is changing to be a public consumer focussed show. So will more potential visitors mean more new shiny will be announced at the show?

Pioneer DJ RM-05 RM-07 monitors musikmesse 2015 (3)

Musikmesse 2015 — Pioneer DJ’s first trade show

Since breaking free from corporate life, Pioneer DJ has something to prove. So huge and industrial stand played host to a single shelf of new monitors.


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